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Judeo-Christian Decadence: At the Fount of Power

Published 7y ago -

Has American foreign policy been hijacked by a Cabal that has the ear of the President and is able to effectively override such conventional government institutions as the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)? New Yorker ... More »

Nazi Jews: Jews “Worst Enemy” Now Ours

Published 15y ago -

In 1962, Christopher Story was the only ‘goy’ working at Jewish banker “S. Japhet & Co.” in the City. The Eichmann trial was in the news and Story asked a Jewish co-worker, a “nice middle aged lady,” if Adolf Eichmann wa... More »

Apostasy now taliban-lite won’t do

Published 16y ago -

It looks like sanity may prevail, at least in a legal sense, in the case of Abdul Rahman, the Afghani apostate who has been facing a possible death sentence for having converted from Islam to Christianity. Lo and behold, the Afghan legal system, which had been... More »

Who killed Jesus? And the A.D.L.

Published 18y ago -

Image courtesy of Neal Ungerleider¬†under CC BY-NC 2.0. I rarely write anything about the Anti-Defamation League. To do so would be like complaining about a coven of ravening wild dogs. There would be a tendency to say so what. The ferocity of wild dogs is not ... More »


The People’s Church: A Wayward Vessel

Published 20y ago -

I walked through the doors of The First Baptist Church in the spring of 1995 after having been somewhat of a prodigal son for roughly 10 years. I had recently rededicated my life to Christ and wanted to once again be a part of a loving church family. As I ente... More »