Excuse me, but Islam disgusts me, any excuse to riot will do

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Written By Dorothy Anne Seese

Twenty years ago most Americans didn’t pay very much attention to Islam, or to Muslims in general, and they went about their business doing whatever their various sects do.  They had mosques in the USA, and they weren’t bothered, and somehow they managed not to bother us.  At least, they did not warrant making headlines.

During the past five years, when Arabs and Islamic “radicals” came into the spotlight after they were credited for the Nine Eleven disaster (following a 1993 failed attack on WTC and the bombing of the USS Cole in Yemen), the US and European nations have suffered an influx of Muslims who insist that despite their riots, burning flags and figures in effigy, they are a peaceful people who simply want to lead a peaceful life for Allah.

Until the Pope quotes some source that disturbs them, then they get on their riot gear and go into a somewhat less than peaceful mode.  They have some right that other faiths do not to go around demanding apologies from the leader of a religion that claims a billion members, as does the Roman Catholic faith?  And just who gave them this right?

What if the Pope led his followers on a rampage against Islam?  Now would that be offensive to them?  You better believe it would, it most likely could trigger a full-scale religious war that Islam seems to wish to provoke anyway, in spite of the almost nauseating peace overtures made daily by the US and European nations (which aren’t Christian anyway except in heritage).  Yet millions of Muslims have migrated into the US and European nations, provoking a mountain range of politically-correct bowing and scraping by formerly self-respecting countries in order to appease all these fanatics in riot mode at any provocation, real or imagined.

If Islam wishes to present the image of being a peaceful religion, rioting and burning is not exactly the appropriate way to express one’s love of peace or desire to co-exist.  Rather, such behavior lends a lot of credence to what most average European and American people believe anyway (even if they can no longer say so in public without reprisals from their own governments) and that is, the Islamic religion is not one of peace, has no history of peaceful co-existence with its neighbors and has produced empires that were intent to “convert or destroy.”   While Western Civilization was building cathedrals, museums, factories, and producing art, most Muslim countries were filled with people still living the way they did in  the 7th Century.  Progress is something they have acquired by associating with Western Civilization, which is all but committing suicide to appease a culture of nomads gathered around a nucleus of educated elites who own oil, give themselves titles, and acquire modern weapons that could annihilate most of the inhabited earth.

I’m sick of seeing those who have made progress bow to those who have made little to none on their own, they simply happened to be sitting on a large amount of oil that is now unnecessary to tap because alternative reserves have been found, and alternatives to oil will be forthcoming.

Western greed over oil has placed Western Civilization in the embarrassing position of having its leaders kowtow to screaming Islamics who hate the West but come here because life in their own nations is unbearable.

Well if the Islamics can’t stand their own nations, don’t expect the West to want any part of them or their religion, and stop the propaganda about being such a peaceful group of religious souls.  Religious may be correct, peaceful is not. In fact their own sects cannot stop blowing one another to bits … particularly the Sunnis and Shiites.

To most people throughout the ages, their political position has meant more to them than their religious profession, and thus religion has had to follow politics.

That is religiosity, and it has existed in all religions and all cultures, major and minor, throughout the ages.  It is simply a fact of human nature that for the most part, politics trumps religion or conforms it to fit the political agenda.  That is happening today in this twenty-first century world the same way it did in the first century when Rome was the world’s sole superpower.

The differences between Christian denominations has caused bloodshed, much to the disgrace of true Bible Christianity which calls for a unity among God’s people. The American conflict called the “Civil War” was the most uncivilized event in American history, with professing Christians wearing blue or gray, killing each other to the toll of over half a million souls, and the Union armies overrunning the South to utterly destroy women, children, elderly and disabled.  Abolition alone would have occurred in time … but Union domination and consolidation of power in a strong, centralized federal government would not.  So there was a war that to this day divides North from South and may do so for decades to come, should this world last for decades.

As a Christian, I cannot defend the political agendas that have hidden behind the mantle of religious faith. The two were mutually exclusive, and religious beliefs had to be warped to justify the actions of the people claiming some divine right to do whatever their political agenda dictated.

It is no different with Islam.   While the Crusades worked hardship in the Holy Land against Islamics who had their own jihad against Christian and Jewish settlements and Christian shrines established by the Catholic church, there is no justification for the wholesale slaughter of human beings for their beliefs, whatever they may be.  If God doesn’t impose His divine will by force from above, then humans who claim such divine rights are simply using God as a cloak for their own political ambitions.

Christianity is now inconvenient for America’s global agenda and it is being pushed aside in Europe and America while Islam is being courted for the sake of oil and appeasement.  The fact appeasement doesn’t work, as evidenced by two world wars, several less massive wars, and now a “war on terrorism” seems to have escaped notice by all politicians.

The fact remains that Christianity is now somewhat of a convenience in the United States and less so in Canada, while appeasing Islam is politically correct, disgusting and a cause for amusement among the leaders of the riots that follow any “insult” to Allah or the Islamic faith.  Mobs do not spring out of sudden unity among groups, they are initiated by leaders and shoved onto willing servants to their cause, even when they aren’t certain what that cause might be.   SInce life is probably less tolerable than dying for Allah and obtaining whatever promises the Imams assert await the martyred believers, suicide bombers and other religious pawns appear to abound in Muslim nations.

If Imams have the “right” to call America, or Western Civilization, “the great satan” then what the Pope says or quotes could be as overlooked by Muslims as are insults to Christianity and nationality by the West.  But no, any cause for rioting will do. Jihad is apparently the undercurrent of all Islam, which the Muslims most surely will never publicly admit, but it is being taught and this is not difficult to verify.

Even the leaders of Western nations will agree hypocritically that Islam is peaceful when they know better. It simply fits the political agenda and thus becomes the politically correct stance to take, especially if the media are present.

Is it any wonder that Christians who devoutly believe in their Bible and practice their faith, even when it is against the political agenda of their country, earnestly look forward to God’s promise to put a fiery end to this evil world system and establish new heavens and a new earth in which righteousness will dwell?  We’re sick of evil at every turn, in every political system, and in governments that will not uphold their national heritage that was based upon Christian principles.

However, if one party is intent upon a religious war, then they will make it happen on some pretext, and no one need be surprised, particularly if war happens to be a historical fact in the lifespan of that religious movement.

It is time for people to shut up, go home, mind their own business, and co-exist with others who do not share the same ideals or religious beliefs.  The US has accomplished this with Japan and other nations where a faith other than Christianity is predominant. The more Western nations bow to the demands of the Islamics, the more likely they make a worldwide jihad or holy war probable.   This is outright stupidity, and Islam is playing it to the hilt.

In the globalist scheme of things, all vigorously monotheistic religions must be exterminated, so the sudden upsurge of Islam only makes it a growing target for extinction by the globalist elite. When it has served their purpose, the globalists will ensure that it is put down also.

Politics will trump religion until this world system is utterly and permanently destroyed, and that will happen at an hour we think not … when Jesus Christ returns in glory to judge all the nations for their wickedness, even those that have claimed His Name but denied His lordship.



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