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You Are Being Distracted: Abandon the Mainstream Media

Published 5y ago -

At any given moment, thousands of horrible things are going on in the world. Someone is being shot, murdered, robbed or unjustly arrested; we all know this because the media told us. In fact, the media says a lot of things. Generally, they report on the most h... More »


Bought Science and the Culture of Corruption

Published 5y ago -

Science is revered in modern society, almost like a religion. And as with religion, many people have blind faith in the power of science. When we read about studies or research in the media, many of us simply believe that what we’re reading is true. It’s based... More »


Why You Can’t Trust Every “Research Paper” You Find

Published 5y ago -

Research papers are published every day. The majority of research data is inconclusive. There just isn’t enough data to draw conclusions from. In most cases the best a researcher can do is suggest that “this topic is worth further investigation.” Yet that isn’... More »


The Mushroom Policy Human Experimentation

Published 5y ago -

Keep them in the dark and feed them b.s. A Chinese proverb cautions, “Have no unreasonable anger, but be not without righteous anger.” I want to believe my government is good. However too often what we want to believe proves to be fantasy. If or wh... More »


The Asian Tsunami: Another Manmade Disaster

Published 6y ago -

I find the conspiracy theorists of this world somewhat tiresome. Even more so, I am disbelieving of the feeble, highly processed and refined news stream that television provides. One such rhetoric is the recent tsunami tragedy of December 2004. Compelled to fi... More »


Cia vs. Bush/Cheney huge ramifiactions

Published 13y ago -

The startling revelation that all 24 intelligence agencies in our government agree that Iran stopped their nuclear weapons development in 2003 is a shot across the bow of G.W. Bush and Dick Cheney. Seriously furious over how Bush and Cheney misused ambiguous i... More »

Blackwater USA onward christian soldiers

Published 14y ago -

Did you know that the United States government is spending billions of dollars hiring paramilitary troops being used in clandestine operations as well as in the War in Iraq and even on our own soil? It appears that the French Foreign Legion has had children as... More »

More proof of conspiracy Rockefeller enemy

Published 15y ago -

  Regular readers will recall that recently I brought you a staggering quotation from the memoirs of unindicted conspirator David Rockefeller of the Marxist Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission, who openly admits – even boasts – that... More »