Who killed Jesus? And the A.D.L.

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I rarely write anything about the Anti-Defamation League. To do so would be like complaining about a coven of ravening wild dogs. There would be a tendency to say so what. The ferocity of wild dogs is not surprising. One imagines that the dingoes who run ADL vie to outdo each other’s preposterous assertions, and then celebrate with amazement that, however preposterous those assertions were, thegoyim (gentiles) were impressed.

The main purpose of ADL excess appears to be to foment dislike, suspicion and hatred toward the Jews, even violent attacks, by means of inflammatory comments about the gentiles. “Anti-Semitism,” like “discrimination” against blacks, is a lucrative industry these days; the conspirators for world government use both tactics with consummate expertise.

In the same category, used for the same purpose, are the newer tactics of “sodomite bashing,” and failure to call Islam a “religion of peace.” One can also get into serious trouble by saying that a bull dyke can’t be a Navy SEAL and that a normal woman shouldn’t be in military combat.

So I usually let it pass. I shrug. What else can you expect from men who make it their business to be momsers. Over the years, I have had two encounters of sorts with ADL. In one, I was doing research at its headquarters on Lexington Avenue in New York, where they keep voluminous files on “extremists.” The dingo who ran ADL at the time, Arnold Forster, learned I was there and suggested I could keep using his files were I to write “some of the time on the other side.”

I asked whether he meant I should write some of the time for the Communists. He did not answer; instead, he invited me to use the nearest means of egress and I found myself outside on bustling Lexington Avenue. I haven’t been back since.

Apparently they have a fairly large file on me, because, in the other confrontation, my late father reported that he was dozing in the audience at a lecture one evening when he gradually became aware that the speaker from ADL was denouncing a man named Alan Stang. Dr. Stang was a military man rather than a conspiracy buff – he served in both world wars – so he didn’t know how the dingoes fit into the conspiracy for world government, but the speaker certainly woke him up.

The man who runs the kennel these days is Abe Foxman, who recently said something that ADL no doubt will immortalize him for. Abe said Mel Gibson’s upcoming movie, “The Passion,” proves he is “infected” with “Anti-Semitism.” Has Abe actually seen the movie? Many who haven’t already are experts. I haven’t and am not an expert. Of course, in Abe’s business you don’t need to know what you are talking about.

Then Abe dropped the bomb. Are you strapped in? He said that preaching about the crucifixion causes “Anti-Semitism”; that “Anti-Semitic” incidents increase during Easter. In other words, says Abe, Christianity causes “Anti-Semitism.” Try if you can to concoct a statement better calculated to inflame Christians. You can’t do it. Again, the ADL’s business is promoting “Anti-Semitism,” which terrifies wealthy Jews into circling the limos and sending big money.

Maybe Abe would okay it were the church to preach the resurrection without the crucifixion, but, without the crucifixion, the resurrection would make no sense. Without the crucifixion, Christianity would make no sense; it would be nothing more than the story of an interesting personality. It would not be the story of God.

The experts claim to fear that movies like “The Passion” and preaching about the crucifixion foment “Anti-Semitism,” because they blame “the” Jews for killing Jesus. Who did kill Jesus? I apologize in advance to knowledgeable, regular readers for taking time to discuss this. Of course you know the answer. Some people apparently do not.

“The” Jews did not kill Jesus. Some Jews did. Remember that Christianity first appeared entirely within the Judaism of the time. It wasn’t called Christianity (until Antioch). The first adherents understood it to mean the arrival of the Jewish Messiah, Meshiach, the Savior the “Unnameable” (God) had promised the Jews, whom they had awaited for centuries.

The Jews disagreed about Jesus. Some Jews thought He was Meshiach, because of the many miracles He performed. Other Jews thought He wasn’t, despite the miracles. Annas and his son-in-law Joseph Caiaphas, chief priests in the Temple, hated Jesus because of the miracles. Their way of life, including the immensely lucrative business of sacrifice (the money changers and the animals in the Temple), would be threatened were this ignorant upstart from Galilee to win a substantial following.

After Jesus told Lazarus to come forth, the priests had had enough and plotted to kill them both. Wherever the Master went, spies from Jerusalem showed up, trying to trick Him into saying something for which He could be condemned. That effort failed. He was too smart for them. They returned to Caiaphas scratching their heads, wondering what had happened.

Yes, Jews killed Jesus. Jews did demand that a reluctant Pilate crucify Him. The Jews who did so did say that they wanted the “credit” for themselves and their children. That’s all true. It is just as true that Jesus Himself was – is (Hallelujah) – Jewish. All – all – the Apostles were Jewish. The first-time readers to whom I address this may not have known that, but I am assuming you do know the meaning of the word, “is.”

Remember the three thousand (3,000) who were baptized after Peter preached in Acts? (2:41) All Jews. Remember the Gentile woman in Tyre and Sidon who pleaded with Jesus to heal her daughter, who had a demon? Go to Matthew 15:22ff. and Mark 7:25ff. What did Jesus tell her? He told her He was sent to save the Jews, the lost sheep of the house of Israel – not the gentiles.

The Master told her it would not be “meet” to cast the children’s bread to the dogs. But because God has given the gift of faith to every kindred, tongue and nation, the woman believed, and because she believed she was smarter than the spies Caiaphas had sent. She told the Master that even the dogs get the crumbs that fall from the table, and because she had answered so well He healed her daughter even though she was not a Jew. Yes, after a while gentiles came aboard, inspiring serious doctrinal conflict about circumcision and diet, but nobody in the early church was not Jewish.

So, Jesus was killed by what we would call a split, what churchmen would call a “schism” within Judaism. The church did not yet exist as something separate from Judaism. Why is this so hard to understand? That is why it would be a mistake to say that “the” Jews killed Jesus. Some Jews did kill Him. Others were His followers. Shouldn’t this completely defuse the issue?

For instance, would it be correct to say that “the” Episcopalians are sodomites? Why not? Didn’t “the” Episcopalians recently ordain a butt jumper as bishop? Yes, some “Episcopalians” did that. Others protest. It looks as if there is going to be an old-fashioned schism.

Traditional Episcopalians are withholding funds and there are disputes over who owns which buildings. The matter could go to court. There could be a split in which the true Episcopalians walk or the sodomites are expelled. The dispute is analogous to what happened in Old Jerusalem.

The atheists don’t believe in God. Along with some Jews, they don’t believe in Jesus. Jesus is not God, they say. Indeed, in New York City schools these days, they teach there never was a man named Jesus, that Jesus was a fiction, not a historical fact. Really? Then why make so much commotion about Him? If He never existed, you non-believers have nothing to fear.

Instead, they panic as if this man some Jews killed two millennia ago could come back next week and point a burning finger. In this regard, some atheists and Jews may have more belief in Jesus, however backhanded, than some believers. Of course, their belief is perverted, but it is there. Meanwhile, Christians have nothing to fear. Let’s expose the ADL dingoes for the “Anti-Semites” they are.

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