Judeo-Christian Decadence: At the Fount of Power

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Written By Al Cronkrite

Has American foreign policy been hijacked by a Cabal that has the ear of the President and is able to effectively override such conventional government institutions as the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)?

New Yorker pundit Seymour Hersh has written a detailed article reporting such usurpation by a small group of Pentagon insiders who facetiously call themselves the “Cabal”. The group, apparently the brainchild of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, formally known as the Office of Special Plans (OSP), numbers no more than a dozen members. It is directed by Abram Shulsky and overseen by Under-Secretary of Defense William Lufti. Seymour Hersh describes Abram Shulsky as, “a scholarly expert in the works of the political philosopher Leo Strauss.”

Abram Shulsky reports directly to Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz bypassing both the CIA and the DIA. The hawkish Rumsfeld led group has succeeded in overriding Secretary Powell’s State Department and nullifying the restraining warnings of other agencies.

According to former CIA Chief of Counter-Terrorism, Vince Cannistraro, now retired, “Their methods are vicious. The politicization of intelligence is pandemic, and deliberate disinformation is being promoted. They choose the worst-case scenario on everything and so much of the information is fallacious”. He describes Abe Shulsky as soft spoken and slow to anger but says that the group’s members, “reinforce each other because they’re the only friends they have, and they all work together. This has been going on since the nineteen-eighties, but they have never been able to coalesce as they have now. September 11th gave them the opportunity, and now they’re in heaven. They believe the intelligence is there. They want to believe it. It has to be there.”

There are several significant characteristics of the OSP. Most importantly it is primarily Jewish and strongly Zionist. It is religiously humanistic but tainted with the Pharisaical Jewish notion of superiority. It is clannish and secretive. It follows a Jewish pattern of being the power behind the throne that was recorded during the Babylonia Empire and in more contemporary times has been repeated in Germany and Russia.

At the root of this effective manipulation of power is the teaching of a man named Leo Strauss (1899-1973). Leo Strauss was a brilliant German Jew who after studying in Europe on a fellowship from the Rockefeller Foundation, became a highly paid professor at the University of Chicago. According to Robert Locke who studied under Professor Strauss he was an atheist and the purveyor of an esoteric philosophy, which was critical of liberalism but supported Machiavellian deception and a ruling elite.

Robert Locke lists among Strauss’s students or those influenced by his students: Justice Clarence Thomas; Supreme Court nominee Robert Bork; Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz; former Assistant Secretary of State Alan Keyes; former Secretary of Education William Bennett; Weekly Standard editor and former Quayle Chief of Staff William Kristol; Allan Bloom, former New York Post editorials editor John Podhoretz; and former National Endowment for the Humanities Deputy Chairman John T. Agresto.

Not included in the list is Abram Shulsky who along with Paul Wolfowitz received a Doctorate in 1972 under Strauss’s tutelage.

His influence is pervasive and attractive to the group that forms the “Cabal” on a number of issues. He believed in the need for advisors and that those who have the ear of the King are more important than the King. He had a theory that ancient philosophers concealed hidden meanings in their works, which could only be understood by the intellectual few. He believed that governments must be deceptive because the people cannot comprehend the “truth” of value relativism. This premise may have resulted in the cult-like group of followers that can be found in large numbers around the Bush Administration and are surely accountable for the flagrant mendacity that has accompanied the Iraqi conquest.

Additionally worrisome is the reported Evangelical Christian leaning of our President, which makes him vulnerable to promoting the decadent Nation of Israel as the Will of God in bringing about His Millennium.

In one of his “Reality Check” writings, Gary North quotes a chillingly truthful passage written on the eve of his death by an Islamic suicide bomber. Two short sentences read, “They are not Jews of the Book. They are Jews of the university.”

Christians in America are no longer Christians of the Book but have become Christians of the University. We have allowed the brilliance of the Strausses of our world to beguile as Satan beguiled Adam and Eve. Our attention has been diverted from God to the likes of Aristotle, Plato, Hegel, Machiavelli, and a plethora of humanistic scholars whose writings are the product of their own minds and as a result are only the opinions of men. Our mindset does not include sacrificing for Our God. Instead of working to bring His Kingdom into being on earth we ignore His dominion and instead seek our own blessing and our own dominion.

Willingly dying for our Christian Faith? Perish the thought!

The American Christian God is no longer worthy of death; a god-like people who above all require comfort and luxury have relegated him to the role of a servant.

The Muslim suicide bomber writes that there is no defense against suicide bombs. He takes up Pat Buchanan’s mantle by pointing to the low birthrates in the Western World and advises Muslims to have more children. He chastises Westerners for enjoying toys and great wealth but not liking children. He points to the open border policy and the need for new workers to pay the taxes for supporting the elderly whose children no longer assume responsibility. He writes, “Jews in America have the money and the newspapers to tell the Crusader Presidents what to do—”

It is a realistically self righteous, optimistic, faith filled, world conquering religious persuasion written by a man who believes as he walks through the valley of the shadow of death his god will not forsake him. The confidence he expresses in his god and in the righteousness of Jihad has a quality that could no longer be mustered from our broken Christian platform.

Seeking a coercive peace in a militant Islamic environment may require the murder of civilian Muslims in quantities approaching those of Stalin and Mao. More disturbing is the fact that our government may well be up to the task.

During the Cold War, Abram Shulsky was an expert on Russian disinformation techniques. He became a critic of the United States intelligence efforts contending they failed to account for the duplicitous nature of our adversaries and our failure to cope with deliberate concealment.

There is no question concerning the militant nature of Islam. They have several times conquered large portions of the Western World only to be defeated and thrown back by superior Western forces.

Americans are no longer able to present the world with an example of righteous behavior. Our nation has become immoral both within and without. We now face an enemy whose faith and endurance is superior to our own an enemy with a worldview who respects history and who is willing to face reality. America, once blessed with faith in the One True God and founded under His dominion, has invaded that Nation and is now surrounded by a people who may succeed in creating quicksand under there domiciles.

Connivance is not a Christian virtue. The American government at one time supported both Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Ladin. The pragmatic change of loyalties from one era to the next brings our entire foreign policy under suspicion. Such behavior will never produce peace. We must remember that Western civilization’s involvement in the Middle East has been both crafty and larcenous.

In his New Yorker article “Selective Intelligence”, Seymour Hersh quotes Joseph Cropsey, a former professor at the University of Chicago and a Strauss defender, as believing a “certain amount of deception is essential in government”. Cropsey then went on to say, “there is nothing in Strauss’s work that favors preemptive action. What it favors is prudence and sound judgment.”

It appears the pre-emptive action might have come from an overweening Zionist persuasion inherent in the “Cabal” itself and from a susceptible Chief Executive.

Brilliant atheists like Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, and Abram Shulsky, led by the clandestine, godless elitism of Leo Strauss will never bring American foreign policy back under the rule of The Great God of All Creation and without His blessing victory will be short lived and peace evasive.

The pervasive Jewish influence on American which has been immoral on both domestic and international fronts will one day come back to haunt them. Those who are willing to eschew the self-pity and study their own history with an honest mind will quickly find the need for repentance.

It was a mostly Christian America that was devastated. What we are today would have been unrecognizable by our Founders. The religion, which we now call Judeo-Christian, bears little resemblance to the Christian religion we inherited. It is a humanized shell of the robust beliefs of the Puritans and a lonely specter compared with the religious resolve of a suicidal Muslim.

Even as our churches fill with the 70% (or so) Americans who profess to be Christian it is glaringly obvious that we are no longer Christians of the Book.

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