Where we are going: Please prove me wrong

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Written By Alan Stang

I profoundly wish I did not believe this, but I do. I believe that the District of Criminals is preparing to hit us again with another ersatz incident like Nine Eleven. I believe the next government attack on these united States will be even worse – that even more Americans will be killed – because the purpose of the attack will be to foment hysteria of such a magnitude that Communist world government traitor Bush can at last impose the martial law for which he has been lusting.

I believe the incident I expect could include the forthcoming nuclear assault on Iran, which would take us all the way into full-scale war and offer Communist Bush the excuse he needs to trick us into accepting the controls specified in presidential Executive Orders, control of all housing, food, transportation, firearms, banking, money, employment and people, etc., more control than Communist China presently “enjoys.”

I believe that the present invasion of this country across the Mexican border conducted by Communist Bush is heading inexorably toward violent confrontation. Somewhere down there, some night, an American will face a life and death choice, and will fire the second shot heard ‘round the world. An Arab terrorist, a drug smuggler, or a “coyote,” maybe even a Mexican coming to make some dólares will die. The tree of liberty will again be watered by the blood of patriots and tyrants. The Anti-American Communist Liars Union will intervene, along with our Communist media. They will ask for the American’s head and the population will be even more polarized.

Of course, this is what Communist Bush and his fellow traitors want. How do we know that? We know it because if Bush did not want it, he would pick up the phone and say, “Stop this at once!” and it would stop at once. And there isn’t a tamale’s chance at a Mexican picnic that traitor Bush will do so. Like traitor Clinton, he wants the Communists to dismantle our country so that it can more easily be digested.

As I write, Communist world government traitor Bush is welcoming fellow Communist Hu Jintao, “President” of Red China, to the White House. Bush is gently suggesting that Hu stop torturing Christians and throwing them into jail. Bush calls for freedom of speech in Communist-occupied China. Meanwhile, Dr. Wenyi Wang, an accredited journalist with the Epoch Times newspaper, exercised her freedom of speech about Red Chinese brutality during Who’s speech. The Secret Service arrested and carted her away.

Typically, in a demonstration of journalistic terpsichory that would give pause to Pavlova herself, highly paid media prostitutes like Shallow Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh (talent on loan from the Republicrud National Committee) dance around the issues, condemning illegal immigration and Communist China, pretending that Communist traitor Bush likewise condemns them and is blameless, as if Bush lives and breathes in a different dimension and governs a different country than the one we inhabit.

I believe so much is at stake here that the conspiracy for world government – which has come so close after so many years – is not going to defer to the people no matter how many petitions we sign, no matter how we vote, no matter whom we elect. They have proven again and again that elections are irrelevant and that if we vote “wrong” they will simply ignore the results.

Look at the propositions the people have voted for in California and Arizona, cancelled by one scum bag wearing a black robe. Yes, the Senate has backed away from amnesty, but only for a moment, only until they can adopt it, as they did CAFTA, which the people also mightily opposed. As far as the District of Criminals is concerned, the people are a mere irritant, a stupid animal created to fleece.

I believe something akin to national anarchy could erupt, including widespread violence. I believe the District of Criminals is not constructing a vast network of concentration camps just to keep in practice. I believe that they want the coming violence – that is why they have done nothing to prevent it – and will use it as another excuse to fill those camps with Americans who oppose them.

For more than forty years I have been warning that the Communist scheme is to trick us and panic us into demanding, pleading for, our own enslavement. The scheme by now is painfully obvious. The result would be a totalitarian Socialist dictatorship that would use Twenty First Century technology to make Hitler and Mao look puny. Am I wrong? I hope so. Please show me how.

What will Americans do while this scenario unfolds? I am not talking here about the many heroes and heroines who have been fighting this satanic horror for decades, in the District of Criminals and around the country. I am not talking about the heroes standing guard on the border right now, some of them feisty grandmas, doing what they can to oppose the invasion.

No, I am talking about the Bushbots who voted Republicrud the last two times out, the denizens of America’s vanishing middle class, along with Joe and Susie Sixpack, who belong to one of the big unions and loyally vote Democrud. I am talking about Joe Shmo from Kokomo, about all the people who for a couple of generations now have been turned into grinning vegetables by the nation’s Communist schools. Surely at some point they will take action.

Yes, they will; but I believe they won’t take it until the truck comes down the street and hauls off the boats in the driveway. Until that happens they will be fly-fishing on weekends. During the week they will be criticizing you for rocking those boats. The government can take the wife (please!), it can take the kids, it can even take the house and the government, but as long as Joe has the truck, the dogs, the boat and the beer – don’t forget the beer – what could go wrong, right? I believe that when the feces really do hit the fan, these people will strenuously denounce you for not warning them about it and for failing to stop it.

I believe it is possible we have already lost, that the present turmoil means the conspiracy for world government is mopping up. By “lost,” I do not mean the war is over but that the Communists would seize power and Americans would need to take the country back. If I am right, what would life look like when the smoke clears? How would America be changed? It would be a combination of Brave New World and 1984, but much worse, not because Communist traitor Bush or Hillaroid is any worse, but, again, because the available technology is.

By then, yes, Joe and Susie would be grumbling – for years didn’t almost every ad they saw on television say they deserved the very best? – but they would accept it, because “you can’t fight IRS.” They would be told where to live, and they would live there, more and more in giant Stalinist apartment buildings. Churches would be closed and worship would be forbidden. The American spirit of old would be gone.

They would be told where to work and at what, and they would do it. The word “privacy” would disappear. They would be told how many children to have and they would obey. They would need a permit to do just about everything, especially travel. “Your papers, please!” would no longer be a joke. Everything would be gray, except for what is red. We would see our rulers only on television, interviewed by Katie Kook, the anchor puke.

Our rulers would be reluctant to leave their underground cities, because outside would be God and a remnant of believers, floating among the Bushbots “like fish in the sea,” to quote Mao Tse-tung, as mean as starved shrews, as judgmental as Old Testament prophets condemning sin, eager to finish the job Saul was dethroned for refusing to do, among them the most dangerous creature that ever stalked the earth, the US Marine Corps sniper who is now a civilian and can do as he likes.

There would be something worth celebrating. As soon as the Communists nail it down, they would exterminate the traitors and degenerates and movements they unleashed to destroy us. First on the list of course would be organized buggery, then know-it-all puke professors and know-it-all Hollyweird actors like fat slob Alec Baldwin. No one trusts a traitor, including the people to whom he sells out.

My money’s on God, but first, because of our disobedience, I expect we must spend a sojourn in Hell. Am I wrong?

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