Obama’s Islamic world has conquered America!

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Obama’s wish came true: He was elected by ignorant liberal-Marxist voters who support his “Dream” of turning America into an Islamic Nation.


Just what we, the people, need because Islam hates America and our Judeo-Christian values and religious beliefs.


America is now divided into two nations: Those who believe in the Bible and those who believe in the Koran (Islamic Muslims).


Obama was raised in Indonesia, a Muslim country. When he entered politics in Chicago – the most corrupt city in America – his mission was to make a revolutionary transformation of the United States of America. In his first political win as a State Senator in Chicago, Obama swore on his own “Bible” — the Koran – that he would follow the laws of Chicago and Illinois.


What a joke!


America is no longer America.


It is an Islamic-driven nation.


Yes, Obama fooled half of America’s voters–those who bought his “Hope and Change” promise to over-do the United States of America.


Half of America’s voters who followed Obama can be blamed for this presidential election.


We are NO LONGER America!


Obama’s legacy in his first term as “president” is an unprecedented DEBT of more than $18 trillion dollars.


Obama has borrowed and spent more money than all of our presidents COMBINED, beginning with our first President, George Washington, the “Father” of this county that fought a revolutionary war against Great Britain, giving all the new “Americans” freedom and liberty.


Obama has yet to turn in a birth certificate showing he was born in America. All of those certificates were examined by professional forgery specialists who say that Obama has yet to submit a “legitimate” birth certificate.


Where the hell has the United States Congress and the U.S. Supreme Court been when they let the illegitimate Obama run for President?


What has happened to this grand old flag that was once the most prosperous and powerful flag in the world?


Obama wears the U.S. flag pin on his lapel. But he doesn’t believe in our flag.


Over the years Obama has stood up and not put his right hand over his heart because he does not believe that America is his home.


Obama quote during his first presidential election: “I’M A CITIZEN OF THE WORLD!” he declares to America’s 300 million citizens.


Yes, he sees himself as the CITIZEN OF THE WORLD.


He cannot say he’s a “CITIZEN OF AMERICA” because he has no legitimate birth certificate to prove that he is.


Americans got  a “sucker-punch” from Obama, not only once, but several times now — and this Chicago illegal “resident” is laughing all the way into historic recognition.


I dare the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) to investigate the most corrupt “president” in the history of this once great Republic.


My knowledge of Obama’s plight began when his mother, an American white woman, filled out a form that her son was born in Hawaii.


That’s the biggest most successful LIE in this history of the USA.


There are countless lawsuits pending before the U.S. Supreme Court, demanding to see a “legitimate” birth certificate from Barack Hussein Obama.


Right now, I no longer feel like an American, nor will I ever have any respect for this  biggest crook in American history.


All I can always say, is:



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