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On April 19th, 1993 a Nazi and his associates saved Bill Clinton’s Presidency. Terry McVeigh, with a few other people, blew up the W. P. Murrah building in Oklahoma City. Yes I said other people. There were witnesses who saw a Mid-Eastern man with McVeigh and his cohorts. Those witnesses were ignored completely and the investigation took on a rather nasty pallor. It became another political toy for Bill Clinton and company. He blamed talk radio and other conservatives for this incident. We were the haters of all that was good. Never mind the fact that Mahon, the head of Elohim City, said he had been receiving money from Iraq right up until the bombing. This was the second Mid-East involvement in attacks on the US. I guess Bill Clinton was too busy making political hay to allow the investigation to be performed properly, because those indications were never addressed adequately.

The ties between Iraq and Elohim city came out in ‘The Secret Life of Bill Clinton’. The author interviewed both Dennis Mahon and Andreas Strassmeir. Mahon flatly stated he was receiving money from all kinds of government agencies, including Iraqi agencies. When Nichols and McVeigh were arrested Carol Howe was arrested for coming out and publicly saying there were quite a number of other people involved in the case that they weren’t even looking for. Carol had once been a member of the Nazi party and had quit. The BATF had asked her to help them infiltrate the Elohim City crowd. She had done so willingly and the moment she opened her mouth she was arrested and accused of having ‘bomb making’ materials in her possession. When it went to court it was discovered that she was told to have them so she would fit in. Another very interesting thing came out in court…… Mahon was a paid FBI informant. There is one thing that is very clear as you read the book I mentioned at the start of this paragraph. The OKC bombing was a sting operation that went terribly wrong in that it even occurred. McVeigh, along with someone else, outsmarted his handlers and nobody knows who that someone else is. Clinton managed to use the entire disaster for political purposes so it never got investigated properly. This is yet another incident that like the Kennedy assassination will be a very foul scar on the American body politic. So, that’s two nasty scars he left on us that won’t go away.

Now in all fairness I have to add the reaction of what I like to call the ‘tin foil beanie right-wingers’. Yes it is a sad thing, but both political parties suffer from them. Fortunately the conservative foil beanie crowd doesn’t generally get into office. At about this time frame we all started hearing about black helicopters and the cowardice of the BATF for hiding behind a nursery full of kids. I was shocked that there were actually people who were that empty headed. They took an act that allowed working parents to be near their kids and turned it into something completely different and twisted. There were actually some people who claimed that the entire thing was a set up and the kids were there to be used as human shields for the BATF. Go ahead and laugh over there on the left. You guys actually put some of your left wing nuts into office. The amusing part in all of this is that I now get to hear the same kind of silliness out of the left-wingers these days.

Now back to the Mid-East involvement in attacks here. The Oklahoma bombing was the turning point for the Clinton administration. Bill Clinton even exclaimed later that the bombing saved his administration. He was given another chance to make political hay and that was what he did. He blamed the political right for the attacks. There was a Bill that was called by political insiders the ‘Hush Rush’ Bill, which was meant to shut down talk radio and many Internet news sources. That Bill was introduced for many reasons. The Vince Foster case, White Water investigation, Travelgate and Paula Jones were giving them fits on both the Internet and talk radio. (*4)

There were, however, darker currents moving in talk radio and on the Internet that were causing the Clintons much consternation. There were also numerous newsletters that were given birth and strength by the Clinton administration. Christopher Ruddy, the founder of newsmax.com, highlighted one of the more interesting ones in an article on his website. What follows is a sampling of information from his article titled: ‘The Body Count: Add One More’:

It was March of 1996. My cell phone rang. My literary agent was on the line.

“Cross Colby off the list. He’s dead.”

“Colby is dead.” I said with some shock.

“Yes I just heard on the radio he died in a car crash,” my agent said

What Mr. Ruddy was talking about was the fact that he was trying to get Colby to write the forward for his book on Vince Foster’s death. That was suddenly impossible. The man was now dead. William Colby was working with James Dale Davidson who was the editor, and himself was a contributing editor for Davidson’s newsletter called ‘Strategic Investment’ That particular newsletter repeatedly said the Clintons had ties to drugs and organized crime. It also said they had something to do with having Vince Foster murdered. Colby’s presence on that newsletter lent some credence to the accusations and was the primary reason Christopher Ruddy wanted Mr. Colby to write his forward. Mr. Ruddy was understandably upset at the bad news and called Davidson to see if he had heard about Colby’s death. He said that Davidson ‘was a bit peeved with him.’ It seems that Colby was doing just fine. He says that to this day he and his agent laugh about the strangeness of that incident and he says the agent still swears he heard something on the radio. The problem was that Colby wasn’t dead. Yet.

In April William Colby was dead. The circumstances surrounding his death are rather interesting to say the least. The obituaries were also quite revealing. All of them talked about Colby being a real James Bond and former DCI. They left out one interesting item however. There was no mention of what he had been doing at the time of his death. They specifically left out his work for Davidson and the newsletter ‘Strategic Investment’.  As Mr. Ruddy points out, this is rather suspicious. For them to mention only what he did a long time ago and not mention what he was doing at the time of his death indicated that the media was part of a cover up.

Here are a few more items, which were covered in Mr. Ruddy’s article:

On April 29, 1996, the news wires reported that former CIA director William Colby had disappeared from his country home in Maryland. In what authorities suspected was a canoeing accident. His swamped canoe was found on the shore near his home.’

One week later his body was found in a marsh close to his home. After a hasty autopsy, local police authorities decided the drowning was an accident.’

The Associated Press ran the first wire story. The story said he died as a result of an apparent boating accident but the body hadn’t been located yet.

They quoted a source close to Mrs. Colby, who was in Texas at the time her husband disappeared, saying he told her he was not feeling well, “but was going canoeing anyway.”

One week later Colby’s wife rebutted this same AP story when she told the Washington Times that her husband was well and didn’t say anything about going canoeing. Mr. Ruddy says to him the initial false story combined with Mrs. Colby’s underreported rebuttal marked the entire first story as a cover up.

For some strange reason Colby’s occupation at the time of his death went unreported completely and in that lay many clues which pointed straight at the Clintons. He was a contributing editor for Strategic Investment owned, operated and co-edited by James Davidson and William Lord Reese Mogg. This newsletter (Strategic Investment) has a circulation of over 100,000. Whenever a crime is under investigation the first question is “Who benefited?” Nothing of this was mentioned in any of the reports. This is an interesting omission because it was one of the leading opposition publications within the United States to the Clinton Administration.

Davidson had contributed the maximum amount allowable to the first Clinton campaign but after reading reports by Ruddy, Jack Wheeler and Ambrose Evan Prichard, he became concerned that the Clintons had subverted law enforcement agencies and financial institutions, thereby presenting a danger to the financial well-being of this country. He was also becoming concerned about potential ties to organized crime.

Although Colby wrote for this newsletter he never wrote anything on the Clintons. His presence on the newsletter did lend some sense of authority. The newsletter also went to many households seeking new subscribers. The pristine image of the most ethical administration in America’s history was becoming quite tarnished.

There were many things that simply didn’t add up regarding Colby’s disappearance. Here are but a few of them; his radio and computer were left on, dinner dishes were left on the kitchen table and clamshells were left in the sink. His friends said none of this added up to the Colby they knew. When we add to that the fact that he wasn’t wearing his life jacket, which he always wore and not even his floating paddle was found, it starts to look suspicious.

The autopsy performed by a Maryland coroner determined that Colby had died of drowning which was precipitated by a heart attack or stroke even though the coroner found no evidence of either!’

Mr. Ruddy found the parallels to the Foster case to be very disturbing.

Mr. Ruddy goes on to say that one Peter Birkett, an investigative reporter from Britain’s Daily Express, contacted him. It seems that the newspapers intelligence sources at MI5 had told them that U.S. government operatives had assassinated Colby. Peter had been sent to determine the voracity of these claims. Here are some of the things he covered in his article:

Peter began his own investigation and gave Mr. Ruddy progress reports as his investigation unfolded. He determined some of the local police didn’t believe the boating accident story. One of the investigators told Peter that Colby’s body was found fully clothed. His socks were on, but his shoes were missing. Colby always wore shoes when canoeing. One of the policemen asked in disbelief why in the middle of a heart attack or stroke, he began untying his shoes after his canoe capsized.

Mr. Ruddy added that the reporter left the United States with more doubts and questions than answers.

What I’ve provided here is a closer look at something the media didn’t want to look into. It is the list of dead people associated with the Clintons, which was circulating on the Internet and in the various Internet news sites. That list is what Linda Tripp, who was in the office and working for Foster at the time of his death, referred to during her testimony in the Lewinsky scandal. She said the list appeared on her chair as a warning. Many people mentioned that list and the media repeatedly scoffed at it. I won’t include that list here but I thought it would help if I provided a close look at one of the names on that list before I move on. (*5)

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(*5) http://www.newsmax.com/articles/?a=1999/3/24/185342


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