Big Mouth Carville’s Last Stand

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Written By Bob Momenteller


Desperate men do desperate things. A fitting description of James Carville. A comical cartoon like character with a heavy southern drawl and a loud motor mouth to boot. A bad combination for anyone that is within ten feet of this man not wearing ear plugs and carrying a spit towel. Carville, who has appeared in hundreds of interviews is rivaled only by Lanny Davis in the talk show spin circuit. An unsuccessful Louisiana Lawyer turned politician, Carville’s name to fame came as a successful 1992 political strategist for Bill Clinton. The celebrity status has never worn off and his supposed political expertise is still in high demand with the main stream press.

Those of higher intellect who happen to sit through one of Carville’s rancorous spiels will soon discover that the man has nothing of any substance to say. He has the uncanny ability to evade answering all but the most frivolous questions and will shout down any host that threatens his agenda. Even more amazing, is how the main stream press caters to this left wing radical pip squeak who chews them up and spits them out for the whole world to see.


In March of 1996, Carville started the Education and Information Project. A website war machine who’s sole purpose was to discredit Starr. A non-profit organization 501(c)(4) that can accept non-tax deductible contributions. “I’m gonna start playing on the home court of these right wing goof balls” said Carville in the initial press release. Carville also told the Washington Times recently that “unlike most Washington interest groups, EIP is not a tax-exempt organization and the people who give me money can’t deduct it”. While this holier than thou stance may seem virtuous, the fact is, federal law requires him to inform prospective donors that contributions are not tax deductible. While the main focus of this organization has been with Starr it has since entailed any adversary of the White house.

Since the founding EIP, Carville has amassed more than 43,000 documents on such people as Rep. Dan Burton, Newt Ginrich, David Bossie, etc. The enemy files contain mostly derogatory information that have been compiled over many months. Carville, acting on the behalf of the White house, attacks anyone who has been investigating the Clinton administration. The files have since been subpoenaed by Larry Klayman of Judicial Watch investigating the Clinton scandals. Several of the documents have been disclosed, while others are being withheld for legal reasons. Carville’s four year obsession to get Ken Starr may have cost the Independent Counsel votes in the popularity contest, but the last we heard, he isn’t running for anything.


“Sex and more sex, that’s all it is”, Carville would say when the Starr investigation broke on the Lewinski matter to anyone that would listen. It’s hard to imagine that such a ridiculous, sophomoric statement like that would have such a profound impact on the media and the perception of the investigation by the America people, but it did. Nothing could be further from the truth of course, but Carville’s antics penetrated the People Magazine mentality of the populous mass and the main stream media bought into it, hook, line, and sinker.  Even today, night after night, the spin doctors are all over the TV dial promoting the” it’s nothing more than sex” lies, while the Starr defenders attempt to tell the American people the real truth behind the investigation only to find deaf ears. This colorful, entertaining red neck has won the battle, but in the end, he will lose the war.


It is interesting to note that while Carville’s name calling and inane banter has earned him a seat on every talk show known, he cleverly avoids the real issues at hand. He won’t for example, mount a full scale assault on Republicans in the fund raising investigation or the China missile technology scandal. Why? Because he’s damn worried the Democrats may be guilty.  His McCarthyism like strategy and clever diversions has worked admirably well. Until now.

His last desperate attempt at saving his boss(Clinton) may well come in the next week or so, when Monica Lewinski tells all to the Grand Jury. Carville has said nothing about Lewinski to date. Just wait, I can hear him now….She’s nothin but a two bit lyin whore, tryin to save her own skin….

Carville’s final demise of course, will come when the truth comes out.  Ken Starr will eventually submit a final report to congress. The select committee on China will be finished.  It won’t be a rosy picture to say the least. Carville will no longer be able to hide behind an unknown curtain and his name calling days will be over. Like Joseph McCarthy before him, James Carville will fade away to the bayou closet he crawled from and will die a broken man…..

Published in the July 1st 1998 issue of Ether Zone Online . Copyright © 1998 Ether Zone Online ( Reposting permitted with this message intact.

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