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From a union of states: To a consolidated government

Published 9y ago -

There is growing talk among, and about, people in some States who want to secede from the United States.  This has statists and the people who believe the myth created by Lincoln cultists that Lincoln saved the union claiming that there is no right to reclaim ... More »

Senate sneaks: Send amnesty bill to house

Published 14y ago -

On Thursday February 1, 2007, the Senate passed a “minimum wage” bill.  Unnoticed and unreported in the old media they included Amendment 187. There was no big announcement or press coverage of this amendment passing because Amendment 187 is essentially McCain... More »

Man-made global warming is politics not science

Published 15y ago -

On Friday, February 2, 2007 the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released a document titled: Climate Change 2007: The Physical Science Basis, Summary for Policymakers.   This is a political document.  It is not the supposedly scientific documen... More »

Globalists and neo-cons: Deny north American union

Published 15y ago -

The globalists and neo-cons are in an uproar because the American people aren’t interested in combining Mexico, Canada and the U.S.into a North American Union.   The usual suspects are out in strength trying to explain away the evidence available to anyone who... More »

Whose side are the democrats on?

Published 15y ago -

Image courtesy of John Morgan under CC BY 2.0. Democrats led the fight to fix the most egregious parts of the misnamed Patriot Act.  However, they, along with the conservative Republicans, caved into George Bush and his statist minions and passed Patriot Act I... More »

Black history and the second amendment

Published 18y ago -

February is Black History Month. In keeping with the spirit and intent of celebrating Black history, we will examine some Black history that the liberal media and others in the anti-civil rights establishment don’t want remembered. Several people have done a s... More »

The good guys won one in East Stroudsburg

Published 19y ago -

On March 19, 1996, government employees herded fifty-nine sixth-grade girls into a room, forced them to strip and forced them to submit to genital exams. The girls were scared. Some girls were crying and tried to leave, but one government employee blocked them... More »