Senate sneaks: Send amnesty bill to house

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On Thursday February 1, 2007, the Senate passed a “minimum wage” bill.  Unnoticed and unreported in the old media they included Amendment 187.

There was no big announcement or press coverage of this amendment passing because Amendment 187 is essentially McCain-Kennedy-Bush amnesty that most of the country is against.  The idea was to sneak this past the American people.

The amendment sets up a situation where the Senate minimum wage bill and the House passed minimum wage bill will go to a House/Senate conference committee where the differences will be worked out.  Since the “leaders” of both the House and Senate are pro-amnesty, this committee will be comprised all pro-amnesty members.

The only way to stop this now is to kill the final bill that comes out of the committee and has to be voted on again in both the House and the Senate.  That will not be easy.

Bush and the pro-illegal alien axis in Congress will be twisting arms and cutting deals to get this passed.  Only a major effort by the American people can stop it now

Of course the buggy whip press isn’t reporting this, they are for the most part pro-illegal alien.  And to the best of my knowledge we are the first in the new media to break the story.  This suits the sneaks in the Senate and the rest of the pro-illegal alien axis just fine.  The fewer Americans who know about this until after they pass it into law, the easier it will be to pass the final bill.

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