Globalists and neo-cons: Deny north American union

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The globalists and neo-cons are in an uproar because the American people aren’t interested in combining Mexico, Canada and the U.S.into a North American Union.   The usual suspects are out in strength trying to explain away the evidence available to anyone who takes the time to look at it.

Michael Medved, the Stalinist Democrat turned neo-con, penned a whining rant on his blog about it, saying little except calling conservatives names and offering half truths, and totally irrational misstatements to deny the plan exists.  For starters look at his claim about the NAFTA super highway.

He writes; “Another delusion usually associated with these fears involves the construction of a “Monster Highway” some sixteen lanes wide through Texas and the Great Plains, connecting the two nations on either side of the border for some nefarious but never-explained purpose.”  This is of course a total lie.

Every conservative web site and commentator opposed to the NAFTA super highway is fast to explain that its purpose is to connect the cheaper ports in Mexico with the markets in the U.S. and Canada bypassing the more expensive U.S. and Canadian longshoremen and stevedores as well as loading more freight on Mexican trucks with their cheaper drivers and fewer safety regulations.  Medved acts like no such highway is planned, but one needs only look at the Texas Deportment of Transportation web site to see that it is not just planned but well on the way to being built.

One can also look at the Kansas City Inland Port web site to see that the NAFTA super highway will run through Kansas City and connect to major cities in the U.S. and Canada.  The port will also include a Mexican Customs station.  Medved mentions none of this in his sniveling whine.  He just pretends the NAFTA super highway is a “delusion”.

He goes on to make the ridiculous claim that; “there’s no one anywhere near the Bush administration, the Congress of the United States, Cabinet departments or even major think tanks who believes it’s a good idea to merge Canada, Mexico and the U.S.”

Either Medved is seriously uninformed or he’s a liar.  It’s harder to find a high ranking member of the administration who isn’t a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, the group pushing hardest for the North American Union.

He then says; “Yes, there was one article in the journal Foreign Affairs that suggested further reducing trade barriers and economic obstacles in the style of the European Union . . . ” He fails to say that there is a whole taskforce at CFR called Creating a North American Community and one of the leaders of that task force is Dr. Robert A. Pastor the author of the 2001 book, “Toward a North American Community“, where he also advocated the creation of a North American Union and creation of a common NAU currency, the Amero, as first proposed by Canadian economist Herbert Grubel. Nor does he mention that the taskforce has produced at least three reports including one calling for tri-national working groups to harmonize regulations, rules, and standards, and another praising the three countries for creating the suggested working groups under the title of the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America.

Speaking of the SPP, Medved makes the completely asinine claim; “The then Presidents of the three countries (Bush, Fox and Martin) met in 2005 to pledge to work together on such issues and to initiate open working groups to facilitate cooperation – BUT THERE WAS NO AGREEMENT OR TREATY OR COVENANT of any kind, secret or otherwise.”  However, he never explains how the SPP was created if there is no agreement or treaty or covenant to create it and the working groups that are churning out progress reports.  Medved doesn’t explain who created the SPP if Bush, Fox and Martin didn’t agree to do it.  Maybe, Medved thinks the government officials working on the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America are doing it on their own with no agreement or sanction from those they are reporting to.  Or, more likely considering it’s Medved, he thinks the SPP doesn’t really exist, and its web page and its progress reports are fiction put out by some vast right wing conspiracy.

What ever the case, other than name calling, lies and distortions, Medved offers nothing of any substance to counter the information put out by the powerful globalists who are working to merge the U.S. first into the North American Union and eventually into a one world government.  But he’s right about one thing, the elitists and globalists are not keeping it a secret that they are planning a North American Union.  Their plan is right out in the open for anyone who takes the time to look.

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