Ready for martial law?: Oh it can’t happen here?

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My information comes to me in bits and pieces, an article here, someone’s information sent email, piecing together news from various sites, connecting dots.  Some of it is pieced together from the statements made by our government, regardless of how remote or harmless or “secure” the announcements sound.

This nation is very much prepared to invoke martial law.  The questions are only what will trigger it and when it will occur.  Since our military is aware that this could happen and US soldiers expressed revulsion at the idea of quelling civil disturbance by firing on their fellow Americans, those whom they swore to defend and protect, then the government has imported foreign mercenaries who have absolutely no qualms about doing that for which they were hired.

Why would our own government do this to Americans?  Very simply because it is the only way to take control of people whose delusion of freedom will one day burst and they will be ready to revolt.  They sleep long and hard in the quiet dream world of delusion about the America that was, but someday they will wake up.  Whether it will be the barrage of articles being hammered out by the internet writers (highly doubtful) or a move by the government to usurp the last vestiges of freedom from the people and reveal the ugliness that has been festering like ugly putrid pus from a poisoned boil underneath the surface skin of “America” (very probable) there is a day of revelation coming.  Americans will realize all that has been taken from them.  Perhaps eighty percent will go into traumatic shock because they believe the ultra-conservative internet writers, if they know about us, are whack jobs and it will be horrifying to find out we were telling the truth about our government and its evil alliance with Global Governance.

At least twenty percent of people on American soil will care less because they are illegal aliens, some of whom will join with the mercenaries to end America’s dominance in world affairs by its military might.  Even Lincoln, the founder of the strong central government that undermined the founders’ confederation of states as a loosely held “union” stated that America would fall from within, not from without.  How did he know?  Because he was a very key part of the federalization that would lead to such a downfall.

Frankly, most Americans are pretty wimpy now, but every human has a threshold over which none dare cross. Even the most milquetoast husband will try to defend his wife and children in a time of crisis and then afterward wonder how he ever got the courage.   The same is true of folks who now won’t speak up for or against anything for fear of saying the “wrong” thing, because it is well known by all Americans that we no longer have true freedom of speech and the use of the wrong term, or supporting the “wrong” cause might be cause for being fired from a job, ostracized by friends as a whacko, a “right-wing conspirator” or a secret member of the KKK.

That’s our wonderful land of “free speech” today.  How do I know?   I have friends. I get emails, lots of emails. Those who try to speak out are soon wearing an invisible label “caution – politically incorrect” on their foreheads. If you think this is not so, then start a discussion about whether chemtrails are really weather experiments or something that the government is not disclosing.  Whack job.   No chemtrails. At that point, change the subject to some basketball star’s court problems.

When the tanks and the soldiers are in the streets, all America will be wide awake and trembling in terror. Those soldiers may speak broken English or none at all. It seems now that all uniforms look alike, unless our military is in full formal dress, then we can tell them apart.  Every soldier looks the same in cammies.  What will be the spark that ignites the revolutionaries among us who are forced to be quiet in the land of free speech and the right to peaceably assemble?  A massacre of civilian protesters? A march for freedom? What is coming will come and in due time Americans will wake up.

What will they do?

Some will hide indoors, afraid to go outside.  Others might ask permission to go to the grocery store or pharmacy, to the doctor’s office, or to take the children to school if it’s in session.  Who knows what will be suspended when the final stroke of totalitarianism takes over?  Everything has looked sonormal on the surface that most Americans genuinely believe that we still have the same America we had fifty years ago, just more high technology devices and more sophisticated weaponry.  They even believe it is for our national defense. They willingly give the government any information available, because they cannot even see a doctor or get a prescription without giving out information about their private lives.

This would have caused a total revolution forty years ago.  In fact, it was Democratic former president John F. Kennedy who stated that when the government makes peaceful revolution impossible, it makes violent revolution inevitable.  He sounds like an arch conservative compared to today’s Democrats.

There are a number of people in America, well-armed, who will fight to the death for this nation when the time comes that we can do so.  Of course it is better to have a ballot revolution than one with live bullets.

It would be my hope that every dissenter, everyone who wants to see America free of political correctness, Marxist professors, NEA-infected teachers, homeland spies and political turncoats would say NO to both the Republican and Democratic candidates, should we actually have a November 2004 election.  I’ve had people tell me they will vote for the lesser of two evils, as if that were new.  We’ve been doing that since the nation rejected Barry Goldwater in favor of Lyndon B. Johnson and then four years later elected Richard Nixon.  Merciful heavens to Murgatroyd it’s hard, hard, hard to get the general American public to THINK.  Most say they don’t have time and the government has made sure they do not by keeping everyone at work, even working two pizza driver jobs or two fast food gigs a night.

What is evil about voting third party?  A feeling of wasting your vote. Well, voting in a tyrant isn’t a very good use of the vote.

A massive third-party turnout of all the dissatisfied would shake up the little World of Oz in D.C. fairly quickly, a show of power by Americans who are determined that no American tanks manned by foreign mercenaries will roll down our streets to keep our citizens in line with government policy.  Everyone who is willing to be a third party candidate, especially for the office of the president, is laying his life on the line (literally) for the sake of America.

The least Americans who want no more deception in office can do is vote for these folks who have laid their lives on the line.  Why do I say this?  It took two months in office for Ronald Reagan to take a bullet that nearly killed him, and we have not seen the whole story, be sure of it.  No one can let the full story be told, just as we have half truths coming from every corner, nook and cranny of the nation’s Capitol.

There are those who would like to secede from this “union” and form a new government.  It seems that was attempted in 1861, not over slavery but over the South’s rebellion at the North’s demand for more taxes with which to destroy states’ rights under the Tenth Amendment.  Abolition was only the good reason that gave Lincoln a moral issue with which to fight and eventually devastate the South for over ninety years. Now the South has a new “reconstruction” taking place, the Politically Correct one that forbids the public display of the Confederate Battle Flag as a symbol of “slavery.”  Well folks, if that’s true, then the Union flag is now a symbol of slavery to the whole governmental system, and the United Nations flag is worn by US soldiers overseas wherever the UN says it will be worn.

And you think martial law in America is impossible?  That isn’t thinking, it’s an overripe imagination and it smells a bit like a compost heap.

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