Immigration failure let to terror: Shut the damn borders now

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The Pros will see the recent events of terror as a legitimization of all sorts of human intelligence-gathering devices: from face-surveillance cameras in airports, shopping malls, stop lights and schools, to calls for stronger e- and telephone-gathering technology. Unfortunately, what is truly at-bottom of this latest catastrophe is unbridled immigration and a failure of America to police America against its “enemies, foreign and domestic.”

Here we have possibly 50 suspects, all of Middle Eastern descent, and no administration or immigration authority has yet to come forward to declare the reasons why such individuals were on U.S. soil to begin with. This is obviously not to say that no violence against Americans comes by the hand of fellow Americans; it is to say, however, that Americans did not take the lead role in the World Trade Center and Pentagon bombings, and the hijackings that preceded the events. The pain was delivered (as is the best Intelligence now) by non-Americans, of a particular religious persuasion–a very narrow one, to be sure, but not an unpopulous one–upon Americans, for the purpose of humiliating and terrorizing the United States of America.

We must, therefore, know in detail WHY it was that these individuals were in the U.S. (their own stated reasons, on, say, airport arrival cards and any immigration records they might have signed); HOW they became settled here (who were their guarantors of employment or relatives having been declared on these various forms); WHERE they came from (birth place, previous employment and education, and nation of emigration).

Prior to exterminating any who performed strategic assistance to any of these individuals (that is the retributory goal), we must seek prevention. It has been this writer’s opinion for many years, that the U.S. should restrict immigration to only the most select pool of applicants yearly, and who have bonafide offers of employment, from a bonafide tax-paying American corporation (so as to be nominally culpable, should the green-card holder “go bad”), and that all such immigrants should be subject to police department screening, at their and their employer’s expense, so as not to further burden the U.S. taxpayer. Further, no immigrant not-yet-naturalized as an American citizen should receive employment at any position which requires taxpayer subsidization, and none should be allowed to occupy any position requiring security clearance.

Contrary to the inane scribbling on the plaque of the Statue of Liberty (a French sentiment, not anything the Founders ever imagined): “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses,” I say, Shut the borders now, and deport on their government’s dime all illegal immigrants. Case-by-case, and with the cooperation and financial guarantees of relatives, foreign corporations and/or governments, we will be able to resume an immigration policy that is in our nation’s best interest. We are a sovereign Republic and owe clear passage to no one.

Such is a time for reevaluation of our immigration policy, not a plea for political correctness and “tolerance.” The Intelligence community has failed utterly in its gathering and reporting mechanisms, and must now be held accountable and made now to justify their own worth to U.S. taxpayers. It has been said, of radical Aztlan activists, that there are potentially 20 million foot soldiers of Hispanic extraction ready to do the bidding of another sort of intifada. We have seen that it only takes 50 or so to do a hideous day’s work.

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