Bush is as Green as Gore!: Bush and Whitman Resurrect Global Warming

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Written By Alan Caruba

When I was a teenager, I made a lot of money as a magician, entertaining at all kinds of events. What my mentors taught me was the art of diversion. Always have the audience watching your right hand while your left hand is doing something else.

While the nation’s attention was focused on President Bush’s speech, the Global Warming hoax was being given renewed life by his administration. Those that thought the departure of “Ozone” Al Gore would diminish the prospect of more blather about the melting of the North Pole, rising oceans, droughts,and other scary scenarios can expect more.

Bush’s new Director of the Environmental Protection Agency, Christie Whitman, let it be known the afternoon prior to his speech that she thought global warming is “a real phenomenon” and, according to an Associated Press report, “the administration is considering limits on carbon dioxide emissions as part of a broader anti-pollution strategy.”

This embrace of the Global Warming hoax was intended to go largely unnoticed, but it is a warming sign that this President supports the notion that Global Warming is real. His EPA Director would not be spouting such nonsense without his approval.

Let it be said again. There is no scientific evidence of any global warming. None. The overall temperature of the earth has not increased in more than 50 years. Let me also make something very clear. Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant. It is the basic nutrient of the planetary food chain. It encourages the fast and abundant growth of fruit, vegetables, and, of course, forests as well.

Whitman is saying that Al Gore’s treasured 1997 Kyoto Protocol is on the agenda for the new administration as well. Writing in the February 20 edition of the Washington Times, Dr. S. Fred Singer said, “Kyoto had a deceptively simple formula: Cut greenhouse gas emissions by five percent. Sounds easy, except that it refers to a 1990 base. By 2010, this would have meant a reduction of 30 to 40 percent for the United States by rationing fuels or by raising energy prices sharply.” Forget about a surplus under such conditions.

Whitman’s assertion that “There’s no question but that global warming is a real phenomenon, that it is occurring,” is abysmally wrong. It is criminally ignorant of the science involved. It spells crisis on many levels, but most certainly with regard to the provision of the energy this nation will need in the years upon which President Bush is so confidently counting to produce a surplus. You can’t produce anything if the lights won’t go on!

Putting controls on carbon dioxide ignores the reality of the energy crisis in California and one that will spread to every State if a concerted effort isn’t made to find and extract more natural energy resources while increasing the construction of new utilities and pipelines. It holds out the specter of increasing the costs associated with the use of all fuels that generate CO2.

These days, most utilities depend on coal, a resource the US has in abundance, but Whitman spouts the usual “fossil fuel” blather, unaware of how clean the modern use of coal has become. Even the trend toward the use of natural gas is no lifeline to clean air. The cost of natural gas has been skyrocketing as the result of the failure to explore for more and extract it.

“This president is very sensitive to the issue of global warming,” said Whitman. That means we are looking down the same garden path of catastrophic harm to our economy that existed in the Clinton-Gore administration. Global warming is a zombie. It won’t stay in its grave. Bush and Whitman have just exhumed it.

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