Hooks, lines, sinkers and trojan horses: A hundred years of treason in America

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“The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism, but under the name of liberalism they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program until one day America will be a socialist nation without ever knowing how it happened.” Norman Thomas, six-time Socialist Party presidential candidate and one of the founders of the ACLU.

Being active on a member of patriotic e-mail reflectors, I correspond with lots of good folks on a regular basis. Additionally, I’ve made friends with a number of people who wrote me concerning past rants of mine. One question that many ask is “How could this be happening in America?”

The classroom is open; “Treason 101”, starts now!

From the title of this rant, it should be obvious that I dare to suggest that America has been “had” for over a century by a vast conspiracy that uses lies, deceit, and masterful tactics to achieve it’s goals towards the destruction of our Republic. For the most part, Americans have fallen for the various charades, hook, line and sinker. Why? Because, Norman Thomas was right on the money. “Political-Correctness” has been a tool of our enemies for well over a century and most sheeple still don’t “get it”!

Anyone who has ever watched an illusionist (falsely called a “magician”) perform, knows that their stock in trade is to catch your attention with one hand, while the other pulls off a trick right before your eyes and you never see it. Con men perform their shell games the same way. So do YOUR MORTAL ENEMIES, THE SOCIALIST/COMMUNIST.

While the Socialists toss red herrings to the sheeple to keep their attention focused on trivial and inane situations, they continue to work tirelessly, behind the scenes, selling the people and their country down the tube toward the NWO / one world police state.

The “red herrings” are the nonsensical crap that attracts readers to The Inquirer, Hustler, Star, and other garbage-for-the-mind rags. They are the soap operas, the incestfest from Jerry Springer and his like.

Red herrings encompass the basic dogma of the two major parties; neither of which gives a tinker’s damn about the people, the Constitution, or America as a Republic.

The argument about the right of a woman to choose murder is a great example of a red herring. It keeps everyone stirred up at the front door while the criminals are lugging the Constitution and Bill of Rights out the back door, piece by piece.

And, of course, there are the Trojan Horses. These appear, especially towards election time. The seniors and the working young are given a Red Trojan Horse called Social Security. Every four years, the candidates all vow to “fix” the system. Did it ever occur to anyone that if they truly did set the system up properly, they would loose a super-important issue of the retired and about-to-be-retired?

For the families, the Trojan horses include education, school safety, blaming guns for the criminal and irresponsible actions of people, and a host of other “causes” that focus the attention of the vast multitudes of the sheeple on everything EXCEPT the sellout of their rights and their freedom to the NWO/UN.

For the people who work and pay taxes, the Trojan Horse is always some form of tax cut promised to leave a few cents more of the little you have after taxes to subsist on.

And hidden in all of these Trojan Horses is the REAL agenda; constant manipulation, constant changing of laws, and constant excuses for taking our freedoms because they are “helping us, protecting us, or saving the children”.

Regardless of the excuse, they are hard at work, selling us out into the NWO without our consent. Making and signing secret treaties with other nations, the WTO, the UN, etc. that supposedly supersede our Constitution and Bill of Rights; again, without our permission, or as is often the case, without our knowledge.

And who are “they”??? Why, most of the “they” are the people you swoon over and elect to public office in the various levels of local, state and national government. They are the folks who keep buying your votes by promising you other men’s property in one form or another.


Here’s your homework. Check it out, read it, do your own searches, but above all, EDUCATE YOURSELF!



Before the word “Communism”, there was, and is, “The Illuminati”, now called “The Council On Foreign Relations”; an international group of criminals dedicated to the takeover of the world and imposition of a one world government. I’m not going to get into it here. My job is to point you in the right direction and, if you value your hide, your freedom, and your country, hopefully, you will spend the time necessary to educate yourself.

If you read Moses Mordecai Levi, who changed his name to Karl Marx, you will find that he based his whole theory of a communist State on a fairy tale; the idea of men becoming purified or cleansed or whatever, to the point where they no longer harbored such evil emotions as greed or the desire to own property, operate their own business, to be free, to make their own decisions, etc. “Marxism” was to be a worker’s paradise where each worked to his or her own ability and received according to their needs.

It should be clear to anyone with an IQ beyond room temperature that Marx was an idiot. If the premise is based on a falsehood, than the whole concept is flawed and is bound to fail.

Communism, from the word “communal”, was nothing new in Levi’s time. He was just one of thousands of Europeans trying to find some way to break the chains of the feudal system where men were born, lived, worked, and died; little more than slaves on great estates belonging to the elite; the blue-blooded, the aristocrats of the various countries.

The problem is that it takes strong men to break those chains and most of these strong men were little, if any better, than those they worked to dispossess. Worse, most of them were relatively ignorant and relied solely on brute force to bring about their own will.

Take time to study Jamestown and Plymouth Colonies. Both started out with the communal concept whereby each member of the colony was assigned a plot of land and a certain crop to grow and provided with the necessary seeds and tools to do so.

Each member would “work according to his ability (or whim) and receive according to his need (or greed). The harvest of each member was stored in the communal storehouse and each member issued food from those stores.

Within a few years, thousands had died and the colonies had gone down hill to the point they were facing extinction because, while some worked hard and harvested substantial crops, others were screw-ups and lazy and did little to produce while taking a full share for themselves from the storehouse. Today, we call this “welfare”. It didn’t work then and it doesn’t work now.

Out Post of Freedom


Settling the Chesapeake

Move forward to the end of the 19th century. A large, FABIAN socialist movement had evolved; especially in England and France, and moved to our shores. These people were dedicated to the idea of banning property rights, ownership of property, and individual nations. They wanted a one-world, socialist state with government owning and controlling everyone and everything. That goal remains, today.

To carry out their traitorous agenda, they needed to hoodwink the unsuspecting public; to worm their way into every fabric of our religious, judicial, mass media, educational, and cultural foundations, as well as in our government, to subvert and plant the seeds of destruction of our Republic, from within. This required special tools. They did so by using their power within the organizations that they had infiltrated to denounced and destroy anyone who dared to tell the truth or expose their operations to the public.

The information has been “there” for anyone to check out. J. Edgar Hoover wrote “Masters of Deceit” trying to wake people up. W. Cleon Skausen wrote “The Naked Communist”. Dr. Fred Schwartz wrote “You Can Trust The Communist….to do what they say”. John T. Flynn wrote “While You Slept” and “None Dare Call It Treason’; both excellent books on the subversion of America by the Communist.

The John Birch Society was founded and named for Captain John Birch, US Army, the first American casualty of WW III, the war between Red China, which had murdered him, and America. They warned us over forty years ago that the UN was a Communist tool to destroy the US and move us into a one-world, totalitarian police state.

Fulton Lewis Jr. told us on radio, as did Dan Smoot and many others.


The death of America… Was it murder? (Must read)

Some stepping stones towards one-world rule

FDR and Fabian socialism

Fabian control of the Murdoch / FOX News Empire today


The early labor movement in this country was a just movement. The industrial and railroad barons considered workers to be nothing more than “machines” ; paid wages that could not sustain a family above abject poverty. When injured or killed on the job, workers (or their bodies) were swept aside and replaced. No help for the women and children; not one red cent. This attitude opened the floodgate for the Fabian Socialist movement of Europe to move in and take over in the United States. The Communist/Socialist have been deeply involved in labor unions ever since.


They founded The National Federation of Churches in 1901, which evolved in 1908, into the Federal Council of Churches of Christ. This later was renamed the National Council of Churches and remains today, as it has since it’s founding in 1901, a major Communist Front which has altered religion in America towards total support of Communist ideals by another name…..”liberalism”.


Socialists founded the NAACP as a tool to control the blacks in this country; continuously manufacture reasons to keep the races split and hostile, and to subvert the blacks to a socialist agenda and control their voting for the Communist/Socialist causes. Since it’s inception, the NAACP has always had a WHITE president. Every president of the NAACP has been a socialist.

Communism in black America

NAACP’s red roots


Brief history of the American left

AMERICAN CIVIL LIBERTIES UNION Founded by Communist Roger Baldwin as a tool for total Communist domination and controlled by Communist to this day.

The ACLU expose

The abominable ACLU

The truth about the ACLU

Religious Liberty…the American experience

THE NATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION (NEA) Champion of socialist/one-world government, anti-religion and anti-Constitution. Bought and paid for by huge, nonprofit trusts. Under total control of the socialist for many years.

The education bloc

A look at the NEA

Play it again, Chris

The little red school house

ADA….AMERICANS FOR DEMOCRATIC ACTION This has been a Communist Front since it’s inception.

The ADA and Eleanor Roosevelt’s Communist activities

US STATE DEPT. BULLETIN 7277 – The Socialist sellout of America to the UN / one-world government by JFK, who presented this plan (now US LAW) to the UN General Assembly.

Freedom from war

US law calls for the full disarmament of America

What happens when a fine US soldier refuses to abandon his oath of allegiance to America

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST, FROM THE “BRADY” BUNCH…the folks who want to make us all safe by taking our guns.

“Our main agenda is to have ALL guns banned. We must use whatever means possible. It doesn’t matter if you have to distort facts or even lie. Our task of creating a Socialist America can only succeed when those who would resist us have been totally disarmed.” – Sarah Brady, Chair of Handgun Control Inc., to Senator Howard Metzenbaum; The National Educator, January 1994, Page 3.

(NOTE: Handgun Control has just merged with the Million Mom March, also a socialist / Communist front to disarm the American people.)

That’s it for today, class. Study hard and learn. There will be a test and it will be a B-I-T-C-H !! (You might even say that your future and your country’s future is on the line, here.)

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