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Most of you know that the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is run by a bunch of sleazy Nazi bastards, whose lucrative job it is to squelch medical freedom on behalf of certain Mussolini doctors and pharmaceutical companies. For just one example of FDA in action, go tohttp://www.holisticmed.com/aspartame/history.faq.

There you will see the incredible history of a poison called aspartame, which many beverages and foods today contain only because of the intervention of Donald Rumsfeld when he was president of the G.D. Searle pharmaceutical company. The story includes suppression of proof that aspartame is poison, results that included seizures and cancer, phony tests and threats, and on and on.

FDA turds with guns specialize in terrorizing patients and doctors, confiscating supplements from vitamin processors. The people who run FDA are as much terrorists as the monsters killing our men in Iraq. Does FDA do any good? Yes, but it does so by accident, as an afterthought. Doing good is not its purpose.

In 1969, former Commissioner of the FDA, Dr. Herbert L. Ley said this: “The thing that bugs me is that people think the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is protecting them. It isn’t. What the FDA is doing and what the public thinks it’s doing are as different as night and day.

“First, it is providing a means whereby key individuals on its payroll are able to obtain both power and wealth through granting special favors to certain politically influential groups that are subject to its regulation. This activity is similar to the ‘protection racket’ of organized crime: for a price, one can induce FDA administrators to provide ‘protection’ from the FDA itself.

“Secondly, as a result of this political favoritism, the FDA has become a primary factor in that formula whereby cartel-oriented companies in the food and drug industry are able to use the police powers of government to harass or destroy their free-market competitors.”

FDA goons raided the Washington State Tahoma clinic of Jonathan Wright, M.D., and terrorized the patients and staff for eleven hours, most of them women, because they found a vial of tainted medicine in the garbage. The clinic had thrown it in the garbage precisely because it was tainted. The invaders stole vitamins, medical equipment, computers, bank records, patient records and postage stamps.

Chelation is the safest, most inexpensive, most effective treatment for coronary blockage presently available. I have taken chelation for prevention for about thirty years. Among the patients I have sat beside during the three-hour procedure was a man who told me he couldn’t open a container of milk by himself. His daughter had to open it for him. If he walked across the living room he had to rest when he arrived. The doctors were pressuring him to undergo a multiple bypass.

When I first sat beside this gentleman, he had taken 14 chelation treatments, could tear the top off the milk carton and routinely went jogging with his daughter. He was in his early seventies. So, why is “orthodox” medicine complaining? Very simple. When I met this man he had spent about $2,000 and no longer needs a $150,000 bypass. He and his doctor have “cheated” his orthodox heart specialist.

The last time I saw such a heart specialist, he put me through the mill, including the treadmill. Up and up it went, which was no problem. Later, he marveled that a man of my advanced age and presumed decrepitude had absolutely no blockage. I explained that I had had many years of chelation therapy.

His professional expression changed. He almost lost control of himself and struggled to regain it. Now he was angry because I had no blockage, warning that my doctor—an M.D. for twenty five years—was not a “real doctor.” He was totally uninterested in the reason I had absolutely no blockage. He warned me that my dear friend the doctor was “making some money,” ignoring the fact that my insurance company would pay him umpteen times as much as I had paid my friend.

Money and power are almost always the FDA bottom line. When enough people chelate—and when medical miracles presently in the pipeline that will make even chelation seem primitive go on line—what will happen to today’s heart specialists who cling to their antiquated, dangerous practices? Today they are medical moguls; tomorrow they could be lab technicians. For them there is FDA and its clones in state government, who stifle competition.

FDA geeks with guns steal supplements that keep patients alive. Laetrile is the name for Vitamin B-17, which is very beneficial for some patients with cancer. But it is very inexpensive, cannot be patented – it is harvested from apricot seeds – and therefore could dramatically reduce the profit of the multi-billion dollar cancer industry.

So, the medical totalitarians threw my dear friend James R. Privitera, M.D. into jail merely for telling somebody where she could buy laetrile. Dr. Privitera is one of the nation’s foremost allergists and nutritionists, but in California, where he practices, the doctor is restricted to only government-approved treatment.

No doubt Dr. Jim’s preeminence is the reason the governor of California gave him a full pardon, but later the government began harassing him because one of the tests Jim pioneered, dark field analysis, allows him and the patient to see exactly what is happening in the latter’s live blood. Jim is the doctor who introduced me to chelation.

To read about the book he and I wrote about dark field/live cell analysis, go to www.stangbooks.com, and click on Stang Non-Fiction, where you will find the cover, some discussion and the first chapter of Silent Clots.

All of this is an introduction to the reason for this emergency appeal. Mrs. Marilyn Norton recently was arrested by FDA, indicted and charged with a couple of major felonies and misdemeanors. Mrs. Norton is a “big time drug pusher.” The “drug” she was pushing was laetrile. She became involved in the “racket” because patients could not get the laetrile that was keeping them alive.

What would happen to your oncologist should it turn out that cut, burn and poison are wrong? Would he wind up working beside your heart specialist as a technician? For him too there are the FDA goons, who throw rebellious doctors like Jim Privitera into jail. Isn’t all this exactly what Dr. Ley said?

Marilyn Norton is 72 years old. The reason I am telling you all this is that this “Ma Barker of the apricot pit racket” has no money. She lives in Florida, in a mobile home. FDA presumably calls her “trailer park trash.” She cleans houses for a living. She does not have enough money to hire a real lawyer. Isn’t the drug racket supposed to be a gold mine?

She says that the Department of Justice twit they assigned to defend her cannot find her own heinie with both hands, and is pressing her to cop a plea. The “lawyer” has told her that if Marilyn does not take the deal, the “lawyer” cannot defend her. With such a defender, you don’t need a prosecutor.

Bear in mind that this is not just a battle about Mrs. Norton. It isn’t even just a battle about the patients she has been trying to help. What is at stake here is your medical freedom to choose the treatment you want. The more of these battles the FDA Nazis are allowed to win, the less of that freedom you have—and there could come a time when you or a loved one will need it.

What do I mean by medical freedom? I mean the right to choose the therapy you want. If you want so-called “orthodox” therapy, you have the right to get it. You also have—should have—the right to get any other kind of therapy. Shouldn’t such a cause appeal to everyone? Health freedom advocates don’t want to lock anyone up. The Nazis do. Hence the FDA.

Marilyn Norton is a fighter. She would stand and fight these Nazi bastards, but she can’t do so with nothing but a lawyer who can’t find her own heinie with both hands. Marilyn would fight—if she has the help.

So what she needs is either a lawyer familiar with this kind of law—who enjoys taking these Nazi bastards apart—or the money to hire one. A lawyer would be better, because, with the money, she would still need to find one. If you can supply either, let me know, but you must do so now. Within a matter of days, Marilyn must decide whether to fight or cop the plea. Please email me at [email protected].

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