Hillary: Wiccan of Wellesley Hex appeal

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Bill Clinton had ambitions to run for a third term, and, as an inducement for Hillary’s support, offered to name her First Lady for Life – but as he confided friends, “the witch wouldn’t buy it”. Hence, Hillary is Bill’s final insult to America, and, hopefully, not America’s final insult to him. 

It’s been said, the graduating coven of associate witches at Wellesley chipped in and presented Hillary with an assortment of Teflon crucibles in which to brew her poverty porridge and other socialist salmagundi. Her mixtures seethe and bubble corruption. No present day witch’s recipe can coagulate properly without a pinch of the feminists’ favorite condiment – estrogen. Hillary concludes estrogen may also become the main energy source during her administration. Like all feminists, Hillary believes as long as estrogen runs everybody else’s business, it may also run cars.

Hillary Clinton is Satan’s third best idea with which he would afflict mankind. The first two were mosquitoes and quicksand. 

Hillary has connected the dots between witchcraft and bitchcraft, and with cunning, snatched blasphemy from the jaws of blessing.

An occult campus sisterhood to which she belongs has the definitive emblem of witchery – the Sign of the Twisted Clitoris. Consistently, if Hillary had taken Voodoo 101 at Wellesley, as President she would attempt to solve the world’s problems by sacrificing goats in the Lincoln Bedroom.

Witch Hillary’s familiar (constant companion) is a pet termite on a leash whose voracious appetite she can employ to gnaw away at the foundations of the Republic.

The reek of Bill’s after shave charisma still lingers in the Oval Office though it is not as acrid as the sulfur that Hillary dabs behind her ears that carries the unique incense of her iniquity. 

Hillary is still considered “The Acid Queen” by an aging pagan Woodstock constituency even though the “acid” of the eighties has given way to methamphetamines of the 21stCentury. Whoever’s creature she is, the zombie media endlessly sings hosanna’s to her political savvy despite the fact that her public utterances are barren of content and have set a new standard in Washington for platitude overkill.

Her notoriety that she claims as “triumph” demonstrates only that her opportunities have outdistanced her hypocrisies. Hillary exhibits gall and calls it integrity the way that Bill commits rape and calls it romance. The Clintons’ success is due less to their political savvy than it is to the ravenous appetite of the recipient classes. In particular, the underpinning of Hillary’s “smarts” is her recognition that Republicans mistakenly believe that they can trump treason with apathy.

Liberalism is a psychosis, and Hillary Clinton is the hood ornament psychotic. In a more thoughtful time, a more prescient population would not have nominated Hillary? they would have burned her. One speculates Al Gore might have saved Joan of Arc from the stake by claiming her immolation would contribute to global warming. Some think of Hillary as a kind of Joan of Arkansas, but the contemplation of a Saint Hillary would give me problems keeping down my lunch.

[NOTE: When the dark night of Clintonism becomes more than can be borne by a once free people, Americans will know the mainstream media was responsible for creating Hillary and begin burning journalists at the stake.]


The principal disparity between the Clintons is Bill manages to project an inexhaustible puddle of counterfeit affability while Hillary’s apoplectic rage sizzles just below the surface. Her malevolence makes Nurse Ratchet seem like Florence Nightingale. Others speculate that Hillary’s irascibility is due to douching with napalm.

As with her sister harridans, her DNA carries the gene for insincerity. Hillary is as humorous as a slow leak in an iron lung. It is said her handshake transmits gangrene. If she smiles in your direction it is wise to have the paramedics come and give you a tetanus shot. Vocally, she screeches like the brakes on a 1932 Chevy and cackles like a hen with hemorrhoids trying to hatch a roll of in barbed wire. Nothing will grow where Hillary has trod except one species of crabgrass which has been known to follow her home. 

Inside Hillary Clinton’s breast is an alien so vicious it makes the one hosted by Ellen Ripley seem like a cocker spaniel. She has a bed with two wrong sides. She has been in a snit ever since the ants didn’t show up for her picnic, her cauldron boiled over, her vermin overcooked, and her vagina died from desuetude. It was right after her uterus’s unlamented demise that Hillary decided to become a witch (read: feminist.) It is further suggested that her short temper is a result of the splinters she got while riding on her broom sidesaddle.

It is parlous practice to guess where a President Hillary will take the nation. An elliptical billiard ball has a better sense of direction. Nevertheless, here is what we may expect with the Wellesley Witch in the White House:

Under Hillary’s spell gays will superimpose their imprimatur on other urban centers and have them undergo a similar phenomenon to the current San Francisco Queerquake.

She promises to negotiate (read: capitulate) with Iran. Hillary will be remembered in American history as the Mother of Defeat, a kind of Neville Chamberlain with tits.

She will promise the NAACP to use her occult powers of political correctness to keep the Caucasians at bay – although police blotters show blacks have more to fear from each other than they do from whites.

She will de-sanctify The World Trade Center ruins by dancing on the debris.

She will issue an executive order against smoking unless the smoker agrees to keep the lit end of the cigarette in his mouth.

She will replace the Border Patrol with an Amnesty Corps.

Hillary will promise minorities to issue an executive order abolishing inferiority. [Note: Innumerable Acts of Congress and no less than Abraham Lincoln have already failed in that regard. So long as they vote Democrat, the blacks endorse the Liberal’s premise that they were born to be victims and receive a stipend for it. The detestable Clinton implication is that the inferior get what they deserve.

She will define the new social disparity between the downtrodden and the up trodden.

Hillary will appoint hubby, Bill, Ambassador to the pestilential Paradise on Earth he created in Haiti. Bill will accept the appointment due to a weakness he has for women with bare breasts and wash baskets on their heads.

She will take Bill’s advice to form a cabinet by reconvening the first O.J. Jury. (There was one white juror among them who decided he was given a choice of going with the majority or having his body go out with the tide.)

Her increases in welfare programs will give The U.S. Treasury a financial hernia.

She will fund a program called Dikes for Darfur establishing a chain of lesbian bars in Africa reasoning that while starvation is rampant ‘butch babes’ do not live by bread alone.

If Hillary, one of the world’s not-so-arcane anti-Semites, is elected President, Israel is dead in the water.

Prison inmates to whom she proposes to return the right to vote will name her The Darling of the Aryan Brotherhood. It is said that Sandy Berger, one of the kapo Jews the Clintons used so successfully, will return to Hillary’s service just as soon as he submits to cosmetic surgery to disguise his circumcision.

By enlisting the services of this document sock stuffer and archive ransacker, Sandy Berger, she has spit in America’s eye. Why he is not in prison having his anus stretched by an amorous cellmate is beyond comprehension. I don’t think he’d put up much of a fight.

[Note: If Joe Lieberman, now an Independent, endorses the Republican candidate for President, you will hear from Hillary outbursts of anti-Semitism that would have made Heinrich Himmler blush.}


The primary target of Hillary’s sorcery remains minorities – always the Clintons’ creatures. This Medusa’s mystic power over these subcultures is attributed to hex appeal, although some psychologists diagnose it as less of a hex than a reflex. She beguiles them with empty flattery such as attempting to convince inner city dupes thirsting for racial prestige that it was a black man who invented the wheel. She neglects to mention the fact that it was Caucasian who got the idea of making it round which gave it a certain practicality, (The Automobile Club gave it some integument of reliability.)

Bill has handed off to Hillary the baton of racism that reinforces the blacks’ status as victims. She has braced their conviction that they are suffering – yet every time you turn on the television, there they are singing and dancing. Apparently, Hillary’s message to minorities is that suffering is a sure sign they never had it so good.

Hillary continues to proclaim that the blacks need a way out of Harlem – even after her social-climbing Arkansas redneck husband has moved in. Bubba’s presence in Harlem is no longer a novelty. Harlem is still a slum and Bill is its resident carpetbagger. Nevertheless, Hillary continues to fan the embers of the myth of Bill Clinton as the Robin Hood who robbed from the rich and gave to the blacks. The fact is, what he steals, he keeps. The recent indictment of Norman Hsu indicates Hillary’s determination to follow in Bill’s fingerprints and to continue using China as a crooked personal piggy bank.

Hillary knows the blacks are her most susceptible audience. They ambulate through the inner city appearing invulnerable, counting on the residents to be either sympathetic, or drugged. They venture into inner city neighborhoods without a whip and a chair – but are appropriately underdressed in riot gear.

Patronizing black people is Hillary’s political signature. She demonstrated her acquired s‘uth’n frah’d inflection in a speech delivered in a black church. It was right out of Uncle Remus’ tutorial on “How to Talk Down to Us Darkies”. Paradoxically, Hillary violated Rule One which is “Don’t call us darkies”. (It’s bruited about, in private conversation she uses the term porch monkeys.) The blacks will not recover from their resentment of their previous condition of servitude as long as they let the Clintons own them. Hillary feels that minorities do not need leaders. They needs snake charmers.

The Clintons categorize everybody but them as “the underclass”. They never attempted to cure racism because it is always more profitable to harness it. They rely on minorities to function as a bloc, and the Clinton’s are adept at exploiting that herd instinct. The tacit racism of Bill and Hillary requires the Secret Service agents protecting the Clintons are programmed to have an exclusive country club mentality. It has only one imperative: If the Clintons are approached by a black man who is not wearing a white bolero jacket and carrying a tray – shoot him.

Democrats use the promise of equality as bait, though the analogy is a façade and an affront to anyone or anything that aspires to improve. Ethnic homogenizing has brought out the worst in everybody, having filtered out the rewarding aspects of their individual cultures and leaving everyone with the option – accept or adapt. Still, the minorities rejoice, having been offered yet another Clinton around whom to rally for revenge on America for real and fancied slights. The principle component of her racial sorcery is the venom exuded by pandering to minorities’ preposterous demands – which gays will turn us from a nation to a boutique, Mexicans will have guaranteed lifetime memberships in street gangs, and blacks will always be on television.

The largesse that has accrued to offended minorities has gradually morphed the word “racist” into a compliment. Throw a racial epithet in the middle of the room and people will fight over it. There are now so many easily offended minorities that racial epithets must be directed at “To whom it may concern”. Prospective victims of discrimination will continue going door-to-door to collect injustices


In dredging the slums for votes, Hillary counted noses and determined that Mexicans have more noses than blacks. Currently she favors illegal aliens whose carwash culture worships Hillary as Our Lady of Taco Bell. In consideration of the invasion of illegal aliens, it is Hillary’s plan to make diseases not curable – just affordable.

Hillary originally intended to model American medical care after the Canadian system where anybody can have his appendix removed at a drive up window.  She is now looking at the Mexican system where virologists have concluded that HIV spells cat. South of the Border they have their own form of socialized medicine. Clinics are called cantinas, which are Free Clinics that dispense tequila – which Mexicans believe is a miracle drug because it will kill any bug it meets on the way down.

Actually, Hillary is an evil shadow cast by George Bush, who is covertly enabling her election as the instrument with which he can finally push through his socialist agenda including the surrender of American sovereignty. Hillary Rodham Clinton is more George W. Bush’s legacy than William Jefferson Clinton’s.

And this…

I have always counted myself blest to have lived in a time of Luciano Pavorotti, Mikhail Baryshnikov and Itzhak Perlman. I also live in the time of Hilary Clinton. There is a heavy price to pay for everything.

Published originally at EtherZone.com : republication allowed with this notice and hyperlink intact.”

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