Do not judge me I am right: Christian Hysteria

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I was thinking about God’s judgment today. What I thought about is a simple Godly reality; no one can escape God’s implementation of His righteous judgment on humanity, especially for those that call themselves Christian and live a carnal and ungodly life. I am not talking about salvation here I am talking about judgment. What we say, think, and do has relevance in what God will do in our lives. This passage got me thinking about all that: Proverbs 8:13 says,

“To fear the Lord is to hate evil; I hate pride and arrogance, evil behavior and perverse speech.”

We do not get to choose which evil is ok and which evil is not ok. In other words, using evil ways to fight against the evil of your choice for the greater good is not a righteous act and you will receive God’s judgment on your life just the same. It works the same way with nations; you cannot do evil onto others in the name of god, freedom, democracy, or whatever puffed up clichés you can come up with and expect to have a good future. Your nation will receive the wrath of God irrespective of the official motives. The universal law in you “reap what you sow” is an absolute reality in the life of an individual and the life of a nation.

The excuse that it is war does not cut it, it is an immoral and ungodly justification for doing evil onto the enemy, especially when the enemy is contrived for political and ideological reasons outside the parameters in self-defense and security. Preemption is the bully’s rationalization for self-defense. Where am I going with all this? If one looks at the conduct of nations in the present world, and if one is truly a man or woman of God one must conclude that the United States presently is the most corrupt and immoral nation on earth and that includes factoring in China, North Korea, and all those evil Muslim nations.

Not since September 1, 1939 have we seen a nation attack another based on lies and propaganda initiated by the aggressor against a virtually defenseless nation. The aggressor nation then proceeded to systematically destroy the infrastructure and loot the victim’s assets, then open what amounts to Gulags of rape, torture, and murder. Nazi Germany lasted twelve years, and the United States as we know it will not last that much longer. Will God bless nations that engage in this kind of conduct or will God judge the nation that works in iniquity? Iraq is once again a client state for the United States and its plutocracy, which is all it will be as long as the United States occupies it. All that erroneous democracy talk is just idle chit chatter. The United States does not have many allies left, the ones that it does have are insignificant. When and if the United States goes after Iran, it will do so alone, and it will most likely be its final epitaph.

The truth of the matter is that the United States is NOT a Christian country, and too all those that believe in this nonsensical fantasy, I say — for God’s sake get real. Turn on your TV sets or go too the movies and see what American society has to offer. Is it Christianity or is it iniquity? Decadence dominates all aspects of American society; the same can be said for all so-called western Americanized nations. Newspeak or doublespeak is engrained in today’s democracy, doubletalk is the norm where politicians love to use words like genocide to rouse up their sheep, in most cases there never was any justified reality to the accusation, Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq, all proved to be genocidal hyperbole and nothing more.

The duplicitous murder of unborn babies numbering in the millions is probably not genocide either, but it comes close, it is mass murder on a scale that humanity has never seen before, and after China, the United States and its western counterparts do a lot of politically correct murder. In the end, this murderous reality will destroy western civilization, it will not be the Muslim horde with their insignificant terrorist cells that the politicians and the religious nut cases warn us of, the Muslims will one day simply walk in and pick up the pieces. Both World Wars and the mass murder of unborn human beings have sowed the seeds for the eventual destruction of western civilization. All a person needs to do is look at the birth rates in the western world as apposed to the eastern world and you will clearly see the “handwriting on the wall.”

Having the most TV evangelists that run and operate million dollar ministries does not symbolize that America is Christian and moral. In most cases, what it does indicate is that Christianity in America has been corrupted by mammon and human politics. A Christian’s righteousness and blessings does not predicate on how much material objects he or she can acquire, monetary and materialistic success does not necessarily mean that you are being blessed by God, therefore highly righteous. Sow a financial seed and watch God multiply it is how the Benny Hinns’ of this world can reap in over a hundred million tax free dollars a year, while most of the sheep that sow into multi-million dollar ministries struggle to pay the bills. These types of glitzy Christians become arrogant and aggressive, puffed up by their own sense of righteousness; they are never wrong because God is for them and with them. What did Jesus say about a rich man and the Kingdom of God?

Nationalism and Christianity does not mix, if you think it does then you are more than crazy, you are stupid too. For those that believe in this, do us all a favor, put on your uniforms and armbands, and feel free to be what you really are — goose stepping clowns on the stage of insanity.

America is headed for much suffering, and time will tell if she decides, too go back to her constitutional roots and mind her own business, or if she decides that imperialism is some part of her manifest destiny. If she chooses to talk and act like the Romans, then once again, history will come full circle, and America will go the way of the Romans and commit slow suicide in depraved hallucination. The barbarians are not at the gates, they are within, and have been for a very long time; they wear sheep’s clothing and call themselves patriots.
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