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It is somewhat satisfying to see the Bush crime syndicate face the hand of justice, although the probability of any of the pale-faced characters serving real hard time for high-crimes is not very good. Presidential pardons for the blood-soaked clowns that are indicted by federal prosecutor Patrick J. Fitzgerald in theValerie Plame case is most definitely in the making, for that is what crooked politicians in a fixed system do in the United States.

This perverse political culture in America is disappointing because despite any upcoming indictments, nothing will change, the damage has already been done, and the senseless unnecessary war that the War Party manufactured with cooked intelligence by the Vice President’s office and the Office of Special Plans will continue unabated.

The neocons were not alone in creating an atmosphere of deception and intrigue before the invasion of Iraq. The War Party had allies in the Democratic Party and in the MSM, they still do. The United States Congress proved to be nothing more that an elitist plaything when they gave the Bush administration “carte blanche” in invading a sovereign nation under false pretenses. Congress did not do their job; they are just as culpable in illegally sending American soldiers to war as the Bush administration is. Every member of Congress that voted for the Iraq war should be held accountable, and if there still was a sense of true justice in the United States, they should all be impeached for crimes against the American and Iraqi people. This of course will never happen.

Fear and a pack of lies is what the power elite sold to the American people with the complicit help from the “fourth branch of government” – the mainstream media. From the New York Times’ “WMD Bitch” Judith Miller, the “Fear Factor” leprechaun Bill O’Reilly, too “neocon demagogue” Michael Ledeen and the embedded journalists at the front, the MSM has once again proved to be nothing more than a propaganda machine for politicians and the government.

Iraq never presented a legitimate danger to the United States, how could they, after their military was decimated in the First Gulf War and the subsequent twelve year embargo, Iraq was effectively contained, and pre-invasion Iraq was a serious adversary too al-Qaida. There was no love lost between Saddam Hussein’s regime and Osama bin Laden.

The case for war as presented to the American public by the Bush administration, the United States Congress, and the mainstream media was fraudulent. It was a fraud from the outset, where a handful of neocon ideologues hijacked foreign policy and implemented a strategy to reshape the Middle East according to their utopian vision hatched-up in their “think tanks” long before September 11th.

It is a policy in geo-strategic preponderance which is immersed in sleaze, mendacity, and mass murder. That is the real reason for invading Iraq, not WMDs, not al-Qaida, not the proliferation of nuclear weapons too terror groups, if that was the case then the outing of Valerie Plame who’s job in the U.S. intelligence community was to track the proliferation of nuclear weapons to terror groups would not have made any sense if the struggle against terror networks and WMD was a real one. The investigation into who outed Valerie Plame is more vital to United States security than the Iraq war can ever be. United States security was compromised by the Bush administration in their illicit attempt to cover-up the use of illegitimate intelligence for the case for war against Iraq.

The power elite in Washington D.C. are part of a corrupt culture in triumphalism between perceived factions that ultimately is controlled by one ruling plutocracy. The fix is in, it has been since the civil war, there is presently one War Party controlling both political parties making a mockery of so-called democratic institutions within the United States.

So even if the gang of deceit is brought to temporary justice, even if I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby, Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, Stephen Hadley, John Hannah, David Wurmser, Ari Fleischer are indicted for criminal conduct, very little will change in the field of domestic and foreign policy. As their mug shots are taken, like Tom Delay’s, they will have the smiles of contemptuous men who in the end believe they are greater than the “rule of law.” As they are fingerprinted, they are contemplating on how to subvert the country in the future, to get the flow of blood money back to their favorite coffers, and obtain their next fix in the aphrodisiac of corruptive power. After all, for the War Party it is the patriotic thing to do.

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