Conservative endorsements rolling in: For Chuck Baldwin

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Constitution Party Presidential nominee Chuck Baldwin has received several recent endorsements from prominent conservatives. I don’t understand how any serious conservative could vote for anyone other than Baldwin, who has been fighting the good fight for years while McCain was voting for amnesty, bailouts, and stem-cell research, making common cause with Kennedy and Feingold, stabbing his Republican colleagues in the back, pandering to the liberal media, and vilifying Christians, but I understand that some conservatives may still be contemplating a vote for McAmnesty. Let’s see what these other wise conservatives have to say.

The American Conservative’s long awaited and much anticipated endorsement issue is just out and it includes two Baldwin endorsements. Am Con’s 2004 endorsement issue likewise contained two high profile conservative endorsements, Samuel Francis and Taki Theodoracopulos, for then Constitution Party nominee Michael Peroutka.

Peter Brimelow – Mr. Brimelow runs the anti-immigration website VDARE.COM and is the author of the 1995 book Alien Nation: Common Sense About America’s Immigration Disaster. This book was way ahead of its time. Brimelow is the former editor of Forbes and National Review. He was unceremoniously removed as the editor of National Review (a badge of honor) because his thoughts on immigration were too politically incorrect.

In August, the Census Bureau finally acknowledged what has been obvious for some time: because of the massive nontraditional immigration triggered by the 1965 Immigration Act, and the simultaneous collapse of law enforcement against illegal immigration, American whites will become a minority by 2042… This is a demographic transformation without precedent. It should at least be discussed. But incredibly, both major party candidates have tacitly agreed to bury the issue.

So I would vote for Chuck Baldwin, the candidate of the Constitution Party, who wants no amnesty, no more illegal immigration, and a reduction in legal immigration.

Joseph Sobran – Mr. Sobran is a conservative columnist almost without peer and was also once a senior editor of National Review. He too was sacked by the flagship magazine of American “conservatism” for being … well … um  … too conservative. (Notice a pattern here?)

… he is a godly, reasonable, wise, and intelligent man—as worthy a candidate as I ever expect to see. He knows what the Tenth Amendment means; he understands the crucial 45th number of The Federalist, which reminds us that the powers delegated to the federal government are “few and defined,” whereas those remaining with the states are “numerous and indefinite.” Furthermore, he knows what the Holy Scriptures mean when they speak of a woman being “with child”; and no amount of pseudoconstitutional gobbledygook about “choice” or “privacy” can shake him on this point. His horror at legal abortion is still fresh.

I’ve been reading Chuck Baldwin’s essays for several years. My first reaction to them was to wish we had rulers who could read him, grasp what he was saying, and take it to heart. I never dreamed I would have the chance to vote for him myself.

Paleoconservative favorite has also posted several endorsements. Four additional prominent conservatives reveal they will be pulling the lever for Baldwin.

Richard Spencer – Mr. Spencer is the editor of TakiMag.

Chuck Baldwin will most certainly not win next Tuesday, he’s not even on the ballot in all states. He’s the only candidate, however, who’s starting point is the Constitution, and who’s seriously talking about individual and economic liberty, a foreign policy for America, and reducing both legal and illegal immigration (you know, all that extremist,unpatriotic stuff we write about at Takimag.) On top of it all, Baldwin has a sharp mind and is a gentleman.

Jack Hunter – Mr. Hunter, a.k.a. the Southern Avenger, is a columnist and a radio talk show host in Charleston, South Carolina.

I have two tests that any candidate must pass in order to win my vote: Is he committed to a traditional foreign policy and is he serious about stopping illegal immigration? Chuck Baldwin passes with flying colors.

Paul Gottfried – Dr. Gottfried is probably the leading expert on the American “conservative” movement. Check out his bibliography at Amazon. All his books are well worth reading.

Despite my desire to see John McCain and his brand of neocon-Republicanism soundly defeated, I can’t stand the idea of awarding my vote to his leftist, black-nationalist adversary Barack Obama. I’ll therefore do in this presidential race what I’ve done in every other presidential contest since 1988 (when I allowed myself to be talked into voting for George I), that is, cast my ballot for neither national party…

I am fully aware that Baldwin, who is a dignified, grammatical speaker as well as a pious Evangelical Christian, cannot possibly win the presidential race. But I am not voting for him because I think he could ever win this squalid, media-rigged contest. I am supporting Baldwin because he is someone whose views I agree with and whose person and demeanor I respect. And I see in Baldwin a presidential candidate who would be suited for a less degenerate society than our own. He is the closest approximation to the kind of American leaders of an earlier generation whom I could admire, and since neither presidential frontrunner is a figure I would ever want to see in the presidency, I shall endorse my ideal instead of an odious caricature.

John Derbyshire – Mr. Derbyshire is a contributor to National Review Online (NRO). He is one of only two (as far as I know) NRO contributors who endorsed Ron Paul in the Republican primaries. David Freddoso, author of The Case Against Barak Obama, was the other one. Something tells me that Mr. Derbyshire’s Baldwin endorsement will not make the NRO blog. A search right before posting this revealed no mention of it.

I cleave to the quaint principle that one should speak up for, and vote for, whichever candidate best approximates one’s own ideals and principles. Ron Paul was my choice in the primaries, and I had the pleasure of voting for him in February. He was not the choice of Republicans nationwide, however. Of remaining candidates, Chuck Baldwin of the Constitution Party is the only one whose platform is within a mile of my own views, so I shall be voting for him. Mr. Baldwin has also had Ron Paul’s endorsement, so that is an added inducement.

Evan McLaren – Mr. McLaren is a TakiMag columnist, and he has been published at Lew

If you truly favor one of the two suits generated by our electoral system, then you probably do not need the conservative label to capture the nuance and distinctiveness of your views and attitudes. And if on the other hand you are truly dissatisfied by rituals of “choice” that have displaced authentic exercises of citizenship, but must mouth support for a certain candidate to please polite company, you may have other problems. Perhaps participation in a contact sport will help you worry less about ingratiating yourself to your peers and acquaintances.

I’ll visit my polling place tomorrow and write down Chuck Baldwin’s name. And if there is a public work detail appointed for campaign sign removal on Wednesday, I will be joining.

Prior to this recent slew of endorsements, Chuck Baldwin was endorsed by heroic constitutionalist, Ron Paul. He has also been endorsed by American Conservative blogger and paleoconservative favorite Daniel Larison.

If you are a serious conservative and are still considering a vote for McBailout, please read the above linked endorsements in their entirety. The Southern Avenger video is particularly good for those concerned with the tactical wisdom of a third party vote. Take the advice of the seasoned conservatives above and give Chuck Baldwin your vote. Don’t “waste” your vote on more of the same.

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