Why tax?: Why not just print?

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Written By Alan Stang

income-tax-491626_1280Some questions are so obvious, they never get asked. When our money was precious metals—silver and gold—you had to pay your taxes with them, and the government paid its way with that money. The law still says our money is silver and gold, but today, by federal felony, our “money” is paper and ink, not precious metals; in fact, now it’s even less tangible than paper. Now, much of it is mere computer entries.

Precious metals are scarce. You can’t wish them into existence. Scarcity is one of the characteristics real money must have. But we’ll never run out of paper and ink. So, question: Why doesn’t the government save everyone considerable time, energy, money and heartache—including suicide and divorce—simply by printing the “money” it needs? Since the government can do that right now, why doesn’t it abolish the income tax?

It doesn’t because such printing—such inflation—would collapse the currency. If you are required to deposit one ounce of silver in your account to back every dollar you print, that relationship anchors you in reality. It is akin to the requirement that you have a balance in your bank account of $100 to cover a check in that amount.

Without that relationship, paper “money” will always collapse. That tie to reality tells you when to stop. Without it, even with the best of will, you honestly don’t know how many dollars to print, so you always print more. You inflate. Prices rise because of the inflation. After a while, the paper “money” collapses.

But suppose you could devise a way to print “money,” a way that would also forestall and dissipate those destructive inflationary effects; a way that would prevent the prices from rising. Then you could print as many dollars as you like. By the time they hit the fan, if they ever do, you would be safely dead, as Communist John Maynard Keynes, the sodomite economist, put it. Meanwhile, like a medieval alchemist, you would routinely cancel the law of cause and effect.

The income tax is the tool the government uses for that purpose. The personal income tax was not created and does not exist to pay the government’s expenses. Remember that as late as our entry into World War II, only some three percent of the American people paid it. They paid more alcohol and tobacco taxes than individual income tax. Yet, from 1787 until 1942, the government never collapsed. History proves that the government did not need income tax to survive.

If paying for government is not the purpose of the income tax, what is? Of course, the income tax system not only confiscates your property, it also created the tax-exempt foundations the totalitarian socialists behind it use to park their immense wealth. They give it away, get huge deductions and still keep control.

Remember the scandal that erupted at the Senate hearing to consider Gerry Ford’s nomination of Nelson Rockefeller as Vice President, when it was revealed that in 1969 Nelson paid no income tax at all. The name of the game these days is control, not ownership. Nelson was the dumbest of the Rockefeller brothers. He honestly could not understand why people were indignant.

But that is not the main purpose of the income tax, which is to soak up buying power by reducing the amount the people can spend, thereby inhibiting the destructive effects of inflation. The process begins with the government printing what it “needs” to pay its expenses.

That “money” floods into the economy, into the cash registers of government contractors, etc., and from there into the hands of the people. In the last step, the government confiscates a big chunk of that buying power with the income tax. The people no longer have it; prices rise much less than they would have without the tax. The government gives and the government takes away. We know the scam works. It has worked since 1913, almost a century.

The paper “money” has depreciated, yes, but relatively slowly, nothing like the two-year collapse of the mark in the Weimar Republic, where the head of the German central bank boasted to the Reichstag, the German legislature, that he had three shifts printing “money” around the clock.

A point arrived very quickly in Germany, at which insurance companies would mail out checks as agreed by contract, but the postage stamps on the envelopes were more valuable than the checks. Workers were paid three times a day. They would rush to the factory gates where their wives were waiting; and, as if in a bizarre relay race, the wives would high-tail it to the markets to buy groceries before the prices changed.

Diners would order schnitzels in restaurants. By the time the waiter gave the order to the chef, the chef prepared it, the waiter served it and the diner went to the cash register to pay his bill, the price on the menu had changed. A horse wasn’t safe on the street. Starving people killed them and tore off chunks of meat. Prostitution was epidemic. One result of all this, some ten years later, was Adolf Hitler.

This means, of course, that we could safely abolish the income tax without doing any harm to our beloved government, which would keep paying its expenses the way it always did. Indeed, a few years before Marxists typically used trickery to impose Plank Two of the Communist Manifesto—a graduated income tax—the big problem in the District of Criminals was what to do with so much surplus tax money flooding in. Journalists called it the “Surplus Monster.” Cartoonists drew it like tyrannosaurus rex.

How do we know all this? I am not speculating. We know it because the man who gave us “temporary” World War II withholding, who was also chairman of the New York Fed—the most important, most powerful bank in the Federal Reserve System—for ten years, said so in considerable detail, in a speech he made soon after the war ended. In other words, this man was in charge of our taxes and our money.

His name was Beardsley Ruml. He was a Rockefeller factotum. The withholding tax originally bore his name, known as the “Ruml pay-as-you-go” plan. His speech was reprinted in the January, 1946 issue of American Affairs. You will be somewhat taken aback by his openness. Remember that he spoke before the patriotic resistance to the conspiracy for world government had formed. At the time, totalitarian socialists such as he had little fear of exposure.

You will find his remarks verbatim and my analysis thereof in my book, TaxScam, How I.R.S. Swindles You and What You Can Do About It, along with a cartoon of the Surplus Monster, so I don’t need to repeat them here. For a copy, call the American Opinion Bookstore of North Hollywood toll-free, 1 (800) 470-8783. Or order online at www.stangbooks.com. Simply click on Stang Non-Fiction and scroll down to TaxScam.

Had the Germans used taxes creatively in the manner of Beardsley Ruml, the paper swindle they concocted could have lasted much longer. Notice that the Ruml scheme isn’t fool proof. Again, despite its judicious use, our paper “money” has depreciated to the point at which a 1900 dollar is worth, what—two cents? But the scam has lasted much longer than the Weimar Republic’s mark; the “dollar” has depreciated much more slowly.

It looks as if President Smirk will finish it off. Even the income tax safety valve is not big enough to withstand the debts he has amassed. Which raises another question. Smirk’s policies obviously lead to financial suicide. Even a man as stupid as he is, a man whose handlers must instruct him in public via a bug in his ear, must be aware of that. If he is not, his handlers certainly are.

We are talking about a financial debacle that appears to be coming soon, and that could be the biggest such event in the history of the world, a debacle that could happen on Smirk’s watch. It will make 1929 look like a stock market boom. Right now, for instance, the runaway real estate bubble is getting ready to crash.

Could it be that they want it to happen? Remember that the guiding principle of our government these days is managed emergency, the beneficiaries of which are the monster corporations that are Smirk’s biggest contributors. They certainly have no wish to destroy themselves.

The biggest financial debacle in world history certainly would offer Smirk & Company unequaled opportunities for totalitarian “solutions.” Mass murderer Franklin Roosevelt did the dress rehearsal during the Federal Reserve Depression. The coming debacle could provide enough justification for Smirk to take us all the way into complete socialist world government, which has been the goal of the world conspiracy from the very beginning.

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