The bilderberg group: When and the “who?” factor

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If someone should mention the Bilderberg Group, you would probably say, “Huh? Who are they?” And predictably so.

Not one person in a hundred has even heard of the Bilderberg Group, much less what it is and what it does. But it’s time we boned up on this outfit. Because it affects our lives in more ways than you can imagine. It’s also timely because the Bilderberg Group has a 4-day meeting planned, starting May 30th, at the Westfield Marriott in Chantilly, Virginia. And at that meeting some decisions will be made that may well influence your life.

So what is this mysterious Bilderberg Group?

It is an elite, behind-the-scenes coterie of highly influential people who are determined to control every aspect of human activity on this planet.

Unbelievable? Not when you get to know this outfit and understand its agenda.

The Group consists of about 120 of the most powerful men and women on earth. Their credentials–knowledge, wealth, and experience, covering a wide range of disciplines: government, politics, industry, finance, education, and communications–enable them to influence American foreign and domestic policy to an awesome degree.

Although the Bilderberg Group is comprised of powerful people from here and abroad, it puts special emphasis on studying America, because here is where the bulk of the financial wealth and political clout resides.

Here also is where the Bilderberg’s policy arm (the Tri-Lateral Commission) and their political arm (the Council on Foreign Relations) are located. Get the picture?

The first meeting of this elite cadre of immensely influential intellectuals took place in 1954. Their principle agenda was to find ways to build more cooperation between Europe and America. After that, to formulate plans for a sovereign-annulling, global-spanning world government, which we already see happening.

The Group holds all its meetings in secret because they want no interviews, no interruptions, no media coverage, and no public record of what they talk about. That way, their discussions can be candid and open, and they are accountable to no one for what they say or do.

Don’t, however, get the idea that the Bilderberg Group is a benign bunch of brainy individuals sitting around contemplating their navels or discussing the possibility of life in other galaxies. Far from it. Their immense wealth and prestige enable them to influence the policies and decisions of world leaders. Including ours. There is where the real power lies. And the Bilderberg bunch knows it.

If you have trouble grasping this kind of immense political and organizational control, think of it this way. It’s as if the Chamber of Commerce were running the affairs of your city, and no businessman, politician, worker, or average citizen could do anything of consequence anywhere, anytime, without the chamber’s explicit approval.

Now imagine the Bilderberg Group as the world’s first Chamber of Commerce for a vast Global Government, and you won’t be far off.

“If the public knew about the Bilderberg Group,” says Joe Sansone of the American Reformation Project, “millions of Americans would be outraged.”

We’ll try to fix that. For more information about this shadowy, but powerful cabal, punch up Bilderberg Group on your computer’s search engine.

It’s all there for the reading.

If it isn’t, there may be a good reason for that, too.

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