Obama’s poisonous presidency: Indolence – opulence – crapulence

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Written By Norman Liebmann


America longs for an end to Barack Obama’s pig-enomics, the Democrat Single-Destroyer Health Plan and his cross-injecting America with the venom of Islam. Our nation is toxic with the flatulent fragrance of Obamaism.

Calling Obama by “the N word” is a small enough rebuke for his efforts to destroy America. The telephone answering announcement at the White House may soon respond “Press One for Treason”.

Rahm Emanuel says “We rescued the economy”. Apparently, the economy was sinking and so the Democrats decided to throw it an anvil. It’s just a matter of time until The Obama Administration blows the economy to “niggereens”.

There’s no such thing as a one-term dictator.

Obama says blacks are more rooted in the American experience. Apparently that is a result of having sucked the blood out of the nation. Anopheles mosquitoes do the same. Maybe we need the Orkin man to deal with both of them.

Obama has issued an executive order against showing his birth certificate. It is a question as to whether Obama has a birth certificate. Perhaps his mother only provided him with an exit visa. If Obama was not born in America, he may become the first President to become a naturalized traitor?

Obama’s mother is white and his father is black. That makes him either a mulatto or a coincidence.

When visiting a foreign country, an official limousine is provided that carries a sign cautioning “Dupe on Board”.

Barack Obama’s hostility toward the Jews devolves on his realization that Albert Einstein got into Princeton without the help of Affirmative Action.

Obama may be running out of swarthy despots with whom to cross-fondle. He is lately sucking around Moammar Qadhafi. After the contemptible genuflection before King Abdullah, I was surprised that Obama didn’t pass his pickaninnies around to the sheiks for their pleasure.

Why not call those ugly little Obama cars “carbuncles”?

They stopped giving minorities food stamps because they kept eating them.

Barack Obama recently addressed the NAACP in a Negro accent. Apparently Hussein is gone and Leroy’s back in town.

Africa is known for the poverty of its black population. Obama’s visit there didn’t make the black population more rich or less black. Anyway, he has returned from jungle land to bungle land.

Barack and the mainstream media whorehouse are still one. Who says those mixed marriages never work out? (It would seem the media first revealed its contempt for America by creating the term “fly-over country”.)

Benedict XVI met with Barack Obama. It’s said, before the meeting The Pope convened the entire College of Cardinals and instructed them, “Don’t leave me alone with him”.

Obama is grateful for the innumerable means of communication at his disposal that he can use to defame his country. Ain’t technology grand?

The Obama Administration is a catastrophe on its way to becoming a mega catastrophe. By the time the first year of the Obama Administration ends the “N word “will be in more common usage than the word “hello”. As long as some people find the “N” word so offensive we might do well to eliminate the letter “N” and just use the word “iggers”?


Under Obamacare your doctor won’t need an MRI to establish your medical condition.   All he will need is a punchboard.

Obamacare will be divided Health Care into two basic therapies – voodoo and keeping your fingers crossed.

We have had Medicare and Medicaid. Now Obama wants to give us Medicrud. The Obama Health Plan should properly be called “CommieCare”.

Obamacare plans to make more doctors available in his system by not requiring Doctors to go through the ritual of washing their hands. The best benefit the program can give a patient is to send a bureaucrat from Washington to take the enema for you.

Has a cardiologist who has been advising Obama on his Health Plan offered his medical opinion that a heart attack is only nature’s way of telling you someone else wants to use the tennis court?


Barbara Boxer needs a few minutes alone in a room with Joe Pesci. He would get her ass straightened around.

Michelle Obama doesn’t have buttocks, she has ballast. The Obama Administration has put the economy in the dumper but at the White House they still find time to drink champagne out of Michelle Obama’s $540 sneakers.

The senile Ruth Bader Ginsberg is the true Clinton legacy. (Is it possible Clinton himself has reached the age where senile and penile merge?)

Nancy Pelosi reconsidered her position regarding the CIA and changed her statement from “I lied” to the more circumspect, “I deviated from the truth”.

Nancy Pelosi visited the Vatican because she knew she was not likely to run into anyone from San Francisco there. (On the average, how many obscene phone callers does Nancy Pelosi usually have on Hold?)

Hillary went to India to discuss climate control. Interestingly, an hour after she left the smog there cleared up. (Incidentally, Hillary Clinton is not aging well – varicose lips.)

Fashion note: At Helen Thomas’ wedding, did her couturier decide a veil wouldn’t cut it and decide to go with a welder’s mask?

Archeologists recently dug up a fossil which they think is either a diplodocus or the ancestral remains of Susan Estrich.

Is Al Gore’s real problem that Tipper is suffering from climax change? It’s said that Al couldn’t get through his wedding night without a global positioning device.

Madeline Albright looks like an eighty year old fetus in a picture hat.

For Sonia Sotomayor’s appearance before the Senate Committee she showed up wearing what looked like a saddle blanket with buttons. She has a complexion like a month-old enchilada. When asked her nationality, Sonia, like many Latinas, is programmed to answer “Puerto Rican”, which is a phrase that translates as “Not Mexican”.

Folks are trying to decide on an apt sobriquet for Obama’s Supreme Court nominee. You have your choice:

[] Sonia Sort-of-impure

[] Sonia Sort-of-manure

[] Sonia Sort-of-a-sewer

This “wise Latina” routed the Gringo Committee, proving once again that the Republicans are not a party, they are a piñata.


The lamentable message of Michael Jackson’s America is it is not enough just to be able to sing and dance but you have to paint your face white and set your hair on fire. It’s contradictory that the same people who proclaim how may people loved Michael Jackson are the same people who find it so logical that someone murdered him.

We’d like to see at least one rock star that doesn’t look like a yak in the process of shedding. What America needs is a virus that attacks the central nervous system of electric guitars.

There is a new television series in contemplation based on the relationship between Barack Obama and Jeremiah Wright. It will be called “The Shyster and the Pastor”.


A suicide bomber blew himself up in a hotel in Indonesia. The Jakarta Police do not have a suspect but they have been instructed to round up the usual bits and pieces.

We have a Congress of full of traitors. In the War of 1912 the Redcoats burned Washington to the ground. Where are the Brits now when we need them?

Viet Nam veterans are exploring the Mekong River trying to raise the sunken swift boat John Kerry commanded – so they can scuttle it.

The last intelligent remark about climate change was made by comedian Henny Youngman when he said, “The weather is so changeable I don’t know what to hock.”

White men can’t jump. (Black men can jump some of them have trouble remembering the way back down.)

Between Jesse Ventura and Al Frankel, Minnesota is getting rid of its cretins by embedding them in the government. So far no change is in Washington is discernible.

If we are ever able to determine what it is that anchormen actually do we can figure out just how overrated Walter Cronkite was at it.

Apparently, the McCain political imprimatur indicates he is still carrying moderation to excess.

Joe Biden has suggested a new college program called Affirmative Ignorance. That’s the kind of thing that got him where he is.

And this …

The Obamas are outdoing the Clintons when it comes to selling off America’s security and pawning its future. Who could have imagined that would have been possible?
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