Missing link that allows despotism: A class of thieves

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With all the talk and rumors of a future impeachment of George W. Bush, some awareness of past perspective needs to take hold of wild fantasies. All those wishful anti-Bush prognosticators pin their hopes on a Democratic Congressional rout in the November 2006 elections. Contrast with common sense opponents of Bush administration policies, historic recognition demonstrates that the Clinton precedent was doomed from the beginning. No doubt William Jefferson Clinton committed treason by his technological transfers to the Chinese Communists, but that kind of subversion is the practice of the global Free Trade policies for decades. George Walker Bush on the other hand has used the U.S. Constitution as toilet paper in his phony War of Terror. Again, just another example of “business as usual” by POTUS standards. The federal government long ago buried the noble Republic. So why be shocked when imperial fiat becomes capricious law? So far, who really believes that President Bush will be removed from office by a vote from the Senate? Impeachment post Clinton, has become a campaign fund raising opportunity.

In an insightful essay – The Two Gravest Dangers Facing America by Kevin Tuma, the columnist puts forth the argument that the bipartisan two political party monopoly travesty and a ‘PC’ conducive Forth Estate that serves as a cheerleader for the power establishment are the two most dramatic elements that perpetuates a despotic political culture. What good can be said about the copycat political parties? Well, nothing may be the most sanguine answer. The political electoral system is based upon the party that holds public office and the ‘loyal opposition’ that seeks to replace the scoundrels. Enough said – scrap the façade and strike up the band – the people’s parade needs to march to the vocal howls of an imaginative majorette. The enabling press, being a prescriptive corporate asset, has as much motivation of exposing the fraudulent political system to public ridicule and civic accountability as an advertiser has in sponsoring public service announcements that call for FTC regulations for breaking up named brands that control major market share.

Mr. Tuma offers the following medicine to heal a very sick patient:

I. We must have an effective, challenging Third Party that breaks the hegemony of the Republicans and the Democrats. Good ideas are not good enough. We need one that has good ideas AND wins elections.

II. We must have a strong, aggressive Alternative Media–on the Internet and via satellite electronics—to fill the role of government watchdog that the mainstream Press has abandoned.

Both suggestions seem to offer a glimmer of hope. But how realistic is it, based upon the historic experience of the last century? Going back as far as most folks are able to remember was a small publication by Gary Allen with Larry Abraham called “None Dare Call it Conspiracy“. The recommended solution was to organize and run candidates to win control of the House of Representatives. For those of us who rejoiced with the GOP Congressional victory in 1994, our reward has been the House that Jack Abramoff built! That’s the political reality from the professional political party culture. But is it possible for Third Party candidates to actually win uncontested districts drawn upon gerrymandered lines that guarantee incumbent re-election? Certainly wish that Kevin’s activism could bear the fruit of sincere dissent and civic outrage, yet where is the public outcry for a wholesale removal of the entire nefarious band of brothers?

The Achilles’ heel for voting solutions is the very rigged nature of the process itself. No degree of reform can remove the fundamental fraud of representative democracy as is practiced within a controlled system of filtered layers of blessings that eliminates revolutionary patriots from electoral consideration. Even so, that is only part of the problem. The missing link that allows for systemic internal despotism is that there is no money in “public service” that promotes individual liberty and community independence.

MONEY is the life blood stemma of the political criminal syndicate. POWER is the goal, so that money can be made and dispensed to retain the positions of elite privilege. Just how can you vote out an entire corrupt social ruling system? Many dedicated activists are unwilling to accept this conclusion. Understandably it requires the courageous ability to admit that all the hard work directed at reform has no effective electoral means to be achieved. Yet, that is the human condition. Depicting the circumstance seldom wins converts. Society routinely repels from facts that upset their tranquility. Getting along to get through another day is the social behavior of choice of the citizenry.

So how can the fickle public be motivated to express righteous anger? No question the internet is the town crier of the revolution. “Keyboard Commandos” as some have labeled the most vocal are more than a nuisance to the ruling class. They are subversives against the empire. Up until now most can easily be marginalized. But is it possible for their message to stir the minds and move the hearts of ordinary oppressed citizens? How many fellow neighbors would aggressively object to being categorized as being a segment of the oppressed? If the logic of the argument falls upon deaf ears and the pain from the shackles of captivity are accepted as a mere irritation, what is the probability for rallying a mass revolt?

Is there a better example for exhorting a false claim for national security than the internet itself? At some point the digital symphony of operatic emotion will be pressed against the hard surface of a stone wall. No doubt the rules will start out with subtle restrictions, what other purpose do legislators serve? But at some point the charge of sedition will become commonplace. Yes ideas to move the world can alter history, but for a worthy thought to exert meaningful influence it must be accepted as valid wisdom by a sufficient number of the populace to evoke real social rebellion.

How much profit is there in urgent and necessary social upheaval for the average American to take the brave leap to achieve personal freedom and social self-determination? Most answer, not any and surely not enough; I’m content and comfortable. A pervasive uprising is essential for national liberation. The bought and paid in full media weaves a distorted world view that serves as the Orwellian model that ever compliant ward of the state. Mr. Tuma’s commendable attempt to set forth an alternative must take into consideration that the oligarchy will fight back with all the arrows in their quiver. Voting won’t defeat the barbarians that stole our society.

It will take stern measures and harsh costs to abandon the faux conformity that the media mix spills over our communal brain. If money is the glue that maintains the systems that strangle the life’s breath out of the spirit, the solution is to create a populist bond of character. Most of the general public is unworthy of the name citizen. Nevertheless, they keep voting for the candidate that promises the most cash. Somehow the prerequisite for a legitimate government can only be achieved from the ashes of treason trials . . . Oh that conspiracy that no one wanted to call became the organism that killed the entire social body.

The despotism of President Bush is more than the offenses of one man. It is embodied in the office itself. The expansion of the role of the Presidency is an offense designed by elites and accepted by the vast majority of American accessories to the crime. The alternative media should project the American heritage saga as their meat and potatoes content. Only with a deeply rooted understanding of the transgressions of our past can or will the public ever appreciate the horror of the contemptible political class. It will take dramatic action to hold this group of charlatans truly accountable. In the age of tabulating votes by computer it means that only the programmer selects the host provider. That’s old news, but how many care enough to even give a damn? Just maybe that’s the gravest danger that faces a dreadful future.



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