If Mexico has its way the U.S will become 43 states

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Written By Jim Moore


The invasion of the United States by a foreign nation has begun, and many Americans are still not fully aware of it.

The invading horde is coming from Mexico and is gradually occupying vast sections of southern California, New Mexico, Arizona and Texas. And unbeknown to most Americans, portions of Nevada, Utah, and Colorado are also on the Mexican drawing board for occupation.

These states make up the “northern” territory of Aztlan, the legendary ancestral home of the Aztecs who founded Mexico City. Today, the “Nation of Azlan” includes the above American states. And Chicano nationalists—who claim that these territories were stolen from them by the United States—are intent on conquering and reclaiming them for Mexico.

But who are these Chicano upstarts? They are the Mexican-Americans who do not consider themselves immigrants at all. Why? Because their ancestors have been here for 450 years when these lands belonged to Spain and Mexico. But with the Treaty of Guadalupe, which ended the Mexican-American war in 1848, these lands became part of America.

Unfortunately, many Mexicans never accepted the borders drawn up by the 1848 treaty; and today the Chicanos, ardent opponents of the treaty, appear to be the chief proponents of multiculturalism, an overly generous immigration policy, and a lax border patrol. All of which is happening in the USA even as I am writing this and you are reading it.

That, my friend, is the primary reason for the Mexican invasion of the United States: It’s political, not social.

Oh sure, Mexicans by the millions are crossing the border illegally, dodging the Border Patrol, and disappearing into the crowds, in search of work, a better life, and, ah yes, U.S. government handouts. But that is an ancillary circumstance.  The real reason for the invasion has less to do with people, and more with territory.

Nevertheless, it’s the people living in these areas that are doing the suffering because of the Mexican invasion.

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard at least snatches of what’s happening because of illegal aliens in our Southwestern states: private property encroachment, slaughtered livestock, torn-down fences, personal intimidation, destroyed crops, scattered garbage and human waste, threats, bodily harm, and much more.

And you’ve said to yourself, can it really be THAT bad?  Surely the police and Border Patrol are capable of controlling these areas better than that.

If that is your thinking, I offer here a personal statement from David Watson, a Texas lawman who, for seven years, has had first hand experience dealing with illegal aliens; as a police officer, a marshal, and a deputy sheriff.

After you’ve gotten a cop’s view of this immigration mess maybe you’ll see this criminal invasion of America in a different light.

” I have been employed as a police officer, a town marshal, and a deputy sheriff. I don’t have to worry about speaking out and getting fired anymore. I am pretty much blackballed from the profession.

“I can’t speak for the rest of the world, but here in Texas you can’t touch illegal aliens. You can’t ask them for a green card or question their citizenship, or your job will be in grave jeopardy.

“Let me tell you how this works in rural Texas. These “undocumented workers” are protected more than the horned toad. They work for little or nothing. That’s why farmers, feed yards and construction companies want them. They want them employed during the day, and disappear when the work day is done. Then the common people in town have to deal with the aftermath, and so do the police—arrest the wrong immigrant and you’re labeled a racist or worse.

“You are now in the hot seat. If you put the police administrator in this position too many times you’ll lose your job. But nowadays you are likely not to get a cop job in the first place if don’t speak the language of the invaders. Furthermore, we have to endure hours of “cultural sensitivity” training. In these classes we are told that we must take into consideration the “culture” of the illegal aliens we are dealing with.

“For example, it may be permissible for a man to beat his wife and have sexual relations with his daughters in the country they came from. We need to be ‘sensitive” to this when it comes time to arrest or press charges.

“Can you see how this dominoes? You could witness a Hispanic or black male walking down the street buck naked with a chain saw in one hand a severed head in the other, and you “fail to see” it. You get a sudden urge for donuts on the other side of town. You don’t mean to be this way, it just builds on you after years on the street.

You start out wanting to save the world from the evils of humanity and before long you don’t give a crap. You just say ‘screw it’, these people aren’t worth it, and walk away.

” I am now working for the U.S. Government. I make five times what I made as a local peace officer. I am now able to feed and clothe my family without having to scrimp, and I don’t have to put up[ with illegal aliens anymore. This makes it easy not to give a rip if can’t say what’s on my mind, or acknowledge the fact that certain minority groups are destroying my city, county, state and country. This is why, and I hate to say this, we do not deserve the country and freedom that we have been given.”

I honestly wish I could tell you that David Watson’s story about the misery and danger of policing and protecting our Southwestern border is unique.

It isn’t.

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