First a national I.D. card: Then a (ouch) bio-chip

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The U.S. government (a.k.a. Big Brother), in its unrelenting effort to keep tabs on everything you do, say, read, write, even think, can’t implant an electronic bio-chip under your skin. Not yet.  The electorate (sheep disguised as people), won’t hold still for it. It has to be snuck in.

How? Ah, that’s where the latest unconstitutional law passed by the House of Representatives, and now awaiting approval in the Senate, comes in and paves the way.

As this writer has just been made aware, the people of Oregon (and hopefully other states as well) are currently demanding that their Legislature refuse to allow the federal machine to come into their state and force this “draconian, Nazi-style intrusion” into their lives.

And here is where activist and writer Paul Walter steps in and gives us more facts about this atrocious, unconstitutional invasion of our freedom and privacy.

Walters tells us that this innocent sounding bill is about a National I.D. Driver’s License. But it’s not so innocent. And it’s not the end product either.

First, drivers’ licenses are the domain of the states under the Constitution’s 10th Amendment. The Fed wants to take that authority away from the states and control that information themselves. Look out!

Second, this bill allows sensitive information about you to be shared with Canada and Mexico. Adios and adieu privacy!

Third, if you refuse the National I.D. card you won’t be able to fly, and someday you won’t even be able to drive without first “showing your papers.” Achtung!

Fourth, without an National I.D. you won’t be able to have any dealings with the government. To them you’ll be a non-person. Except at tax time, of course.

Fifth, these National I.D. cards will be like gold to street people, Counterfeiting, theft, and the black market will be so easy and so prevalent that a new way to invade your brain will have to become law.

Enter the bio-chip under the skin. Or, as the serious Bible-reading folks see it, the Mark of the Beast.  I presume that by the “beast” is meant Satan, and his mark is the bio-chip that’s inserted under your skin.   Whether this is the true fundamentalist Christian view of it, or just a good old secular version of Big Brother’s stamp of approval, I really cannot venture even a guess

What I can do, however, is tell you that only when you have been stuck (literally) with this subterranean, epidermal procedure, to identify who you are, will you be free to do business, indulge in commerce, or travel. But without it, you’re dead meat.

Now, it may beg the question, but is the federal government instituting the National I.D. card, followed by the bio-chip, (under the fear and threat of terrorism) to eventually subvert and enslave us?

In other words, is this a necessary “inconvenience” we must accept in order to function in a more complex and complicated world? Or is the bio-chip procedure actually Big Brother’s way of keeping tabs on his obstreperous, freedom-loving flock?

Regardless of its intent, it is clearly apparent that any threat or restriction of our personal freedoms under the Constitution is totally unacceptable and should therefore be shredded before it even gets to the floor for debate.

The State of Oregon is doing this as I write, and since this intrusive procedure will soon be coming to a location near you, it behooves you to get ready to tell Big Brother what he can do with his bio-chip.

One thing is a given. If we don’t fight back we could soon find ourselves singing a new national anthem. Instead of the Star Spangled Banner, we’ll all be singing, “I’ve got you under my skin.”

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