FDA Nazis outlaw vitamins world government reduces population

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Written By Alan Stang


Recently we wrote about the 72-year-old Florida grandmother whom the Food and Drug Administration Nazis are charging with a couple of felonies and some misdemeanors for helping cancer victims get the laetrile (Vitamin B-17) they need. There is still time for you to help her. Please let me know.

Now here come these same offspring of unmarried female canines, with a scheme that may outlaw dietary supplements as soon as June of this year. Yes, we are talking about vitamins, minerals and herbs.

Starting in June, dietary supplements in this country will be defined and controlled by the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the World Health Organization (WHO). The scheme is called the Codex Alimentarius (food code) and it mandates supplement standards for all member countries.

Codex nailed down “Step 8 (the final stage),” in a secret meeting in November, 2004, and if you are hearing about it for the first time, you are no doubt wondering how such an outrage could happen.

The answer is that the President and Congress agreed to the supplement takeover when the WTO treaty was signed, at the so-called Uruguay Round, which means that these supplement standards will be enforced by the WTO and will override U.S. laws. Codex violations are and will be punished by WTO trade sanctions.

Remember that the District of Criminals has already yielded to WTO orders many times. There is no reason to believe it would not yield again. Of course this would represent another long step toward world government. What will your vitamin store look like when Codex kicks in?

No supplement could be sold for preventive or therapeutic use. Any potency higher than RDA (recommended daily allowance, aka minimal strength) would be a “drug” that requires a prescription and must be produced by drug companies. Over 5,000 safe items now in health food stores will be banned, which would put most of those stores out of business.

Indeed, new supplements will be banned unless Codex approves them and the testing will be so expensive no one but Big Pharma could afford it. Remember that Codex will be imposed around the world.

In Norway and Germany, just a couple of examples, Zinc tablets cost $4 per bottle before Codex. Zinc of course is supremely important in the diet for too many reasons to list. The same bottle in those countries now costs $52.

Echinacea, which recharges the immune system and is therefore very useful against colds, used to be $14 before Codex. Now – the envelope please – the same bottle costs an unbelievable $153. Why so expensive? Both those supplements are legally available in those countries only by prescription. Because they work, they have now become “drugs.”

I take about 5 grams of Vitamin C daily, sometimes more, in the face of warnings by “orthodox” quackery that such megadoses are dangerous. And I have to admit that Vitamin C did kill its best known champion, scientist Linus Pauling – who boasted that he consumed much more than I do – when he was only ninety three. Who knows how long he could have lived without it?

Under Codex, Vitamin C in mini-doses above 200 mg. will be banned (OTC) over-the-counter. You will be able to get it as a prescription drug only. The same will go for Niacin above 32 mg., Vitamin B-6 above 4 mg., along with amino acids like arginine, lysine, carnitine, and so on.

I take six or so Omega Essential Fatty Acids daily. They work well on some headaches and help neutralize blood clots. Under Codex they will be given the same treatment as dangerous narcotics. So will DHEA, CoQ-10, which I also take daily, MSM, beta-carotene, etc.

In effect, this means the end of freedom of choice in this crucial area of life. Notice that you have heard next to nothing about this from the right Communist media, because the sainted President Smirk could stop it but won’t. You have also heard next to nothing from the left Communist media, because it means more totalitarianism, which they adore.

Presumably, they will have untrammeled access to their supplements via Hollyweird pushers while you and I go without. Notice also that the feminoid frauds who push baby murder and mutilation under the banner of “choice,” also have not extruded a peep. They want “freedom of choice” about what a woman takes out of her body (a baby), but they care nothing for freedom of choice about what she puts into it (a dietary supplement).

Yes, I know it is impossible to believe, but utterly benign things like garlic and peppermint would be classified as drugs that only big pharmaceutical companies could regulate and sell. In fact, anything you ingest that has a therapeutic effect could be considered a drug. Would that include water?

This battle was last fought in 1993, when FDA Nazis and drug companies tried to impose these controls, but millions of Americans told Congress and the President to protect their untrammeled right to take supplements. The DSHEA was enacted in the next year to protect that right; but it will be tossed into the toilet by Codex and WTO.

The totalitarians have now almost won with a secret, unscientific meeting what they failed to win when they went nose-to-nose with aroused Americans. As the outrage now stands they will win, because the Communist media, from the Communist Broadcasting System to Rush Limbaugh have said not a word.

What can you do? First get the facts. Then act. Demand that Bush and the Congress oppose S. 722 and H.R. 3377. These bills would support the Codex restrictions by mutilating DSHEA. Instead, demand that your elected political employees support H.R. 1146, which would cancel Codex and restore the independence of the United States in this area.

Also, investigate the British Alliance for Natural Health. I am told that it has won permission to challenge the Codex directives in the World Court later this month or next. They need help financially, although I do not fool myself that an outfit as Communist as the World Court would overthrow this Communist scheme.

If Codex is imposed here, a black market will erupt. People will produce the supplements they want privately. FDA Nazis will conduct raids in the national forests, searching for contraband oregano, the way they hunt today for marijuana. Will there be shootouts? Garlic addicts are said to be especially dangerous. Which raises the question of whether grandmothers will be outlawed.

Certainly one main effect of the prohibition of supplements will be a resurgence of sickness and disease. One of the reasons the health and life span of our people have improved is the freedom of choice in health that the FDA Nazis and the Mussolini doctors are trying to suppress. Those advances would evaporate under Codex.

Now remember that the goal of the conspiracy for world government has long been to reduce the world’s population. We know that because they say so again and again, at the conferences they attend. From Barbara Marx Hubbard to Ted the Traitor Turner and Jacques Yves Cousteau, the only thing they disagree about is how many human beings must be eliminated.

The highest percentage I have seen is 90%. Other, “moderate” proposals would eliminate half or more of the world’s people. So far, they have not decided – at least they have not admitted – what methods they would use. To exterminate that many millions of people would require something more elaborate than the primitive Nazi death camps and Dr. Josef Mengele.

Question: Is Codex Alimentarius in part one of the many schemes – including perpetual war, abortion, lethal narcotics and so on – that the conspiracy for world government has adopted for the purpose? Remember that food control is a weapon of conquest dictators often use. Stalin used it to murder in just one genocidal act as many victims as Hitler did in his thankfully brief totalitarian career.

The Codex horror proves yet again – if more proof were needed, which it is not – that President Smirk is an utter fraud, a Communist world government traitor, who has given us by far the biggest government the American people have ever suffered. Codex is his policy. Like so many present horrors, it could not continue five minutes after he picks up the telephone and commands it to stop.

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