Cellmates for life: Khalid Shaikh Mohammed and Leandro Andrade

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Written By Daniel Sargis


And just when you thought that your government totally hated you…something good happens. In a stunning triumph of diversity, the United States successfully launched its “East Meets West” initiative. With almost simultaneous blows against the terrorism that threatens this nation, American justice fell heavily upon Messrs. Mohammed and Andrade.

In an inclusive policy to rid this nation of the pesky little gnats who keep us awake at night, bin Laden’s lackey, Khalid Shaikh “The Brain” Mohammed and California career criminal Leandro Andrade have both been segmented from society. The former in a hole not dark enough and the latter in the relative comfort afforded by the California Department of Corrections.

We all know something about “The Brain” Mohammed. He was Al-Qaida’s number three man and is supposedly responsible for the personal planning of 9/11. Andrade is a more obscure figure, but no less relevant to the domestic insecurity of this nation.

Andrade, a heroin addict who supports his drug habit by stealing, reportedly grew up in East Los Angeles. The fortyish Andrade is a lifetime criminal who has been through the revolving doors of state and federal prisons at least six times. Andrade, first convicted of petty theft in 1982, went on to plead guilty to six counts of felony burglary committed while he was on probation for the original theft conviction.

In 1988, he was convicted for transporting marijuana. Andrade received an eight-year sentence for this felony, but served less than 18 months. In 1990, he was convicted yet again of both petty theft and transporting marijuana. His six-year sentence for the felony turned into less than 30 months actually served. In violation of his California parole, he escaped from federal prison in 1991. In November 1995, he stole five videotapes worth $85. Two weeks later he stole four videotapes worth $69. For this, he received two consecutive 25-years-to-life terms aka 50 years.

In an act with no less common sense than the apprehension of Shaikh Mohammed, this week the US Supreme Court upheld California’s “three strikes” law that gives states the right to impose serious sentences on career criminals. And with predictably nauseating “concern”, the liberal enablers immediately started to squeal like innocents plummeting from the roof of the World Trade Center.

Amnesty International is, alarmed by reports of the techniques the US may be using in the interrogation Khalid Shaikh Mohammed. AI issued a statement protesting that, “Despite claims to the contrary by U.S. officials, the use of sensory deprivation (hooding), prolonged physical restraint (shackling) and denial of needed medical care are all characteristic elements of torture, and like psychological torture, are prohibited under international law.”

Similarly, groups such as “Families to Amend California’s Three Strikes” and the ACLU are vowing to amend the law by state ballot initiative in 2004. “On Saturday, March 8th, 2003, Families to Amend California’s Three Strikes – FACTS & Abused Parents Alliance – APA will hold a March and Rally in East L.A to protest the passage of the Three-Strikes Law 9 years ago on March 7th 1994.” Perhaps these noble protectors will employ the now unemployed Human Shields who ran for their lives when the ganja haze cleared and they realized where they were and what was about to happen.

Can’t wait for the Baghdad buses full of veteran shields to start arriving in East LA. Anybody got a roach clip?

Habitual criminals are as great a danger to American society as any international terrorist. If you think otherwise, I’ll buy you a ticket on the magic bus to Saddamville. Career criminals are savaging the security of the average American and depriving everyone of their rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Just consider the case of Connecticut’s Daniel Webb.

Career criminal Webb abducted promising young bank executive Diane Gellenbeck on August 24, 1989. He took her to a park, attempted to rape her and, when she resisted, he tortured and killed her execution style.

Prior to the Gellenbeck murder, Webb’s criminal record was already appalling. Arrested 1983 for robbery. Convicted in 1984 and sentenced to a suspended term and probation. Arrested 1984 and convicted of rape, unlawful restraint and robbery. Given a four-year sentence. Released May 12, 1987. Arrested Feb. 6, 1988 on charges of rape, kidnapping and threatening. Feb. 22, 1988, Webb arrested for beating and assaulting a woman on a highway after faking an accident. May 28, 1988, Webb accused of robbing and beating a woman as she parked her car. With his pants unzipped, he smashed the car window with a wrench, hit the woman on the head and took a handbag with $23 before fleeing. June 14, 1988, Webb arrested for bumping a woman’s car on a highway. When she stopped, he smashed her window, pulled her from the car, threw her against a concrete barrier, repeatedly threatened to kill her, drove her to a school, ordered her to undress and raped her. Aug. 24, 1989, Webb kidnaps, attempts to rape and murders Diane Gellenbeck.

To this day, the taxpayers of Connecticut are keeping Webb well fed and warm on death row as he appeals his capital sentence and sues the state over his “Constitutional” right to use ethnic hair and skin care products.

The Gellenbeck family has been celebrating every holiday since August 24, 1989 without Diane and patiently waiting for justice.

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