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Show BioHide BioApril Shenandoah is the author of So Help Me God! (An Inspired Letter/Book Addressed To President Clinton and Those Who Cherish Freedom). Since 1988, after serving as the Los Angeles press contact for the Pat Robertson presidential campaign, Shenandoah was led to research and gather material pertinent to the "changing world" we live in. Shenandoah sits on the board of the National Council of Bible Curriculum in Public Schools, headquartered in Greensboro, NC and ABC Learn in San Fernando, CA. She is a regular columnist for Ether Zone.April Shenandoah can be reached at: april@politicsandreligion.tv

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Happy (July 4TH) birthday “country”

Published 16y ago -

Recently, on the Sean Hannity radio show, a high school junior phoned in to say that her teacher had informed the students that the class would no longer be called American History – it was now to be called Our Country’s History. Unfortunately, our history boo... More »

The Revolution: Is being televised

Published 16y ago -

The debate concerning biased television reporting has been waged for years. However, most of us still watch some form of network or cable news during the day –making up our own minds what is fact or fiction. Liberals lean towards CNN while conservatives tune i... More »