Pretty clever these brainwashers: Indoctrination not education

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Front page news in a recent Times Daily newspaper in Florence, Alabama was the story: Kids exposed to career choices at an early age. Guidance counselor Kristi Mitchell of the Howell Graves Preschool said, “It’s never too soon to start presenting children with career options.” The bright colored picture that accompanied the article was a little kindergarten girl wearing a nurses cap. Folks who do not have a clue might say, “How cute.” It was the schools first kindergarten career fair; Mitchell said the school would likely make it an annual event. No doubt!

The University of Delaware is seeking volunteers from their campus and the community, as part of the University’s Center for Teacher Education, to facilitate School-to-Work (STW) among the Delaware elementary and middle schools. Volunteers are given a step-by-step manual and all the materials they need to lead students in role-playing. The programs called: “Choices,” is designed to show eighth-graders how their decisions determine their future success. “What’s My Line,” volunteers visit elementary or middle schools as mystery guests having students trying to guess their job. “What in the World,” focuses on math, science and technology — showing students a tool or raw material related to a job, and having the student guess the objects function.

Forgetting the fact that students should be learning reading, writing, math, and some (factual) history about the USA, the aforementioned sounds quite harmless. How can anyone object to a fun day of bringing in fireman and dentists to share their professions with young children? However, just like every well-intentioned government program it eventually shows its true color – red. Communist/socialist programs are being implemented daily, right in front of our eyes. Unfortunately, most Americans do not know how to read between the lies.

The STW program is an extension of Goals 2000, enacted in to law in 1994 by President Clinton. This federal curriculum, along with President Bush’s “No Child Left Behind,” has been quietly imposed by law, ignoring the fact that the US Constitution prohibits the federal government from becoming involved in education (10th Amendment to the Bill of Rights). All the pieces are in place, and indoctrination, not education, is the order of the day. The 1000-page education bill that passed in 2002 is the United Nations brainwashing system called for by Lenin (international socialism). The UN is partnered with the National Alliance of Business, which supports “planned economy” – Kindergarten through age 80 (life-long-learning). The planned economy will come to us through STW legislation. There will be job quotas for doctors, lawyers, janitors and the like, putting an end to the American “free choice” Dream. Minnesota and Indiana already mandate that children choose a job/career by the 8th grade – just like Cuba. STW has been implemented in every state. This is exactly the failed elitist system which brought down the Soviet Union, and our Congress voted for it (381-41 in the House and 87-10 in the Senate).

At the same time STW was voted on so was a special-interest legislation, funding the Center for Civic Education (CCE) to develop national standards for teaching civics and government. CCE is empowered to decide what is taught in our nation’s schools. They produced a 180-page volume called “National Standards” which is designed to change the student rather than educate him. One major theme in the book is a put-down of allegiance to national sovereignty – “The world is divided into nation-states that claim sovereignty over a defined territory and jurisdiction over everyone within it.”

Children are being taught “group think” for the “common good” – meaning what ever a totalitarian government wants it to mean. Our Creator-endowed individual rights set forth by our Founders would have shuttered at the words “common good.” Generations to come will be enslaved and will follow orders with no questions asked – brainwashed to believe they are free.

The chairman of the Communist Party, U.S.A., 1932, William Foster, in his book Toward a Soviet America, called for a U.S. Dept. of Education, the teaching of evolution, elimination of nationalism and religion in schools, the teaching of internationalism, and for the use of the Pavlovian method (direct instruction) on the students, etc. It has come to pass! A Russian leader (whose name escapes me) said many years ago, “We will take over America without firing a shot.” The American people have been Constitutionally raped and pillaged, and they do not even know it — pretty clever these “brainwashers.” [Watch the movie “1984” if you can get through it without throwing up.]


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