Albert V. Burns

Show BioHide BioAlbert V. Burns writes from Utah and is a regular columnist for the Spanish Fork Press. He has an extensive knowledge of the conspiracy which has been working so hard to destroy this nation and incorporate it into a one world government. He has developed an extensive personal research library and the knowledge to find what he needs, to write his columns. He is a regular columnist for Ether Zone.Albert V. Burns can be reached at: avburns@mindspring.com

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Pressure from above… and pressure from below

Published 19y ago -

Back in the 1930s when I was a teen, (yes, I’m that old) we would cut grass, deliver papers, sell magazines, shovel snow and other things to make a bit of money. One of the prime causes of the need for money was to have a dime to go to the Saturday movie matin... More »

Antonio Gramsci, 1891-1937: The new order

Published 19y ago -

Last week we mentioned Antonio Gramsci very briefly. Because of the tremendous impact which his doctrines have had on the 20th century, it is imperative that society understand exactly how and why that impact has taken place. Gramsci was born in 1891 on the is... More »