Pressure from above… and pressure from below

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Written By Albert V. Burns

Back in the 1930s when I was a teen, (yes, I’m that old) we would cut grass, deliver papers, sell magazines, shovel snow and other things to make a bit of money. One of the prime causes of the need for money was to have a dime to go to the Saturday movie matinee. For the ten cents we got two feature length movies, a news reel, a cartoon and, most important, that week’s installment of the current serial. We just had to find out if the hero or heroine, the good guys (White Hats) had been able to escape from the intentionally fatal predicament which the bad guys (Black Hats) had placed them in. Waiting a whole week was torture to our young minds. The Black Hats were always trying to injure, maim or kill the White Hats.

One day the realization finally came to me that BOTH the good guys AND the bad guys were being PAID by the same people, along with all the others connected with the movie, and that after the day’s filming was done, both the White Hats and the Black Hats were really good friends. Somehow that knowledge changed how I viewed the movies.

In talking about pressure from above and pressure from below, as described by Jan Kozak in his treatise “And Not A Shot Is Fired,” it is likewise extremely important to keep in mind that in the majority of cases BOTH groups applying the pressure are being funded by the same shadowy influences. You didn’t really believe that most of the left wingers in Congress got there using their own funds, did you? Similarly, has the question never entered your mind how so many supposedly grass root organizations can suddenly appear full blown from nowhere? Somebody is putting up a lot of money to finance the organization and operations of these groups. It is known as “playing both ends against the middle!”

From a condition where the federal government could only own enough land for forts, magazines, dockyards, and then only with the consent of the state involved, we have “progressed” to a situation where the federal government supposedly “owns” over 43% of the nation’s land. If we add in the land owned by state and local governments, the people now own LESS than 50% of this nation’s resource base.

The most rapid increase in the ownership and CONTROL of land and resources has come since the establishment of the so-called “environmental” movement. Under the guise of “protecting” endangered species, endangered habitat, wild rivers, old growth timber, clean water, clean air and myriad other frauds, the American people have been led to accept the spurious dogma that resources, in and of themselves, possess some mystic values, not previously recognized, and that only collective control by government can protect them. Private property, wealth and personal freedom are being confiscated by the federal government at an accelerating rate. Most Americans have forgotten, if they ever knew, that the Environmental Protection Agency was created, not by Congress but by EXECUTIVE ORDER in 1970.

The environmental movement has achieved two major objectives since 1960: it has been largely successful in driving domestic mining, oil and timber companies off the land and transferring ownership into the hands of international companies which do NOT have the interests of U.S. citizens at heart; second, it has been increasingly effective in forcing the transfer of private land into the ownership of government. Few of those who are activists in the environmental field have ever thought to look into the financing of the groups which they belong to. When you follow the money trail, you find that these groups are, in general, being financed by major corporations, banks and foundations. This is where the money comes from to finance the litigation, legislation and propaganda which is forcing this country ever closer to socialistic totalitarianism.

It is critically important to keep ALWAYS in your mind the truth that left-wingers, including the Communists themselves, are NOT against capitalism. Their main disagreement with constitutionalists is WHO is going to CONTROL the capital! Hence the financing of legislators to enact into law the controls which have been “forced upon the legislators” by public pressure generated by the non-governmental organizations also financed by the same internationalist financiers who gain mastery over people and countries through the laws they have maneuvered into existence.

Sometimes it is strange where you find confirmation of your knowledge. Not too many people today would remember the name James Simon Kunen or how he came to the public’s attention. In 1968 the Students For A Democratic Society (SDS) virtually brought Columbia University in New York City to a halt. They occupied various buildings on the campus, disrupted classes, etc. Mark Rudd was one of the leaders. James Kunen was also directly involved in the troubles. Later he wrote a book about his experiences titled “The Strawberry Statement.” The book was later made into a movie which was not too popular.

In the book, Kunen quoted a report about a convention which the SDS had had during the Columbia unrest. The quote stated that: “Also at the convention, men from Business International Round Tables- the meetings sponsored by Business International for their client groups and heads of government- tried to buy up a few radicals. These men are the world’s leading industrialists and they convene to decide how our lives are going to go. These are the guys who wrote the Alliance For Progress. They’re the left wing of the ruling class.

“They want McCarthy in. They see fascism as the threat, see it coming from Wallace. The only way McCarthy could win is if the crazies and young radicals act up and make Gene look more reasonable. They offered to finance our demonstrations in Chicago.

“We were also offered Esso (Rockefeller) money. They want us to make a lot of radical commotion so they can look more in the center as they move to the left.” (Emphasis added.)

Can you imagine a better one-line description of pressure from above and pressure from below?

Now we come to the real core question of why these internationalists would be doing these things. Are they after more money? Do they really believe that socialism is the wave of the future?

I am sure that virtually every person who reads these columns is abundantly aware that every place where socialism has been tried, for millennia, it has been a colossal failure. It produces nothing but shortages, hunger, misery and death. If WE know this is, is there any possibility whatsoever that these captains of industry, controllers of the mass media, bankers, etc. DON’T know it? Are they stupid? Uninformed? Do they truly believe that socialism can be made to work by THEM? I seriously doubt all of those possibilities. The possible exceptions might be the leftist professors at our institutions of higher leaning! (Misspelling deliberate!)

I leave you with the question: WHY are these world leaders so hell-bent on imposing socialism on our country and the rest of the world? In my next column, we will examine what I believe to be the real reasons for their actions.

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