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Show BioHide BioAlan Stang has been a network radio talk show host and was one of Mike Wallace's first writers. He was a senior writer for American Opinion magazine and has lectured around the world for more than 30 years. He is also the author of ten books. Go to www.stangbooks.com to read about Alan Stang's blockbuster new novel, He, about the greatest hero of all time, Jesus Christ.If you would like him to address your group, please email what you have in mind. He is a regular columnist for Ether Zone.

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Republican party red from the start

Published 5y ago -

Many patriots these days lament that the Republican Party has “lost its way” and “gone wrong.” It has “diverged” from the fiscally responsible, small government philosophy of Republican heroes like Robert Taft whom Eisenhower’s handlers finagled out of the nom... More »

Jury nullification: Your awesome power

Published 9y ago -

Recently, we talked about the powers of the grand jury that the government has hidden from you, powers that newly informed Americans are beginning to reassert. That process, however sound and constitutional, will take some time, precisely because those powers,... More »

The religious right: Dumb & Dumber

Published 13y ago -

The Christian “religious right” used to be a formidable force. At least, I think they were. They said they were. Every four years, national politicos running for President used to suck up to them, pleading for their votes. There were supposed to be millions of... More »

The coming resistance: No organizations, no leaders

Published 13y ago -

As I write, the situation for our beloved country looks considerably bleaker than it did for the defenders at the Alamo or Valley Forge. By far, the biggest single factor in the worldwide advance of Communism and other forms of totalitarianism for almost a cen... More »

My language: Not for sissies

Published 13y ago -

Some forty five years ago, when I first became aware of the conspiracy for world domination, took up my sword and shield in the battle forAmerica and sallied forth to arouse others, I discovered two kinds of prospects. Race, sex, ethnicity and education did no... More »

The communist plan for women: Out of the house

Published 13y ago -

We have established that many of today’s women are a lot crazier than nature meant them to be, and we are searching for the reason. Our thesis of course is that the disorder is not accidental, that it is the product of a carefully orchestrated plan. Let’s begi... More »

Death of the dollar: That’s what Bush wants

Published 13y ago -

Many people wonder these days about the bizarre fiscal policy of the U.S. government. They wonder how it is that they can see where that policy is taking us but President George W. Bush cannot. In personal finance, if you keep spending more than you receive, y... More »

Emergency appeal: Health freedom fighter needs help

Published 13y ago -

Most of you know that the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is run by a bunch of sleazy Nazi bastards, whose lucrative job it is to squelch medical freedom on behalf of certain Mussolini doctors and pharmaceutical companies. For just one example of FDA in act... More »

The lesson of Appomattox: Learn it or die

Published 13y ago -

Recently, I walked across the battlefield at Manassas, where the Yankees expected to win. They came out from Washington, some 25 miles, with picnic baskets and their women, expecting a day’s entertainment. They would defeat the troublesome, uppity, amateurish ... More »

Communist United States: The final plank

Published 13y ago -

At a Republican National Convention many years ago, I visited in the Indiana delegation with U.S. Senator Bill Jenner. Bill told me a story I suspect may be apocryphal, but it packs quite a wallop. In Germany, said Bill, during the 1930s, when that country was... More »

Americans abandoned worst treason in US history (I)

Published 13y ago -

I had thought that by now – after all these years – it would be over, that, although the pain would never leave, it would persist as nothing more than a dull ache. I was wrong, of course. The book that inspires these comments brought it all back as bad as befo... More »

Larry Craig: Homosexual Mitt Romney: Homosexualist

Published 13y ago -

Now that Minneapolis cops have finally nailed Idaho Senator Larry Craig, let it be said that his proclivity is stale news. Craig has routinely been accused of sodomy for at least twenty five years. In fact, Craig’s reputation as a predatory sodomite is so well... More »