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Written By Edward L. Daley

It was only a matter of time before anti-gun nuts all over the country started calling for stiffer gun control measures in the wake of the recent Virginia Tech massacre. If there’s one thing leftists are, it’s predictable. If there’s another thing they are, it’s staggeringly foolish.

Yeah, we need more firearm restrictions because some nutbag went on a shooting spree on a college campus where nobody but criminals and psychopaths could have been expected to be packing iron. As it turns out, it wasn’t so much a “gun-free” zone as it was a self-defense-free zone.

I know I’ll be getting a slew of scornful emails over this article, but frankly, I don’t give a sweet damn. Disparage me all you want, but keep in mind that if someone who thinks as I do had been in charge of that university prior to the 16th of April, the chances are good that one of those victims, or at least one of the people nearby who managed to avoid being shot, would have had a gun of his own with which to fend off the attack of Cho Seung-Hui. Instead, every student and professor there had little alternative but to run away or cower in fear as the 23-year-old South Korean took his time executing everyone who crossed his path.

Don’t try to make people like John Kerry or Hillary Clinton appreciate the basic logic behind that statement, though. Common sense is as alien to liberal Democrats these days as the term ‘safe sex’ is to Sub-Saharan Africans. As usual, whenever somebody murders a bunch of innocent people in cold blood, the first thing leftists try to do is disarm everyone who didn’t do it.


Maybe next these mental giants will decide to ban writing utensils in elementary schools for the purpose of curbing incidents of poor grammar and misspelled words on homework papers.

Quick, somebody take Rosie O’Donnell’s fork away from her before she eats herself to death!

I swear, if I hear one more jabbering nitwit say that the horrific events of Monday last never would have happened if owning handguns were against the law, I’m gonna go on a rampage of my own, swatting every liberal I can find across the head with a rolled-up copy of ‘Guns & Ammo’!

If you really want to talk about effective gun control, I’m perfectly willing to discuss the issue. As a matter of fact, I’m all for it! I think every adult who isn’t a convicted felon should practice gun control on a regular basis. With a little practice, there aren’t too many folks out there who wouldn’t be capable of controlling a gun well enough to drop a scumbag like Cho Seung-Hui from 50 yards away with a single shot!

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