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Six thousand faces: Leave the propaganda to the liars

Published 20y ago -

Her smiling face stared up at me from the obituary page. She was a dark-haired 34-year-old named Jennifer. She and her husband were eagerly anticipating the arrival of their first child. Jennifer was a professional woman who recently had been promoted from vic... More »

Happy Hillaween! You and I’d be in the slammer

Published 20y ago -

The air traffic controller talks into the keyed mike: “Cleared for landing on runway 2 left!” It’s a beautiful sunny day in this weirdest of the Northeast’s Indian summers, especially for aviation, civil and otherwise. The beautiful hills surroundi... More »

Islam: The endless Jihad evil in the name of Allah

Published 20y ago -

“The terrorists’ directive commands them to kill Christians and Jews, to kill all Americans and make no distinctions among military and civilians, including women and children.” So said President Bush in his September 20th address to Congress... More »