Worldcom: Gets Iraq contract

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Tuesday, May 20, 2003, the British Broadcasting Company (BBC) reported that “Bankrupt US telecom firm MCI, formerly known as WorldCom, has landed a contract to begin rebuilding Iraq’s shattered telecommunications network.”

Isn’t that nice?

Still in bankruptcy proceedings, and already found guilty of fraud by the Securities & Exchange Commission, one of the largest companies responsible for creating the false bubble economy under Clinton’s democratic rule and causing thousands of Americans to lose millions in retirement savings is now rewarded with a contract from our invasion of Iraq. Will Enron be next?

No doubt, WorldCom could use the business, but contracts like this are being awarded Bush favorites without competitive bidding. Not only are other American companies denied the opportunity to submit proposals, but our allies in the “coalition of the willing” such as Great Britain, who have the capability, are not allowed to participate either.

This is good-ole-boy politics at its finest. And it includes Vice President Dick Cheney’s old Haliburton ties and Bush’s Carlysle Group. They are all getting a piece of the action in their respective expertise and without competitive bidding. Just step up and take the dole.

We usually see this sort of activity in smaller communities still operating under the old Tammany Hall politics, but we don’t expect it from our federal leadership. But why should the empire builders care?

There’s plenty for all of Bush’s buddies, the same people he once said “should be in handcuffs” for what they’ve done. Talk is cheap. When it comes to money, it’s a different story.

And what of the little guy, the people who were cheated out of their retirement savings? Do you think they will reap any benefit from this? Some American supervisors may go to Iraq, but how much do you want to bet that Iraqis do the labor, get the jobs, and probably go without employment benefits? Do you think the Iraqis will unionize?

What’s going on under your table?

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