Wichita horror: Media censorship: An endorsement of Anti-white violence

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Any human being, having read the details of the Wichita Horror can’t help but cringe in disgust. It’s a case where on December 14th, 2000, at the height of the Christmas season, according to the Prosecutor’s Casetwo armed black men burst into a private home, proceeded to beat their five white victims, raping the women, forcing the men to perform homosexual acts, only to shoot them execution style later in a nearby soccer field.

Writing nearly a year ago on the topic, I made the case in All Hate Was Not Created Equal that a clear double standard existed in the media with regards to victims of violent crime and the race that they belong to. The case was also made that law enforcement itself placed a different emphasis on the value of human life by creating phony Hate Crimes classifications designed to deliberately distort true crime statistics, which show that 90% of interracial violent crimes Whites are the victims and Blacks are the perpetrators.

Yet reading the daily updates about the trial in the Wichita Eagle it became clearer that the national media, by censoring this crime and the current trial, are not merely practicing Institutional Racism and encouraging Affirmative Action Law enforcement as well as distorting information, they are collectively, committing the actual crime.

This may seem like a leap in logic, but is it really? If a Black man being pulled to his death on the back of a pickup truck demanded not only national media attention, but also national media obsession, not to mention presidential speeches and political posturing, shouldn’t the Wichita Horror get the same treatment? If the national media had covered up the dragging death of a Black man in Texas, wouldn’t they have been condoning, and in a sense, encouraging that type of racial crime? Wasn’t that why so many came forward in the media to speak out against such a crime, to simply state that we will not tolerate such brutal acts toward someone simply because they were Black? Why hasn’t the media taken the same stand with regard to anti-White violence as was exhibited in this case?

The Wichita Horror is not a boring case. Reading straight news reporting about the case everyday in the Wichita Eagle shows that the material facts of the case are so sensational that there is no need to be sensational when reporting about it. From a business standpoint the case is a moneymaker as much as the OJ Simpson case was if not more.

The point is that the story has legs on its own merits and is deliberately being censored by the national media. There are many reasons for this, one simply being the fact that if the victims owned firearms they would have been able to defend themselves against their armed assailants.

I also pointed out in a column about Affirmative Action Law Enforcement that out of control immigration and the media are contributing to the unequal application of the law regarding violent crimes. For instance, the Carr brothers, the alleged rapists and murderers in question, were not even prosecuted for hate crimes. Even though their victims were all White, as was a man that was car-jacked a few days earlier. In fact, according to the Eagle, Carr asked the lone survivor, Have you ever been with a black man before? He later raped her. Silly, to think race may have been one of several motives in this case.

Race is of course another obvious reason for censorship in this case. The national media will not admit that there is a problem with interracial violence directed toward White Americans, which is something that they are partially responsible for. How long can the media vilify White American before non White Americans start to act on that suggestion?

The censorship by the media about the Wichita Horror is truly a despicable crime. Such violent crimes are inhuman regardless of the race of the assailant or the race of the victim. Somewhere along the way, the media and politicians alike have decided to politicize crime. They have decided to delve into the motive of the crime more so than the crime itself. Having done so, the question must be asked what exactly is the political message being sent by their silence in this case? What exactly is their motive?

Strangely, in today’s political climate, it is bigger news if a White person says a racial slur than it is when they are the victims of a racist crime.

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