Who is watching the North Koreans….: Living right here in America?

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We watch Arabic men who live in this country. We have our eyes on Chinese who study and work here.

But are we watching North Koreans in America?

I ask this because we are under attack from the Hermit Kingdom. North Korea has again threatened to take an “immediate physical retaliatory step against the United States” if we dare to put up a blockade, and that such an attack will “immediately spill over to Japan.” This according to their own-and only-news agency.

I have more than one concern over their latest posturing-concerns that convince me that they are prepared to do more than threaten this time.

For one, their long-range missile-the Taepo Dong 2-is a year ahead of schedule. They test fired one already this past winter that reached US soil-Alaska.

Secondly, they have several nuclear weapons at the ready. How easy would it be for them to attach one to a Taepo Dong 2 and explode it in an unpopulated area-such as, oh I don’t know…Alaska!-to drive home their point that they aren’t fooling around?

Then there is the increased traffic of late with Iran. The two have been making a lot of noise about exchanging ideas of “farming” to help one another. Yeah, Iran and North Korea immediately pop to mind when I think of successful farming co-ops! Who better to learn from than two countries that can’t even grow old? We know now that they’re sharing more than secrets for growing prize-winning tomatoes. They are far more interested-and now working together-at things that glow, not things that grow.

Another uncomfortable fact is their cozy friendship with the Venezuelan totalitarian leader Hugo Chavez. There have been frequent mentions in the Korean Central News Agency this past year of the growing bond between North Korea and this huge Dic on the South American Continent, and the proximity to American soil of this “Kim-licker” is to say the least alarming. How easy would it be to send weapons or armies-in small numbers of civilian-appearing groups-close to American borders? I mean, we keep an eye on Cuba, but do we really know if there are North Korean or Chinese-made weapons-and nukes-patiently awaiting their time in Communist-friendly, American-hating South American countries? How carefully-really-do we monitor these South American nations? Add to that the apprehension of the take over of the gates to the Panama Canal by North Korean ally China and our easy-access borders, and people, we have a heavy-duty problem brewing here.

And finally, my biggest concern with all of this is one we’ve already learned the hard way. We have a long history of welcoming people from other lands to study, build, and work here. Used for good, this has made America great. Immigration is one of many wonderful things about America-when used for good. However, the flip side of that is this: student visas and work permits also opened the door to the falling of two towers, the evaporation of four airplanes, and the death of the America we once knew. We now look at one another with a bit more suspicion, a bit more fear, and I hate that. But I still do it nonetheless, because like all Americans, I don’t want it to happen again, and like Americans who use logic, I cannot deny the fact that these atrocities were committed by foreign men living in America whose only goal was to destroy us.

Given this fact-and North Korea’s recent behavior and nuclear capability-who is watching Korean students? Now save your knees a moment and put that retarded and worthless Political Castration aside, and just use your damned brain here and ask yourself: do you really know from looking at a student or his visa what part of Korea he’s from? If he’s from ROK, could he be sympathetic to DPRK, and therefore an easy target for North spies? The young and foolish students in South Korea tend to be easily lead by Communist tales of love and peace and all working together…does that travel with these same students who may come here to study as well? Every country has spies, and we know that there are North spies in the South…could there also be North Korean spies posing as South Korean students or exchange workers here in the US? China and Islam have both done this…is it reallysuch a stretch to believe that North Korea has as well?

And the final question: are you willing to allow an attack on our soil again so that you can appear to be Politically Castrated-er, I mean-Correct? Is that appearance more important than your husband’s safety at work, your child’s safety at school, and the freedom to live as you see fit? North Korea wants to attack us, and as I’ve pointed out, they have a multiplicity of ways in which to achieve that. The question isn’t “will” they attack us, or even “how,” but “which method” are they more likely to choose? If I were Krazy Kim, I would choose the one that has already proven to be successful-the embedded enemy.

There’s a reason I have long called Political Correctness “Political Castration.” We have rendered ourselves impotent because we would rather play pretend than face reality, and we have so bludgeoned society with the PC Club that no one dares to call a spade a spade anymore. It is as if we believe that if we mutually agree not to see “it,” “it” can never hurt us.

Well guess what, Liberal Left? Your lies exploded in jet fuel, twisted metal, and mangled bodies that used to be loved ones. That’s what your “living the lie” wrought upon this nation. What we pretended we couldn’t see did hurt us, and terribly so. Your lies nearly killed us, and all because you taught us that only the White American or Euro Male is evil. You lied. There are evil men out there, and some of them are ethnic in appearance, even-dare I say it, Officer Moose?!!–dark. You lied, and we paid a horrible price for that lie.

Given your wretched failings, I’m choosing to call this spade. North Korea Totalitarian Regime, you’re a spade. I don’t trust you. I don’t even like you. Any of your people who are here working or studying are on my “Watch Your Ass” list. I will observe you more carefully, trust you less fully, and not hesitate to jump your plane-hijacking, bomb-depositing, American-killing Commie butts if you so much as twitch in a suspicious manner. And I will do so without apologizing in the least-in fact, I might even call you a name while I’m doing it.

You have been forewarned.

Keep the faith bros, and in all things courage.

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