When did gays become jews?: When will heterosexuals have human rights?

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When did gays become God’s Chosen People? 

When did homosexuals get “rights” but heterosexuals lose theirs?

Since Illuminati Satanists stepped up their campaign to undermine heterosexual society, that’s when.

This heterophobic campaign has reached the last redoubt of masculinity, NFL football. In the run-up to the Super Bowl Sunday, a controversy broke out when 49’er cornerback Chris Culliver Tuesday expressed discomfort with having homosexuals in the locker room as teammates.

“I don’t do the gay guys man,” said Culliver. “I don’t do that. No, we don’t got no gay people on the team, they gotta get up out of here if they do. Can’t be with that sweet stuff. Nah…can’t be…in the locker room man. Nah.”

Team management immediately distanced themselves from Culliver’s controversial comments, releasing a statement Wednesday. “The San Francisco 49ers reject the comments that were made yesterday, and have addressed the matter with Chris,” the statement read. “There is no place for discrimination within our organization at any level. We have and always will proudly support the LGBT community.”

For his part, Culliver issued his own statement of apology via the team office late Wednesday:

“The derogatory comments I made yesterday were a reflection of thoughts in my head, but they are not how I feel. It has taken me seeing them in print to realize that they are hurtful and ugly. Those discriminating feelings are truly not in my heart. Further, I apologize to those who I have hurt and offended, and I pledge to learn and grow from this experience.”


“Gay rights” is a ruse to disguise the real Illuminati agenda: Replace heterosexual norms (monogamy, marriage, children, family) with homosexual norms (lifelong sexual promiscuity.)

The Illuminati are Satanists. Satanists declare what is sick to be healthy and vice versa.

I am NOT a “homophobe.” This is a hateful smear typical of the Illuminati.

Homosexuality is a developmental disorder.  Many homosexuals agree. I do not believe in persecuting or being unkind to people who suffer from it.

The real issue is social engineering. Heterosexuals in effect are being told that to resist homosexual overtures is to be a “bigot.”

This hateful, disingenuous psychological attack on society is shameful and repugnant.

Yet it is being led by government and mass media who have gone over to the Dark Side.

Our schools are grooming our children for homosexual activity. This is taking place under the guise of “bullying.”

Parents should be storming the school board and legislature. Are they so stupid?

I don’t care what homosexuals do in private. Most heterosexuals don’t. But this isn’t about gay rights; it is about re-engineering humanity for the creation of a world police state.

The Illuminati faked the Sandy Hook school massacre as an pretext for gun control. How dare they demand sweeping legislation without displaying bodies and releasing surveillance tapes? Children may have died but Adam Lanza didn’t do it. This reeks as bad as 9-11.

Mainstreaming homosexuality emasculates society as much as taking away assault rifles. It should be fought with as much vigor. The same applies to women in combat roles.

Why do people have so much trouble finding their “identity” these days?

Because identity is based on race, religion (God); nation and family (gender) — all of which are being systematically undermined by the Illuminati. “We will undermine every collective identity except our own,” they say in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

To have a healthy identity, we first have to establish ourselves as men and women. Then, usually as husbands and wives, and mothers and fathers.

Homosexuals don’t know what gender they are.  Thus they are foisted on society as a model by our traitorous heterophobic politicians and mass media.


Heterosexuals have as much right to express their distaste for  homosexual activity as homosexuals have a right to engage in it. Chris Culliver’s human rights have been trampled on.

Most Straights are prepared to accept homosexuals so long as they arenot required to accept or engage in their practises. This applies to football players as well.

The forcing of sickness on our children in public schools is a red flag.

Western society has been totally subverted by a satanic cult, the Illuminati, based on the Jewish Kabalah, and backed by the central banking cartel.

We are being inducted into this cult through the mass media and the education system.

The “poor persecuted minority” meme is used to strip majorities of their rights, and enact “change.”

Change always is negative because Satanists have taken charge.

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