The secret code of terrorists: Never trust their public statements

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This week’s news events caused me to take a detour from my series of psychological warfare news articles. There have been public statements made in recent days by Yasser Arafat in the Middle east, and by President Thabo Mbeki in South Africa which need closer analysis.

Let me explain my views on the PLO. The PLO has a long history of being a KGB-sponsored terrorist organisation. The PLO is a creation of Russia. Here in southern Africa we have been under attack, across the entire subcontinent by Marxist Terrorists sponsored mainly by Russia, but also by China, Cuba, North Korea, Libya and the rest of the communist bloc. We are thus fully aware of the worldwide terrorist network and its links back to the communist world. In my view, most terrorists on this planet (and maybe all of them) have links tying them back to either Russia or China. Whenever I see terrorist activity, I also begin looking for the communists behind them.

Take Iraq, for example, which the USA regards as a “terrorist state”. Russia openly acknowledges Iraq as its “client”. The Israelis have long regarded Russia as being the main power behind its Arab enemies. People these days forget about Russia in the equation, but Russia is still out there, armed to the teeth, and so is China.

There is a highly incestuous link between communism and terrorism. It is my view that communists created the modern concept of terrorism and they lit fires for it and fuelled it everywhere across this planet, from South and Latin America to Africa, to the Middle East and anywhere else you care to name.

Here in Africa, where the terrorists won and then went on to rule the entire subcontinent, we have seen Marxist terrorists openly talking about their links, sympathies and support for: Libya, the PLO, Iraq and Cuba (all of them are enemies of the USA!). Libya continues to play a role. They used to train black terrorists, and even now they are helping to support Robert Mugabe. For those of you with a strong stomach, take a look at the photo gallery on my website at Go and browse through photos of what Marxist terrorists got up to in South Africa and Zimbabwe. Look at some of the pages dealing with their tactics and the evidence linking them back to Russia and China.

Even the IRA are big buddies of the Marxist terrorists we have here, and they have often met in the past, on South African soil and made glowing statements about each other. Nelson Mandela has often chided the British government for not talking to those peace-loving people in the IRA.

To me, terrorism, wherever it occurs, shows the same moral degeneracy which communism has. Only a moral degenerate scumbag can actually have the balls to become a terrorist, to then murder innocent civilians and ruthlessly, and cold-heartedly exploit the pain and suffering of others for political purposes.

Communist instructors taught these tactics to terrorists. All our black Marxist terrorists here in southern Africa were sent on courses and trained by military instructors from the communist bloc. Many of them have testified to this.

I get a sense of déjà vu when I watch the Middle East, and the way the PLO carries on against Israel. I see an almost direct parallel to what happened here in South Africa in the 1980s. The tactics are exactly the same.

I am continually trying to warn Western people of the psychological war, which is being waged on us, which enables our enemies to attack us, intimidate us, and disarm us so that they can slowly destroy us. This is a line of thinking which the Russians are masters of, and I am convinced they taught it to all their pupils everywhere. So I do not see Yasser Arafat as a loner standing up for Palestine. He gets weapons, and he gets assistance, in the form of massive pro-PLO, anti-Israeli waves of propaganda. The PLO is getting the same kind of propaganda support which Robert Mugabe once got, and which the ANC [African National Congress] in South Africa still get.

Terrorists are extremely evil, and people are so stupid to believe the words they speak. Consider the madness of the world. Here we have known murderers and killers and we know they are responsible for the deaths of many. Then, we stick them in front of a CNN interviewer and we ask them questions and, we believe (fools that we are), that they will be honest and sincere with us! Do you not think that a known murderer will also be able to look us in the eyes and lie into our faces? Of course! In fact, they are trained in the art of deception and lying.

There have been rumours here in South Africa for a long time, among the blacks, that they have been told never to listen to anything their leaders say in English in public. They have been told to only obey instructions given in their own native languages (which most whites do not understand).

If one studies the writings of former communists like, ex-KGB Major Anatoliy Golitsyn, then you will hear him say a similar thing. He says that communists are trained to lie to their enemies, but they will not lie to their own people. He says that if you want to know the truth, then you must read communist publications.

In short, when you enter the world of communists and terrorists, you must be extremely careful about pronouncements they make which is given great publicity.

Take Robert Mugabe for example. We watch as he deliberately carries out a policy of mass starvation, no doubt mimicking Stalin. As he is busy engaging in the mass murder of his opponents, we see him gatecrashing a summit on food in Italy! All of a sudden, the mass murderer is concerned about providing food to the children and to be seen as a “caring” kind of a guy. Bull!! It is all an act.

These people are liars and deception artists of the first order. They make all sorts of high-minded statements in public and then, when nobody is looking, they start killing off their enemies. In the good old days, when people had more sense, they used to refer to such people as EVIL! Damned right! There is such a thing as evil, and it lies in the hearts of power-hungry men who will lie, cheat and murder to get political power. The Israelis are fighting something that is evil to the core. The PLO, like the ANC, hijacked what might have been a valid cause and are now engaged in a war against an ally of the West.

The PLO is engaged in “creative violence.” This is a deliberate political and military tactic. It is a very deliberate strategy. They used it in South Africa. It works like this: You engage in an act of terror. You go and kill some civilians. When the military responds and kills some of your terrorists you cry foul. Then you go to the media and tell the whole world how your side is being unfairly “massacred” (atrocity propaganda), and you tell them of how their acts will be avenged. You portray your military people as “innocent civilians” and then try to show that the other side is the one who are the real terrorists/oppressors.

Take note that terrorists have got lovely creative ways of getting innocents on their side into the line of fire deliberately so that you will see some dead bodies and have to concur with some of what they say. In Rhodesia, we often had terrorists who walked with civilians and hid behind women and children in battle. They used human beings as living shields so that soldiers would not shoot at them. So the army was in a quandary. If you want to kill the terrorists then you know you also stand a good chance of killing the innocents they have with them. In the end, one is left with no choice. To get at the terrorists you must kill their human shields.

They did similar things in South Africa. They would hide some armed terrorists in a crowd and take pot shots at the military and Police.

In Angola, they used children in battle. Children, who are barely able to hold a rifle, are thrown into battle. Children are especially useful to these people. In South Africa, children perpetrated a lot of the violence here deliberately at the behest of the ANC. Children were deliberately propagandised and removed from parental control. Children who were not even in their teens partook in the murder of political opponents. Surely everyone remembers the famous ANC slogan “Liberation before education!”

Many black people were petrified of these politicised children. Children were armed and operated in gangs. They attacked, intimidated, robbed or murdered black adults. In Soweto, at one time, black adults formed vigilante gangs to fight black children!! The ANC will always laud the children who fought most of their battles for them. South Africa must be the only country in the world where children played a major role in political change! In fact, ridiculous as this may sound, but in 1994, the ANC tried to get the voting age down to 14! All political parties were aghast by this, and it was not allowed.

Why are Israeli soldiers shooting children? I’ll tell you why: Because the PLO are deliberately putting children in the front line and inciting them to take violent actions against Israeli soldiers. A rock can kill you. My sympathies are with the Israeli soldiers who face violent mobs.

Here in South Africa they created mobs of civilians to do their work. Take the infamous Sharpville massacre in the 1960’s. Thousands upon thousands of blacks surrounded a small Police station intent on murdering the Policemen inside. The defence of Sharpeville resulted in lots of blacks being shot. But, were they innocents being “oppressed” by Apartheid? Bull. They were civilian mobs, which in the time of the French Revolution would have been mowed down with grapeshot. Back in those days, people took mobs of civilians on the rampage seriously. They were slaughtered and nobody thought twice about it. Mobs on the rampage are dangerous, and yet, we have to tolerate such mobs when the ANC or the PLO are behind them! Nonsense.

When the South African army shot some ANC terrorist, the ANC would then stage a political funeral. This was a uniquely South African invention and you see the PLO using it almost daily. The funeral becomes a political rallying point calling for more martyrs, more revenge attacks and for many more political statements and lies. These scum take advantage of the pain and human suffering (which they were instrumental in creating), and then they call for more of the same!! Just last weekend, here in South Africa, we had the President and Cabinet present at Peter Mokaba’s funeral and they sang “Kill the Boer, Kill the Farmer” to the outrage of us whites.

A friend of mine was in Israel for several months last year. He told me that Yasser Arafat was on TV almost weekly calling for an uprising against Israel. Yasser Arafat wants a war. He is praying for it, and he and his fellow scumbags are doing all they can to foment and create a Middle East war. Let there be no doubt in anybody’s mind that any public statements about peace and a call for the cessation of violence are nothing but an act on the part of Arafat.

Here in South Africa, the South African Communist Party [SACP] publicly states its support for the PLO and calls Israel an “Apartheid state”. The SACP and the ANC support the PLO. Government Ministers like Ronnie Kasrils (a high-ranking member of the SACP) stand on street corners holding up banners and protesting against Israel. Known communists like Jeremy Cronin, are constantly crying for action against Israel. The communist network, across the world, stands firmly behind the PLO and they use every propaganda trick imaginable to paint Israel with the same colours they painted Rhodesia and South Africa. It is ridiculous that Israel should be called an “Apartheid State” and Zionism should be branded as “racism” but there they are, hard at work smearing Israel at every twist and turn.

The hate for Israel is so strong in South Africa that the Israeli government publicly regards South Africa as anti-Semitic and it recently offered Jews in South Africa aid packages if they wanted to get out of here.

Look at the outcry, which went up when the Israeli army went into Jenin because they said it was a hotbed of terrorist activity. Massacre! Massacre! But there was no massacre. When people studied the situation it was seen that Israel had killed a few dozen terrorists and no more. When they were crying out about the “massacres” in Jenin, I turned a deaf ear to it because I know the pattern so well. They did it when Rhodesia went on cross-border raids to obliterate terrorists, and they did it when the South African Army wiped out ANC cadres inside South Africa. Massacre! Phooey. That is just good old atrocity propaganda at work, trying to smear and discredit the enemy.

My sympathies are with Israel. Sharon is a highly experienced general. He should be unleashed and allowed to take whatever action he considers is necessary to defend Israel. Personally, I wish the Israeli army would go into the Palestinian areas and wipe the PLO off the map and hunt them down wherever they run to. Israel should be allowed to do what America did after 9/11. We in Rhodesia and South Africa were hobbled just like Israel and in the end we went down. Israel will too. It irritates me that George Bush and Collin Powell are such wimps where Israel is concerned. Almost daily, Israeli civilians are being blown to pieces by terrorist rubbish. The Israelis should be allowed the common human courtesy of defending themselves.

Arafat’s calls for peace are an act of deception. He is not sincere and, as has happened before, you will see his people will “not heed” his words. Why? Because that is the Secret Code of all Terrorists – ignore the leader’s public statements.

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