The road to Damascus: You’re next

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One cannot help but to witness the biblical implications in the invasion of Iraq and the war parties ultimate desire for more conquest. Paul’s journey on the road to Damascus turned out to have serious implications for himself and for the future of Christianity and the world. The war party is very much intent to make the trip to Damascus which will also have serious implications and repercussions for the United States and humanity.

Once the battle for Iraq comes to a close, sort of speak, the war will never be over as far as the Iraqis are concerned, as long as American and British troops occupy Iraq, they will experience suicide attacks like the one with the two Iraqi women the other day, once the mop up operations are completed for the most part, a serious effort will be made by the Bush administration to create an incident between Washington and Damascus, giving the war mad neocons a perceived legitimacy of a threat resulting in a call for the liberation of Syria.

Before the dust even settles in Iraq, Israel through their cohorts in the Bush administration and media is threatening Syria and Iran with military violence. These threats which seem to be based on fabrications, should we be surprised, such as made by Defense Secretary Donald “boom boom” Rumsfeld, concerning Syria’s shipment of night-vision goggles and other military equipment to Iraq, has been contradicted by the CIA. Then there is the unsubstantiated report by Israeli military intelligence which suspects Saddam Hussein has hidden chemical and biological weapons in neighboring Syria, published in the New York Post article – ISRAEL FEARS SADDAM HID BIO ARMS IN SYRIA. The propagandists are in full swing, and its effects will probably have the same result as it was with Iraq.

Secretary of State Colin Powell’s warning to Syria made in an address to AIPAC, an Israeli lobby group, where he declared that Syria faces a “critical choice”, that choice being, comply with American and Israeli demands or face a violent liberation, is quickly revealing that this war is going to become much more bigger, involving many more nations, sooner rather than later.

Rest assured the governments of both Syria and Iran do know that they are next on the target list of the neocons and in grave danger of being the next victims to naked military aggression by the United States, in Syria’s case, Syrian President Bashar Assad responded to the recent threats by the Bush clan – We will not wait until we become the next target.” So what can they do? A common defense treaty and alliance between Syria and Iran to begin with, would be a very prudent strategy and development for both those targeted nations.

Pakistan, Lebanon and Egypt would be wise to join such a defensive alliance because they are not far from neocon attention. The United States would be very hard pressed to fight such a war against an alliance of that nature; militarily they would be stretched to the breaking point. With Pakistan as part of such a defensive alliance, it would bring a substantial nuclear component to the equation. Also, Egypt’s military is a modern one, and would prove to be a challenge to Israel and the United States.

The war party has plans and courage to fight these nations one at a time, they need time to build public support through their propaganda machine, and do they have the political will or support to engage in such a war against an alliance of two or more semi-powerful Muslim nations? As recent American wars have indicated, as long as there are few body bags coming home draped, the American people will support such wars; they have been conditioned very well by their government. But, if American casualties become massive, politically, the war party would be in serious trouble here at home.

This war mad reality also brings into question why is Syria and Iran presently sitting on the fence, while the handwriting on the wall suggests that their time is very limited? In the not so new world of preemption, it would be militarily logical and prudent for them to initiate general military hostilities against American forces in Iraq on their terms while American forces are still heavily involved in fighting Iraqis. Such an action would effectively outflank American forces in Iraq. This kind of strategy would undoubtedly bring Israel into the fray which would result in a two front war for Syria, which could explain their reluctance to try to save their skin now. Obviously, Syria and Iran have for now taken a wait and see approach to the fast approaching winds of war. Time will tell how this murderous fiasco plays out, either way; a general war between the United States with Israel on one side, and many Muslim states on the other is quickly shaping up.

As I wrote almost a year ago in “America and Israel and the Wars of the Elites”, this general war developing in the Middle East had two essential ingredients, the Armageddonists found in the Dispensationalists, Bush’s core constituency, and their confluence with their brainy friends found in the neoconservatives in the Bush government, all they needed was an event such as Sept 11, to bring to the forefront a geo-strategic policy particularly reminiscent of the crusades, just as violent, just as bloody, and just as hypocritical.
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