The end times: A voyeur’s paradise

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Reality TV is the up and coming thing…right? WELL, I’VE GOT IT!… a great idea for a hot new game show! We’ll call it: “The End Times”! Here’s how it works. You start by taking a few hundred million jaded people living on a thriving and prosperous continent somewhere in the western hemisphere. You turn up the heat, (so to speak), by infiltrating and injecting their christian culture with socialist operatives and ideals; inverting, perverting and re-defining everything in sight until the subversives themselves become the very “movers and shakers” of a compromised, weakened and “re-invented” society who get everything they want by manipulating and maneuvering the ignorant masses with fear, propaganda and bogus “public opinion polls”.

Eventually  a whole new paradigm of humanistic survivalism takes over, creating a carnal circus of commandoes and clowns driven by raw emotion, chaos and confusion, all for the entertainment and amusement of an unseen audience.As gullible contestants are lured away from their judeo-christian heritage with get-rich quick schemes, power plays, erotic fantasies and visions of grandeur, the breakdown of society begins, fueled by lust, greed, jealously, resentment, bitterness, envy, violence and desperation. It’s a voyeur’s paradise and a ratings bonanza for the Echelon Network. Caught up in the fantasy and frenzy of it all, their faithful viewers wouldn’t DARE miss a single episode because somehow, someway THEY JUST KNOW these losers are going to start mating with animals and eating each other before it’s all over! YEAH BUDDY !!! Now THAT’S must-see TV!

At the conclusion of the competition, the pre-determined winner of “The End Times” would then be officially named president and move on to the “King Of The World” competition to be held at The United Nations, so that the rest of the world could get in on the fun. The winner there would be crowned god, (i.e. “Anti-Christ”) and proceed to the Valley of Megiddo to challenge the Messiah for the Universe in a winner-take-all death-match called Armageddon.

There’s just no limit to how far this thing can go, friends! Just think of the passion, excitement and sheer delight of watching millions of obsessed fools suffer and die tragically trying to gratify their own insatiable appetites for wealth, fame, sex and power in a contest of GREED and SURVIVAL where everyone WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE or WANTS TO MARRY A MILLIONAIRE while BIG BROTHER quietly looks on from the producer’s booth. It’s all fun and games here folks. And like a dirty joke, as long as we can all laugh about it, hey…..what’s the harm?

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