Show me the war: It looks like martial law in the US to me

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Yes, I expected something different from our nation and its leaders, I expected a war on terrorism, not confiscating crochet hooks from grannies.Actually I expected that the liberal agenda of suspending our constitutional freedoms as Americans would be set aside, at least temporarily, while we fought the terrorists.

Now we’re calling out the national guard, state by state, where martial law could be imposed at any moment against any individual, citizen or alien.  Just what kind of a war is this?  Who, or what, is really at the helm of our government?

Do our citizens CARE?  Or are they too frightened to see objectively what perils face us?

This nation won World War II against some pretty horrible odds, since most of Europe was under German control and most of Asia and the South Pacific were under Japanese domination. Those were fairly formidable odds to face for a nation of people who were in the throes of the Great Depression that had left our people broke and broken.

The unity of purpose in winning World War II was that we still believed in and were guaranteed our freedoms if we won. We won.  We were free.  We were a lot freer than we are today.

In the 1950’s we were still a free people and we wanted none of Stalin’s subversives around, but to our dismay, we found he had a lot of them planted in this nation.   Senator Joseph McCarthy wanted to ferret them out of our State Department and out of Hollywood, and his name went down in infamy.  But along with his name, the state of our nation as a bastion of freedom also went down and the subversives began to infiltrate everything in our country that would contribute to the Leftist/Socialist/Marxist cause.

We have enemies within our nation as well as in countries abroad.  The United States has a lot of patriotic people, but they don’t tend to gravitate into top echelon positions.

Our nation needs a fifty-state housecleaning and a thorough overhaul of Washington, D.C. with all of its ugly government sprawl.

If we have military men and women ready to fight for this nation, I don’t believe they are willing at this point to fight against its citizens in bringing the nation down to martial law and total government control.  That isn’t what I am hearing from those who are in the military.

Yet we’re being federalized rapidly under the leadership of a president who was presented to the public as a man of honor, integrity, morality, Christian faith and conservative values, including limited government.  Where did he go?  What changed him?

Just show me the war.  I want to know what it is and where it is.

The swelling tides of public approval for this president will disappear like a drop of water on a hot iron griddle if he uses this “war” to create a prolonged state of emergency that erodes the freedoms of our citizens while the aliens run amok.  Most of us weren’t very pleased with his position on amnesty for illegal aliens from Mexico or anywhere else, and that was before the present aftermath of the greatest act of terrorism the present world has seen.

We can see a people’s rebellion coming in the immediate and intense sales of ammunition and firearms to present citizens.  We’re willing to fight for our nation even if we have to fight our government to keep it.

Right now, Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s machinations toward socialism pale in comparison to what has been launched in Washington D.C. during the Clinton-Gore administration.   Now we’re asking, “what about Dubya?”  Is he a leader of the free United States or a globalist who is ready and willing to deliver up our national sovereignty to the United Nations?

We don’t need federal marshals on board planes.  We need armed pilots.  We don’t need three hour waits to board a plane, we need an alien identification database.   We need an effective, armed and modernized Immigration and Naturalization Service with teeth, not border patrol agents who are so frustrated and demoralized that all they want is out of their jobs.

We need to let our people defend their property against invasion by illegal aliens crossing our border.  Right now, property owners in Arizona are persecuted and prosecuted for defending their land and homes against intrusions by illegal aliens.   (No, I will not call them undocumented workers.)

We don’t need a Hemispheric Society, we need a return to the United States of America, and if that means more isolationism, so be it.  It’s our country!

It’s sickening to see and hear this tripe from hyper-environmentalists about saving bugs, fish and varmints that nobody wants or needs anyway.  The ecosphere will survive.  Our clear and present danger is the survival of our nation.  The environmentalists have become a source of terror in their own right to landowners and free people, citizens of the USA.

We’ve seen and entered into the agony of the folks involved in the recent kamikaze bombings of New York and the Pentagon.  If anyone should want to return to a free America, it’s those folks. But most of us want a secure nation also, and we cannot have a secure nation if the government takes its citizens to task while letting illegal aliens run free.  That is stupid, it isn’t tolerance and it could pass for treason.

Just because we’ve allowed peoples of many cultures, languages and ethnic backgrounds to come into this nation doesn’t make them either loyal citizens or Americans at heart.   Just because certain socialist-minded American citizens were born here but became brainwashed by the socialist agenda doesn’t keep them from being traitors to everything this nation stands for.

Are you an American?  Then you want the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and liberty.

If you don’t want the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and liberty,  you are probably a socialist, a Greenie or some other subversive who uses this nation to further the global agenda and the New World Order.

Now, if that’s bigoted it is.  If it’s narrow-minded, it is.  It was standard American thinking before the government and its dumb-down agenda got into our schools and our “great society” concept of “government uber alles” that’s being painted into our landscape.

Federalize?  NO.  Liberty?  YES.

Now … after all that, with nothing done about our war on terrorism other than to put constraints on our own people and listening to Iran call us “incompetent” and a few other pejoratives:

SHOW ME THE WAR.  If it’s for the America in which I was born, a free America, then we should fight to the last drop of blood for it.  If not:

SHOW ME THE WAR, and if it’s for a nation under the New World Order using an act of terrorism to subjugate its own flag-waving deceived people, then the first war to be fought is on our own soil by our own people.  After that, we can take care of the rest of the world.

Just show me the war.  I want to know, and so do a lot of others.

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