Serfdom, American style: Can you see it now?

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While the media is roaring around trying to find some alleged snug of Mr. Kerry’s and trying to determine which safety magazines President Bush read on his weekend drills at Dannelly, real issues are being ignored. Americans get so caught up in the salacious, the slanderous and the silly we forget we have a nation to rescue: our own.

There is no reason to let any of the candidates off the hook for anything. It doesn’t matter if your family has been a member of the same party since General Burgoyne surrendered his sword or Nero fiddled while Rome burned. As a nation, we need to get down and dirty with reality, to forget the bloodsport, and to stop being spectators.

There more stupid, burdensome laws and taxes than we can take. As an example, running a small business is “death by 10,000 papercuts” because of administrative laws. There are more idiotic social programs, environmental programs, educational programs and entitlement programs than one would expect in heaven. We have a debt and a deficit that is going to sink us faster than the Titanic. We have already hit the iceberg. Greenspan and the Federal Reserve Band are playing as loudly as they can to drown out the screams and sobs as folks realize there aren’t enough life boats, the water is cold and no one will come to our rescue. They will enjoy seeing us go down.

The ignored facts are thus:

We have become serfs like the ones in Russian history. The Russian Revolution pretended to save the serfs from serfdom, but in reality only changed their appellation from “serf” to “comrade”, took away their private property and promptly generated several years of famine to get rid of the blighters.

The Communists learned something in that revolution. Violence begets a reaction which begets more violence, which gets messy. Some genius of that feckless ideology conceived a plan which is affectionately referred to as “Fabian Socialism”. This is a non-violent trip to the same Communist gulags, guided by the same ideology, that constantly chips away at the underpinnings and laws of this nation so that the final coup will be swift and decisive.

And so, comrade serf, we grow closer daily to that final coup. Our basic rights, once guaranteed under that brilliant document called our Constitution, have been wheedled and whined away from us by one pity party after another for the dominant political animal, The Victim.

The right to private property and the Fourth Amendment right to protect one from unreasonable search and seizure have been all but eliminated. In addition to the Patriot Act and gun control legislation some of the anti-private property laws/programs that have emasculated that right are: Endangered Species Act; Heritage Areas; Viewsheds; Conservation Easements; Wetlands; Smart Growth; Watersheds and Eminent Domain. Special words, such as “wildlands”, “landtrusts”, “sustainable development”(they ought to try that in China) “wilderness areas”, “biosphere reserves” and “indigenous species” are but a few of the double-speak terms that gloss over the sacred and sovereign rights of private property.

The globalists, via the UN, concocted the scheme called Agenda 21 that purports to restore this nation to its pristine condition prior to the arrival of Columbus. Our politicians, since they have their nests feathered, think this is fine and go right along with it. Forget about the will of the people or Constitutionality. If that’s what the globalists want, that’s what will happen and the people will be conned into believing these schemes will provide them a benefit. They could not be more wrong.

If anyone thinks they own their own piece of real estate, think again. You are renting it from the local taxing authority who will repossess it if you miss a payment. You cannot do what you wish with it, especially if an imaginary endangered critter might have crossed it before the last ice age. You cannot defend yourself against intruders, rapists or robbers. (Invite them in, give them coffee and ask them nicely to wait until the sheriff arrives from the donut shop.) You get to pay through the nose for all the “services” of government, which boil down to them telling you what you can and cannot do with what you own.

It wasn’t so long ago property owners could shoot trespassers. Now the trespassers have all the rights, especially illegal immigrants. They should not even have legal standing. Property owners who have illegals on their property should shoot them on sight and ask questions later.

Half of the nation targeted for “wilderness” masks a land grab along the lines of the Robber Barons and Standard Oil of 100 years ago. The rulers will grab it, prevent people from trespassing on this “public land” and have access to all those natural resources FREE. They will not use the resources for Americans to improve their lives but sell them to the Chinese who are overtaking us as the world’s most insatiable consumers of raw materials.

The Second Amendment is hanging on by a thread. Khrushchev once declared that he would not invade the United States because its citizens were armed. If we still were not holding out for our right to bear arms against tyrannical governments (current one is no exception), the coup would be complete.

The First Amendment has been completely perverted. Lewd and salacious deviancy is in, criticizing politicians is out, public Christian prayer and morality are out. The true intent of the Constitution has become so twisted by the Courts as to have become indistinguishable from the Communist Manifesto. Just try to get a judge appointed who believes in the original Constitution. There is more liberal and media outcry against a judge with traditional morality than there would be for Congressmen pimping their mothers.

Is the government within the government is waiting for its next move? Will something happen, such as a major terrorist attack or financial collapse that will cause panic and rioting (probably staged by little gang-bangers in exchange for a walk on charges). The governors will try to call up the National Guard but there will be no answer. They will all be deployed, making the world safe for democracy by rescuing some poor slobs from pre-historic tribal conflicts. The President, in an alleged stroke of brilliance, will call on the UN to help restore order (martial law). Since China has the largest standing army in the world, would they be the ones called upon to restore order? (Try to remember not to stand in front of their tanks. Human rights aren’t in their lexicon.)

This nation is full of wonderful people who have had the wool pulled over their eyes and are being led over a cliff. Talk to them. Help them to see the machinations going on behind the news.


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