Nine eleven: Media panic (II)

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Most of the present debate about Nine Eleven has concerned the collapse, or, alternatively, the demolition of the Twin Towers in New York, and of course the debate has been enlivened by the preposterous presence of Rosie O’Donnell. Yes, we all know she is a bull dyke and a belligerent ignoramus, but I had thought she plumbed the lowest possible level of scurrility with her comments about Sheryl Crow’s recent proposal, which Crow obviously had calculated to win media attention.

Of course, I was wrong. You may recall that Sheryl Crow suggested we do our part in the war to save the planet by using just one square of toilet paper for each visit to the loo (while she travels with a personal armada).  Needless to say, Sheryl had to eat crow when even feminoids as dumb as Rosie erupted, and I have no doubt that Crow has by now canned the public relations moron who told her to say it. Commenting on the Crow proposal, Rosie actually screamed on the air, “Have you seen my a–?”

Actually, I have not, and don’t want to, but I shall certainly take her word for its dimensions. But now here comes Rosie with a comment about favorite target Donald Trump. I don’t remember what she has against The Donald and shall waste no time looking it up. Whatever, in the middle of a perverted panegyric to him she apparently grabbed her crotch and screamed, “Eat me!” Of course there is no danger of that happening, because Rosie could turn Tyrannosaurus Rex into a vegetarian.

Now she is gone and I am conflicted. On one hand, now we can get back to serious consideration of Nine Eleven. On the other, consider that every day this incredibly coarse womanoid is allowed to spout, she gives a bad name to lesbianism, which our Communist government schools are laboring to persuade schoolgirls to adopt. Never fear, she will turn up somewhere else, because, as Dr. van Helsing could explain, you can’t get rid of a Rosie O’Donnell merely by firing her, even if you shoot her from a cannon.

It was Rosie who focused attention on the three towers in New York with her imbecilic assertion that you cannot melt steel. What is important to remember is that, as monumentally important as the reason the towers collapsed – either from fire or from demolition – the collapse is just one of infinite discrepancies which her ignorance has temporarily relegated to the sidelines.

As important as it is, were there no debate at all about the collapse, those infinite discrepancies still would tell us that the government’s official conspiracy theory is a fraud. Remember that one of Stang’s Immutable Laws says that the Law of Probability will take only so much abuse. A point arrives at which that law quits and the facts have certainly passed that point here.

They are obvious facts. For instance – and these are only a few obvious examples recalled at random – remember that the two engines of that 757 hit the Pentagon façade, but the façade did not collapse for at least twenty minutes. Each of those engines weighs at least 10,000 pounds and is almost as big as Rosie O’Donnell’s rear deck. Shouldn’t those engines have made some marks on the façade, before it collapsed? But photographs show that they did not.

The FBI immediately confiscated videos – from a government gas station, from a hotel roof, from a Virginia state office building, etc. – videos that presumably showed what happened. The best way to cut the legs off the critics would be to release those videos and prove what happened, but, as far as I know, the government has released only two frames of something. I have strained again and again to see an airliner therein, but all I see is a flash of light, no plane.

In the few days before the attack, somebody invested hugely in airline puts and bought the last such position on September tenth. Whoever it was made a few fortunes the next day. Who was it? You can’t buy or sell a share of stock secretly, so the District of Criminals obviously knows but it isn’t talking. Whoever it was knew what would happen and maybe made it happen.

A butterfly violating that airspace would be swarmed by U.S. Air Force fighters in minutes. No orders need be given. Those fighters scramble automatically. But the four hijacked airliners apparently were allowed to complete their meandering missions without interference for almost two hours. Another coincidence.

Here is my personal favorite. We are told that hijack victims made many calls from Flight 93. One of them was Mark Bingham, who called his mother. According to the transcript, he said, “Mom? This is Mark Bingham.” Have you ever called your mother on the telephone? If your mother is not an Alzheimer’s victim, do you tell her not just your first name, but your last as well? “Hi, Mom, this is Joe Shmo from Kokomo. Remember? Your son?

Remember, I am literally recalling some examples at random. Jorge W. Boosh is reading with some kiddos in a Florida school that morning – holding his reader upside down – when chief of staff Andy Card whispers in his ear that the nation is under enemy attack. Jorge’s response would have been appropriate had Card told him that Laura had left the White House and now was shopping at Nieman Marcus. He nods and keeps reading, even though, for all anyone knew, other terrorists could bomb the school, where the world knew he was.

Had enough yet? Larry Silverstein, billionaire owner of Building Seven in the New York complex, says he told the Fire Department to “pull it.” How do we know he said that? We know it because the video of him saying it is available on line – see for yourself – and he does not deny saying it. What does “pull it” mean? In Silverstein’s lingo it means bring the building down in a “controlled demolition.”

In a “controlled demolition,” a building falls straight down into its foundation, rather than falling over like a tree, squashing pedestrians and delicatessens. How do you arrange a “controlled demolition?” You don’t throw some grenades through the windows. You need to seed the building with the right amounts of the right explosives, in the right places. Only an expert can do that and it takes time, sometimes many weeks to prepare.

In fact, now here comes John Kerry, who in a recent press conference in Texas agreed that Building Seven was brought down deliberately. Of course, he probably said this after saying it fell accidentally, and he is a Communist world government traitor, like his fellow bonesman, Jorge W. Boosh, but that for the record is what he says now.

So, we know Building Seven was a “controlled demolition,” but, thank God, Buildings One & Two were not, says the official government conspiracy theory, even though they came down in exactly the same way, so much so that media observers, even including Dan Blather, said controlled demolition was what it looked like. Remember that the first things the media tell you after an incident like Nine Eleven tend much more to be true, because the conspirators at the top haven’t yet told them what to say, so they don’t know.

For instance, after the Oklahoma City bombing, local television media broadcast again and again that the police had found as many as three bombs inside the building that did not explode, and they were all bigger than the one that did. Only later, when government and media arrived from Washington and told the yokels what “really happened,” did the story change.

Remember that the government’s story is a “conspiracy theory” that asks us to believe all three buildings miraculously fell straight down instead of over like a tree. What are the odds of such a thing happening accidentally? On the other hand, consider that if Building Seven was a “controlled demolition,” it had to have been prepared far in advance, and the same would be true of the Twin Towers.

Everyone who has seen a police show knows that crime scene investigators take great care to preserve the crime scene, so they can look for clues. Even other policemen are not allowed admission. But not at Nine Eleven, where the government moved with great haste to destroy the crime scene and ship the debris to our dear allies who have killed upwards of sixty million people in Red China. A driver of one of the trucks hauling it away took time out for lunch and was fired.

The Arabs who perpetrated Nine Eleven were “fanatical Muslims,” more devout than Mohammed. But they spent considerable time in bars boozing and paying for lap dancing. So which was it? According to the experts, they could barely fly a Piper Cub, but on Nine Eleven they flew jumbo jets like Chuck Yeager. And one of their passports was found completely intact, unburned, in the rubble in New York, after burning up in the crash hot enough to melt the steel.

After the horror, all air traffic in this country was banned. From coast to coast, not a plane could take off. Government and media announced that the perpetrator was a Saudi named bin Laden. The only planes allowed to fly picked up innumerable members of the bin Laden family who were here to enjoy our blessings and ferried them to safety out of the country. And you don’t need to be Jack Bauer to know they should have been interrogated until they had nothing more to give. Then we learned that the Bushes and the bin Ladens had been partners in business.

After the horror Americans of all kinds demanded a full investigation. But el presidente Jorge W. Boosh demurred. Why? Wouldn’t he want to know what really happened? As our friends at IRS love to say, “You have nothing to fear, if you have nothing to hide.” Eventually, the pressure to investigate got too great to resist, so he appointed Soviet agent Heinrich Kissinger to run it, but the smell was so intense Herr Heinrich was forced to step down. Of course the subsequent “investigation” revealed nothing. One of Stang’s Immutable Laws says that the purpose of a government investigation is to conceal what it is investigating.

Remember, all I have done here is cite a few favorite discrepancies chosen at random. I could have cited others, more than a hundred others. Each one, by itself, proves nothing. But ask yourself, what are the chances of all of them happening by accident? Again, how much can you abuse the Law of Probability before it spits in your face.

What about the fact that I can’t prove what happened? True, I can’t. Again, I don’t have to. All I have to prove is that the government’s conspiracy theory doesn’t hold together. (By the way, the fact that I am arguing against a conspiracy theory is a first.) It’s a lie. And if it is a lie, the government either did it or is an accessory to it, which legally means the same thing. All of the points other critics and I raise don’t have to be right. If only some of them are wrong, we have proved the point.

Remember, Nine Eleven is the conspiracy for world government’s Achilles heel. If Nine Eleven cracks wide open, which it appears to be doing, so will the conspiracy. Keep pounding. The next to last time you whack it, it will still seem to be intact. When you whack it the next time, it will collapse, not in a controlled demolition, but in lots of beautiful, little shards.

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