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First, let me give you my credentials. For decades, I have been – and still am – a staunch supporter of our military. We have the most superb military anywhere in history. Our military men are the best of the best. My father was a captain in the U.S. Army Medical Corps and served in North Africa and Italy during World War II. Two of my sons have served in the military. One did nine years in the Marine Corps and left as a platoon sergeant.

For years, I have written and lectured in defense of our military. I have written many magazine pieces about the POWs we left behind in World War II, Korea and Vietnam. Among them is “The Code,” including my interview with then Col. John Dramesi, who escaped in Vietnam. One of my novels is Perestroika Sunset, about a Soviet attempt to seize our government and country, using leftover Vietnam POWS as the unknowing pawns.

So I am certainly not using the war as an excuse, a subterfuge, to arrange our defeat, like the typical liberaloid Democrud. In any conflict, I want the U.S. to win, because, as General Douglas Macarthur said, “In war, there is no substitute for victory.” I am not antiwar, if there is a genuine reason for our country to fight one. I yield to no one in my love and respect for our military.

And, as much as I love our splendid military, if I were a patriotic, young man at liberty today, I certainly would not enlist. In fact, I would not enlist because of my patriotism. I am not giving you any advice. I am not suggesting what you should do; I am merely telling you what I would do, were I considering the question. What could motivate a man who loves our military as much as I do to say that?

The main reason is that Americans no longer run our military, because Americans no longer run our government. Were Americans running our government and military, I would reconsider. An American’s first loyalty is to our country, these united States. An American believes our national independence is precious. An American does everything he can to stay out of war; but, once in a war, he fights all out for unconditional victory. A federal government run by Americans does everything to protect our men, to give them the edge.

But the men running our country and therefore our military today are conspiring to destroy our own government and to replace it with a world government. They are traitors, in the service of a foreign power. I love the federal government – the federal government created by the Constitution – but they hate it. And, most important, they are using our magnificent military to implement this purpose.

Yes, I know perfectly well that our Communist media – the Communist Broadcasting System, the Communist News Network, the New York Times, etc. – are lying about the war inIraq. I know that our military can win. I know that the Left typically is trying to defeat us.

Our magnificent military won the war in Vietnam; Walter Cronkite and Richard Nixon defeated it in New York and Washington. Today, in Iraq, our military is doing great things for the people of that country (which, however great, are unconstitutional, not their fault), but Communist world government traitor Jorge W. Boosh’s Rules of Engagement forbid them to win. We have Vietnam all over again.

Those rules put our men in danger by giving the crucial edge in combat to the enemy. You know something is wrong when a man in the heat and hysteria of combat must worry whether he will wind up on trial. One after the other, those trials have ruined the careers of the best of the best. I cannot understand why anyone who knows all this would join such a military. Indeed, word arrives that enlistment is way down in the black community. Blacks used to see the military as a way to get education and advancement, like Colin Powell. No more.

You know some of the names: Lt. Ilario Pantano, Lt. Col. Allen West, etc. The latest are the Haditha Marines and Lt. Col. Jeff Chessani. It is not an exaggeration to say that the only “evidence” against some of the defendants in these trials comes from the terrorists they did not kill. Washington is literally tearing our military apart. It is not an exaggeration to say that the true Marine Corps may not survive. See my previous pieces on the subject. Yes, the splendid uniform will remain, but it will become a theatrical prop, a target of derision.

Washington has literally subverted our military, using feminism – perhaps the worst thing that ever happened to this country – to change it from a pure fighting force into a weapon of social change. But the fact that the military has become a bull dyke’s version of Islamic Paradise is by no means the worst aspect of what the traitors have done.

Far worse is the fact that they are putting women into combat. Women have been killed and maimed in battle and will be more and more. Why is it that we are the only major country on earth that sends its women to fight its wars; that will send its women to make war against an enemy’s men? We are the only country that does it because other countries have seen how destructive it is. Apparently no other country suffers such corruption. I believe this practice will produce horrific ramifications too horrific to imagine.

Communist world government traitor Jorge W. Boosh is preparing our military for service under martial law, which he is hoping to incite, and in which he will use our military to suppress us. He can do that because he has arranged repeal of the Posse Comitatus Act. He is using our military to protect the Iraqi-Syrian border and other borders around the world, but he refuses to use our military to protect our own borders.

If you add all this up, don’t you arrive at the conclusion that enemies of the nation, traitors, are using the military to harm the nation? Again I ask, why would anybody with any sense – anybody who loves the nation – enlist in such a thing? Consider that, if you have never heard it before, my thesis appears a lot more credible when you remember Smedley Butler.

There are only about 150 recipients of the Medal of Honor alive at one time. I have had the honor of calling one of them a good friend: U.S. Army Colonel Lewis Millett, who led the last U.S. bayonet charge up a hill in Korea. Major General Smedley Butler was awarded not one, but two – two – two Medals of Honor. In the U.S. Marine Corps, Smedley Butler is an Immortal and his name is spoken with a hush.

General Butler’s book is War Is a Racket, in which he says many of the things I say here. He became aware of them gradually, toward the end of his career. Read his book. It is available on line. Butler is writing about the period between the World Wars, but you will be surprised at how well his observations apply today. Simply go here.

Like Smedley Butler, Lew Millett became aware of all this. The military offered Lew a star (Brigadier General). Instead, Lew was so disgusted he quit and thereafter spent most of his time trying to rescue the hundreds of our POWS Washington abandoned in Korea, many more than in Vietnam

Why is all this so hard to understand? There is a problem I call “the military mind.” Our military is bred to the bone to defer to civilian control. This is a blessing and is the reason our country has never suffered from a (military) coup, like so many “banana republics.” But the obverse side of that blessing is a curse, because it encourages unquestioning, blind obedience, which becomes a problem when that obedience is offered to a totalitarian like Mussolini.

Of course there are thoughtful military men, able to wonder whether policy is legal. But the military zeitgeist militates against such dangerous kinds of thought. The extreme version of that curse brings you to the Adolf Eichmann defense: “I was only following orders.” Thank God we have not gone that far (so far). I am probably exaggerating only a little when I say that, for most military men, especially the officers, el presidente Jorge W. Boosh still walks on water and his policies float. That is certainly the case in the celebrity churches.

Word now arrives that Pat Tillman, who gave up millions of dollars as an NFL superstar to serve in the military, later discovered that the present war is a fraud, and was murdered by the military to prevent him from coming home and revealing that fact. Was he murdered? I don’t know. The far left says he was, so I am suspicious.

What can be done? We must get out of Iraq. But in an earlier piece I explained that it is much easier to get into these fiascos than it is to get out. We must get out in the right way. It is too easy to say that we just marched in so we should just march out. Just marching out would produce still another disaster made in America, maybe even worse than whatWashington left behind in Vietnam. Your reputation and word as an American would be in the commode.

What would happen were young Americans to appear at recruitment centers around the country, bearing signs and banners with the following slogan: Choose To Win And I’ll Enlist!That would be the idea. I have no doubt that someone out there can improve the slogan. Or how about Win! Then Get Out! Remember, we can win, whenever our leaders decide to do so. Let’s not do the same thing we did in Vietnam. Once we do succeed in getting out, let’s mind our own business, stay home and be the light on a hill.

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