Liberalism will be buried in Africa: A conservative view from Africa

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I grew up in Rhodesia, while it was under comprehensive world sanctions at a time when it was fighting for its life. I later moved to South Africa when it too came under world attack. I listened to news reports from around the world describing us whites as the most despicable humans since the NAZIS. It was frustrating to never be able to answer back or to defend us properly. South Africa, especially, was very poor at countering the propaganda and allegations thrown at it.

In the 1980’s, CNN appeared on South African TV and for the first time I could listen to Americans. I watched Larry King Live regularly, listening, with fascination to Americans. When Ronald Reagan was elected, I was ecstatic. When Bill Clinton was elected I felt America was finished! The most remarkable thing about watching CNN was hearing American liberals and Democrats speaking. Here was America, the land where Capitalism ruled, and yet these people were speaking like socialists. They were belittling their own country and proven methods. I never ceased to marvel at how the average American liberal was almost within a stone’s throw of being a communist. Here I was in Africa, seeing each day of my life proof after living proof of the power of the Free Market and capitalism as compared with the socialism, which was marketed so thoroughly by the new black leaders. I knew capitalism worked, I knew that socialism did not have a hope in hell, and yet there on CNN were all manner of Americans speaking like socialists and communists, belittling American business, belittling American achievements and openly advocating ideas which Fidel Castro would have approved of, or which Robert Mugabe would have embraced.

I was stunned at how these American Liberals thought they were on to a great new thing, and yet, I knew, from our experiences in Africa, that these people were doing no more than putting a new face on old Marxist/Socialist ideas and trying to pretend that these would bring benefits to America.

I listened to their flawed arguments, and anger boiled within me. I knew all the counter-arguments to the pseudo-intellectual rubbish they were proposing with an arrogant air. Democrats pissed me off! I vowed, if I were an American I would, at the very least, vote Republican. As time went by, the Republicans disappointed me too. They were definitely closer to the truth, and to reality, but they were diluting their message too much. They also coddled up to Russia and China too much. I know what the Russians and Chinese teach the blacks here in Africa, and I know Russia and China are not the friends of America and never will be.

It irritated me endlessly to see the whole of America’s politics moving further left. Even the “right wing” had to keep moving to the left of the political spectrum. A conservative was no longer conservative.

I listened to all sorts of fruitcakes, paraded as “intellectuals”, being put on CNN and talking a lot of theoretical hogwash which I knew would never work anywhere in the world.

Virtually everything the political left in America tells you is a lie. Liberalism is to blame for the untold tragedy which was allowed to occur in Africa when it was “liberated” by Russian and Chinese-sponsored terrorists. Africa will be Liberalism’s greatest failure and it will rebound back on to the Liberals in a very big way. The left are so arrogant, but they are nothing more than useful idiots to the Marxists and Socialists of this world.

I am honoured to be writing a column on this website, and I urge the Reader to listen in the coming weeks and months as I have my first chance to give you a view from Africa, from someone who lived through the collapse and transition of two countries which made world headlines for years on end: Rhodesia and South Africa. Not only will I give you news and views from Africa, but also my thoughts and commentaries on the USA and the rest of the world. I am the last of my species, an outspoken and unashamed conservative from Africa who knows from practical experience that conservatism and anti-communism is right.

It used to be that Africa was a far away mythical land. Africa had the reality of a Fairy Tale in the minds of most people in the West. Africa had no relevance in America or Europe. But that is no longer true. Africa has come to you. America is being flooded with all manner of Third World types and so is Europe. In America, you now have Patrick Buchanan telling you that whites will no longer be a majority in the next 50 years. Your Inner Cities are starting to resemble parts of Africa and God forbid, you are now finding yourselves facing racial issues such as the Slavery Reparations problem. America and Europe are becoming Africanised. In Europe this has spawned a growing Right Wing. Some of the Dark Continent is spilling over into your comfortable, organised countries. So that is one way in which Africa is affecting you because many of the racial and colonial issues of Africa are going to become a problem for you.

Liberals played a big role in the destruction of Colonial Africa. Liberals had a big hand in helping to bring Socialists and even outright communists (like Robert Mugabe), to power here in Africa. Now countries are falling apart and Africa is turning into a cesspool from north to south. Africa’s black inhabitants, being unready for taking proper responsibility now flee to Europe and North America. From the comfort of your shores they lecture theoretically about how to fix Africa when in fact they don’t have the faintest clue themselves. Between them all I doubt one can find a single one with a backbone.

Africa is costing you Americans money – lots of money – billions of dollars, if not ultimately trillions. The same holds true for Europe. The greedy African governments are constantly saying they are not getting enough money to develop Africa and they are expecting you to reach deep into your pockets. I have some strong words to say on the subject of never-ending aid to Africa. The crazy Liberals in your part of the world should be told that even trillions of dollars in aid to Africa would not solve the problem. The problem here lies not in money, but in people. Sure we need investment. We need investment not aid. But the African governments themselves don’t know how to solve Africa’s problems. All they can do is whine about not getting enough money from America and Europe.

My mission is simple: I want to do all I can to help the conservative cause, not only in America, but worldwide. I wish to pass on what advice and observations I can to help your people in your fight against the internal subversion of the USA. I do not fear a military attack on the USA from outside, but see instead how the enemy sneaks around subverting, undermining, and slowly destroying the USA from within just as they did here. You people are facing the same stealthy incremental attacks we faced. These attacks slowly wear you down and are aimed at your minds.

Your youth are falling prey to clever psychological warfare. I recently watched an episode of the TV program Survivor Africa and watched with interest as the young people voted off a millionaire dentist. It was clear from the beginning that they were motivated by a jealousy of his success. Their arguments against him and their hatred of him was really textbook Marxism which would have made Marx and Lenin very proud. But these were young American adults. It was unbelievable.

The deadliest thing you Americans face is psychological warfare and propaganda of the cleverest and most insidious kind. You Americans are under attack continuously more viciously than you realise. But it is subtle and clever. Your enemies are playing on your emotions and are doing their level best to make you doubt your own minds and reasoning. I have heard these lies and fake arguments before. I am immune to them, and I hope to make you immune to these lies, and to the intellectual terrorism and intimidation which all conservatives face.

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