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If anything is desperately needed now in America, it is a vigorous housecleaning of the corrupt morons who were elected under the hollow pretense of being the “lesser of two evils”. Any political candidate who is so lackluster, so soulless, so devoid of leadership that his only point of promotion is that “the other guy is worse” (whether true or not), is a candidate who will ultimately prove to be a dangerous wastrel in elective office. For over a decade, people who listened to talk radio and cable news elected a huge pack of such candidates to Congress and the White House—and they have proven to be a spectacularly sorry bunch of amoral scoundrels. These people are Republicans.

They are now like rats leaving a sinking ship, huddled in frightened circles, and throwing their friends overboard with each new erupting scandal. Meanwhile, the hand-picked “front runners” in the Republican presidential race could not possibly look more ineffectual or backward-thinking. The GOP is going down in flames. The party’s only hope, at this writing, is that Bush will make as few headlines as possible in the next fourteen months, and that conservative voters will recoil in horror at the presidential nomination of Hillary Clinton.

Bring her on, I say.   And I hope she brings a hundred new liberal Democrats with her to Capitol Hill. We need the GOP pond scum drained from the Potomac swamp badly. Until the Republican Party leadership remembers what the words “Rule of Law”, “eliminating waste”, “smaller, less oppressive government” and “Bill of Rights” mean, they need to be flushed from public office like the ordure that they are–and in large numbers. If they are going to be proto-socialist empire builders, who differ from the competition only in tiny bursts of hot air rhetoric, we may as well have the real socialist empire builders back in power. It could, theoretically, even be an improvement, because the Democratic voting base detests war, and ‘war is the health of the state’, as Bush has amply proven.

That is not to suggest that Democrats have any good ideas. They do not. In fact, most of the things they support are well-intentioned but very stupid concepts, like Nationalized Health Care, battling global warming, or raising the Minimum Wage. Liberal Democrats quite simply do not know how the economy works. They think the government is a fountainhead of wealth and industry. They do not understand the principles of free market capitalism, or, for that matter, big government socialism—which they should have recognized, long ago, as an oppressive system that hurts the little people more than it helps. And apparently, their understanding of environmental science is on an equal par with their knowledge of economics.

In a word, liberal Democrats are ignorant. They’re clueless and they have no creative ideas that benefit society. It’s ironic that they like to call themselves “progressives”.

But it’s no greater an irony than D.C. Republicans calling themselves “conservative”. People who spend taxpayers’ money like it was running water, spy on innocent civilians, trample the Constitution of their own country, nullify its borders, wreck its economy, and bomb civilizations into dust over nonsense are not conserving anything. They are not strict constructionists; they are deconstructionists, and they are doing even more harm that the pinkos across the aisle, because the pinkos across the aisle actually respond to public opinion. The Republican Deconstructionists do not; they are a lot of empty suits who serve globalist interests and the military-industrial complex with a silver platter, and a waiter’s towel draped over their arms.

With either party in charge, we get a hugely obese, gluttonous Federal government with an astronomical budget paid for by overtaxation, deficit spending, and printing mountains of paper money. The only real difference is that liberal voters want a hugely obese, gluttonous Federal government.

Grassroots people who vote Republican do not want any of that–they just get it anyway, from sellouts of their own party. And they get it good and hard.   The grassroots Republicans, the middle-class voters, do not want the sort of leadership the Bush Administration has shoved down their throats. They do not want empire-building liberals like Guiliani, McCain, and Romney. They want another Ronald Reagan. They want a man they can trust, who is an old school conservative. They want someone with a benign agenda that does not involve invading other countries and spending taxpayers’ money. They want someone with a mind of his own, who has America’s best interests at heart.

They want a real President.

The people in charge of the GOP—the corporate bigwigs and bankers with deep pockets—do not want any of those things. They want someone who is a slightly more articulate version of Bush, or, perhaps, a slightly prettier version of Dick Cheney. As long as those are the GOP’s official choices, they deserve to lose. People born with silver spoons in their mouths are not always big on the Common Sense Thing. The petty crooks and demagogues they are lifting up with their campaign money are of distinctly inferior stock. Time for them to learn some social Darwinism at a political level. The public is fed up, and rightfully so.

But there’s the chimera of President Hillary Clinton. Oooh! She is supposed to send me running into the voting booth next year, to punch straight-ticket Republican. In truth, I look back with a sort of warm, golden nostalgia on the days when I thought her husband’s presidency was the worst in American history. But I no longer listen to talk radio nonsense. I grew up.

No, Hillary does not frighten me. Bring her on.

I, of course, will actually be voting Third Party, like any sane person would.

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