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Jimmy Carter’s Presidency left a legacy, proving beyond doubt that idiots with massive educational degrees can still be idiots. No amount of education in the world can generate common sense where non existed in the first place.

His administration did a number on our military that hadn’t been seen since the days following WW I when the educated idiots of that period, posing as so-called “statesmen”, decreed that ‘One’ was the ‘war to end all wars’ and proceeded to all but destroy our fighting capability.

Carter, coupled with another idiot, Frank Church of Idaho, and a democratic congressional version of “Mass Destruction R Us” liberals, this Awesome Twosome of Idiotville all but destroyed our CIA; wiping out many years of hard work and untold millions of dollars, spent moving underground moles into the most sensitive terrorist states and organizations that threaten our very survival.

But Jimmy left us another legacy. It came home to roost on Tuesday, the most infamous day in the history of modern civilization.

Carter was and is not exactly the Man Of La Mancha. His ideas of the “impossible dream” were all framed in red with gold leaf consisting of hammers and sickles around the edges, or formulated while watching Sesame Street.

Everything he touched turned to shit, and nowhere was this more true than with his Executive Order banning the targeting of mad men to be removed from the gene pool.

If anything is self evident to the average person with a modicum of common sense, it is this:

There are assholes in this world who are so evil that they have forfeited all right to the supposed treatments of modern, “civilized” society. The bottom line is simply that these bastards need to be taken out as rapidly as possible in the interest of mankind and there is no room for the bullshit of “Justice” or having a “day in court” for these vermin.

Idi Amin Dada was one such creep. We let him walk.

Ghadafi is another. Thankfully, Reagan had the stones to reach out and more than just touch that sorry son of a bitch, and for awhile, he behaved himself; at least in public, where the United States was concerned.

Castro continues to languish, over forty years after our Socialist State Department and Ike put him in power.

Clinton is running free as a bird while having his ass kissed by his socialist followers, who have orgasms while dreaming of the New World Order / Socialist police state they are working so hard to establish with what is left of our Republic.

Unfortunately, George Bush Senior was so kind and gentle, he couldn’t pump enough oxygen into what supposedly poses for a brain, to understand that you don’t leave Hitler wanna-be’s like Saddam in power, and so, ten years later, we are still screwing around with Iraq, just as fifty years later, we are still screwing around with North Korea, because idiots were posing in the Oval Office without the sense or the balls to take out the assholes and put a stop to their nonsense.

Nowhere is this more true, then with Bin Laden. While Clinton lifted skirts, dropped his drawers, and stained the carpet in the Oval Office for two terms as Chief Peckertive, this lowest of the camel-dung beetles has gone on, unchecked, financed by major Arab states, with the goal of waging a terrorist war on this country. The congress, sworn to uphold and defend our Constitution, instead, has been busy with chain saws and fire axes, working so hard to tear it apart they haven’t had time to deal with inconsequential things like making sure our CIA is properly funded and managed towards defending our country from exactly the type of undeclared acts of war that took place on September 11th, Rosh Hashanah, sending a clear message to the United States of Israel and it’s supporters that the Arab states are not a happy lot.

Tuesday, within hours of the unprecedented acts of war committed upon our shores by Arab terrorists, I heard the same bull shit coming through the boob-tube; ala Carter, as we heard from Shrub Senior and the host of other gutless wonders who supposedly are sworn to lead this nation and defend it. We can’t be nasty and just go after those responsible and blow their asses away. We must be “civilized”……we must use “due process”…..we must not kill innocent people in our urge to revenge those who were murdered by savages posing as civilized beings. WHAT THE HELL ABOUT THE THOUSANDS OF “INNOCENT” AMERICANS SLAUGHTERED BY THE TERRORIST VERMIN OVER THE YEARS? It’s time to cut the crap and instead cut to the chase!

This is one American that will put it blunt and to the point. BULL SHIT! I extend a hearty kiss off and “go-take-a-flying-f-k-at-the-moon” to these idiots that CNN, MSNBC, and the other stations continue to drag out of their holes, to spread massive amounts of do-good idiotspeak through the air waves.

We are long overdue to rebuild our intelligence capability, to seek out these pretenders to humanity and when we find them, we send in the experts; be they snipers, dirty tricks specialist, stealth bombers, or whatever, and we take these bastards out, pure and simple.

To those rogue states who hide and/or finance or support terrorist activities, we let it all hang out…..

You hide a terrorist within your borders; you help finance and/or support their activities, we will kill a hundred or a thousand of your people for every American who is killed or injured by your mad dogs.

We send that message, and back it up with B-2’s, F-117’s, Cruise missiles and anything and everything else required to send the message, loud and clear. Take out their military, their infrastructure and their government operations while putting the fear of Allah into them like nothing that has ever done so in their history.

We make the bottom line clear: Terrorist activity against the United States, it’s people, it’s corporations, or it’s military, WILL NOT GO UNPUNISHED. THE PAYBACK WILL BE A BITCH!

This country has a long history of proving that talk is cheap. Grand-standing is the standard operational mode of every politician working to save his or her own ass while making loud pronouncements with all the substance of a soapsuds bubble. It’s time for this to stop, permanently. You tells them once, then you knock the living hell out of them to get their attention and you make it clear that an attack on any American is an attack on our whole country; period, end of message!

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